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沖縄の右翼に竹野内を殺させろと言う@JosephYoiko calls rightwinger to kill Mari. A man watched my apartment from tent! 不審な男が竹野内のアパート前にテントを張って見張り!朝日新聞の写真から@JosephYoikoが竹野内の住所を特定@Nii_Motoharuと拡散。朝日は無視!

「Mari Takenouchi」の画像検索結果

Feb 2, 2015


@JosephYoiko is saying, "Some right winger should go to Okinawa to kill Takenouchi" in the following Japanese site. togetter.com/li/775998



@JosephYoiko disseminated my apartment on the net, but the local Naha police did NOT make any move and Naha Human Rights Bureau even did NOT delete the problematic tweets...Police and Human Rights Bureau are both under Ministry of Justice, which I do not trust at all.

My questions to Ministry of Justice

それと、えい工作員(安里川遡上中)@ne_fg           も最近、異常に粘着し、嫌がらせをし続けています。私をISの仲間のテロリストだとツイートで拡散する行為は、間違いなく、名誉毀損です。取り締まってほしい。(といっても反原発・反被曝・反政権の市民への悪質な嫌がらせに対し、警察は何もしないのはわかっているが。)

えい工作員(安里川遡上中)@ne_fg          has also been a constant harasser against Mari Takenouchi.
His act of calling me as a terrorist connected to IS through twitter is, without any doubt, an act of defamation of character. 
However, I know Japanese police would not do anything on criminal harassement of those who attack anti-nuke/radiation/current regime citizens...

Updated January 29, 2015

本日、家の前に今度は緑のテントがありました。ツイートしたらなくなりましたが、以前から粘着と嫌がらせが酷い、「ヨシユキ@緑のテント @yoshiyuki_5116  」である可能性あり。

Today, there was a green tent in front of my house.  After I tweeted, the tent was gone, but the person may be @yoshiyuki_5116, who is a persistant harasser.

最近、以下の人物が迷惑行為を繰り返しています。名前も「沖縄育雄(I will go to Okinawa)」というふざけたなまえで、拘束事件は私(デマリンと呼ぶ人々がいる)のせいだと言っている。いい加減にしてほしい。

Recently, the following person has been annoying me.  His name is "I will go to Okinawa" and he is saying that Mari Takenouchi is responsible for the hostage case. 
What an evil person!

沖縄 育雄 @Tatekawa_ryuji  ·  1月28日


The regular sexual harassing stalker @cowcowboya is saying he will come to Naha, Okinawa in several days.


Updated January 18, 2015


The following internet harasser repeatedly said that he would come to try to see me in Okinawa.  He is a constant harasser who threatened me that I would be arrested and my child would be taken away.
I resent him most among all the harassers.

詐欺師撲滅(おいでよ福島行くよ沖縄→これを掲載された後、急遽、別の名前に変更) @scg_asami
Fraud Terminater (Welcome to Fukushima, I'll go to Okinawa *Okinawa is where Takenouchi lives)      @scg_asami

Updated January 14, 2015

December last year, a man in black jacket put a tent in front of my apartment for 2 nights watching me!  When I saw him, he walked backward hiding his face at one time...

The yellow tent placed in front of my apartmet

Police and Human Rights Bureau did NOT do anything for me who has been under harassement from the net stalker @JosephYoiko and @Nii_Motoharu who disseminated my apartment information and the photo. Human Rights Bureau in Naha even refused to erase the tweets which identified my apartment!! Among all, those harassers escalated harassment agaist me after I declared that I would report to the police and human rights bureau under Ministry of Justice in Japan.


Therefore, I declared that I will hire a private detective, and then all the net harassers whom I had been blocking started hiding themselves and the number of harassement reduced drastically..


We cannot rely on Ministry of Justice. (Please refer to http://koukaishitsumon.blogspot.jp/2014/07/75.html )
So those who are under harassement for nuclear and radiation issues should hire private detectives even though they are costly.  At that time, we need to protect the detectives and we should keep in mind to use public phones.



July 31, Asahi PR section person called me and said that they cannot accept my proposal to address the following issue.


I told Asahi that their way of coping this issue was extremely regretful.


First of all, though I was panickly told Asahi regarding the photo which identify the apartment of me and my son for net harassers on 28th, they did not take it down until on 30th, when I realized and hastly called the City News Section to take it down.

(The PR section person did not make an apology but in stead told me not to call City News Section.)



Furthermore, through the conversation, I realized that Asahi has never checked @Nii_Motoharu and @JosephYoiko's tweets at all...


@Nii_Motoharu who attacks Mari Takenouchi and even her parents

@JosephYoiko attacks Mari Takenouchi by disseminating her apartment! (how dirty!)
He even sent a harassing mail to my German friend!

New comment waiting approval on tekknorg.wordpress.com

Datenschutz http://www.tekknorg.wordpress.com nimmt den Schutz Ihrer persönlichen Daten sehr ernst und hält sich strikt an …
Es besteht der Verdacht, dass sie es tut eine Spende von Betrug, die sich als Anti-Atom-.
Ich fragte sie, für eine ausführliche Erklärung, aber sie war in der Antwort gestaut.
Sie versucht, meine Bekanntheit zu vergießen.
Natürlich sind sie alle Lügen.
Vielleicht ist sie paranoid.
Ich glaube, Sie besser aufhören Diffusion von ihren Ausführungen hatte.
(Google translation into English)
It is suspected that she does a donation of fraud claiming to be anti-nuclear.
I asked for a detailed explanation, but it was jammed in the response.
  She tries to shed my reputation.
  Of course, they are all lies.
  Maybe she's paranoid.
  I think you had better stop diffusion of their designs.

Moreover, the reporter who took the photo and carried the photo in her article has been ignoring this case though I contacted her through telephone and mail.  She was using her tweets just as regularly...


However, what is most important is, though Asahi carried my article with a colored photo in nationwide version when I just evacuated to Okinawa after Fukushima, they have been ignoring me when I pleaded directly to the UN regarding Fukushima kids and when I got criminally accused by ETHOS (this news was carried by Reporters without Boarders and other foreign media) and then been under harrasment by many including those who disclose my apartment due to Asahi's photo!


I once again asked Asahi Newspaper to convey my opinion to the appropriate section of the company.



Below are the story of the stalker harassement using Asahi photo


@JosephYoiko が、朝日新聞が2011年11月22日に掲載した私と私の息子と友人が写っているアパート内の写真と、沖縄の不動産情報から私の住所を特定したと言い、彼はすでにいつも竹野内に嫌がらせをする仲間に広げています。
@JosephYoiko said he identified my apartment through the photo (of Asahi Newspaper article dated on Nov 22, 2011, City News Section. )  He has already been sharing my apartment information with usual net harassers against Takenouchi. 


On July 29, @Nii_Motoharu even spread the photo of my apartment building on the twitter!


冷泉明彦 @JosephYoiko
I reported this act of @JosephYoiko to the police on July 28.

JosephYoiko said that he has identified my apartment and he said he already has disseminated among his internet gangs who have been harassing Mari Takenouchi.

すでに今まで嫌がらせツイートが度を越していた冷泉明彦 @JosephYoikoについては警察以外の人権機関も受理していますが、さらに本日、追加の資料も出してきました。警察は人物確定のために慎重に捜査中です。

As for  @JosephYoiko, his continued harrasement is already reported to Human Rights Bureau, and now I reported to the police by saying that he identified my apartment and already disseminating to internet harassers against Takenouchi!  This is a crime!


On the same day, I reported the same to PR Section and City News Section of Asahi Newspaper saying that my son and I have been under tremendous trouble and threats due to the Asahi article though it was not intended.

I asked Asahi to write about this in their article to mitigate the risk against my son and I.

I haven't received any reply as of now.


The person in PR section did not seem to understand our situation at all and he even refused to connect me to City News Section and even said he would not call me back though I was busy with the police.


Then I found the business card of the then reporter Ms. Kazuyo Nakamura, and left my message on her answering machine, but no response.  I later heard she was transferred by another Asahi reporter who also interviewed me in 2011.


The 2nd Asahi reporter who was one of the writers for "Trap of Prometeus" (Asahi publishing company), said in front of me, "After Fukushima accident, media reporters are not telling scientific truth.  It is unthinkable to set the food limit at the 5 times of low level radiation 100Bq/kg!" 
But he was also transferred too...

He said, "Only thing Asahi can do is to write an article on you."


Me "Yes, that's what I think.  What had happened cannot be taken back but in order to mitigate the potential crime risk, they only can disseminate this case through an article.  However, the PR person even refused to connect me to the City News Section."

He"What?  Why on earth is that?"


Later on, I called up City News Section and a woman reporter answered the phone. She was surprized to hear my story saying, "Oh, my..." but then said, "I have no authority to promise anything.  I am skeptical whether Asahi would do anything and also PR Section will decide.  Every decision goes through PR section."

I am quite dissapointed to hear this.

 To begin with, Asahi dispatched 2 reporters from the Headquarter only because I escaped from Tokyo to Okinawa after the accident, but when I got criminally accused by ETHOS and Fukushima police and prosecutors were sent to Okinawa, they just ignored, which was quite surprising for me.


And the woman reporter who answered my phone told me that she had never heard of ETHOS...which was a bit surprising, too...

Even though it was not intened, a mother and a child are under dangerous situation due to the photo carried in Asahi Newspaper!!

In case some harm was done to us by somebody, what kind of excuse Asahi would make?


In the past, Lawyer Sakamoto families were killed due to the information leak of a Japanese media company.

I earnestly hope Asahi would address this issue in a sincere and human like manner.
@JosephYoiko said that he checked Okinawa Real Estate information to identify my room in comparison with my photo carried in Asahi Newspaper. 

Prior to the above



Net harasser, @Nii_Motoharu is trying to identify my apartment by taking the neighborhood photoes.

Please disseminate this information as widely as possible.

There is nothing more frightening for a single mother like me.


In summer of 2002, my then 2 year old son was picked up  by a strange man in my neighborhood! http://www.asyura2.com/12/genpatu26/msg/301.html


That was soon after I raised my opposing voice to ETHOS.


Around the same period, Mr. Yasumichi Noma, the organizer of Metropolitan Anti-Nuke Coalition gave out a threatening tweet saying, "It is better to dispose of Takenouchi, whom we know whereabout she lives."


On the following day of nonindictment decision (deferred indictment) on ETHOS criminal accusation case, the same Mr. Noma (the director of ETHOS Ms. Ryoko Ando's friend) said in the conversation with Ms. Ryoko Ando, "I will sue Takeouchi this time." http://savekidsjapan.blogspot.jp/2014/03/further-legal-case-against-takenouchi.html



I have been threatened and harassed by many people countless times for the past 2 years. 

 I announced that I will report these harassement to the police this week, then @Nii_Motoharu, the constant harraser, disseminated my neighborhood photo on his twitter to search and identify my apartment.


This is an infringement of human rights and is an act of crime.


I reported this to the police but dear all, please do disseminate this information.


As in the case of ETHOS criminal accusation, disseminating information is the only way to protect myself and my son.  There is nothing else for us. 


In addition, I am looking for overseas lawyers and journalists.





@tsukiko0000 is a women who defamed me calling me as, "sexual harrassing woman " when I was sexually harassed by @ohagiya who said, "Go to Okinawa to suck Takenouchi's breasts". 

Now she is again threatening me after I got the above threat making me look like I am the evil one.  Her malicious support for the harrasers is really extraordinary.


tsukiko0000 has been attacking me pinpoint in spite that she tweets good things usually as a disguise.


Now, @YuriHiranuma is supporting @tsukiko0000 defaming my personality...

2013年3月、健康被害が出ているという報告を私はNY医学アカデミーのランチセッションの「Report from Japan」という報告会で発表してほしいと頼まれて発表したのですが、以来、平沼氏からは「竹野内は頼まれてもいないのに発表した。人格的におかしい」とずっと言われ続けています。


Health hazards observed in Japan by Takenouchi


Yuri Hiranuma (she was once an interpreter of Dr. Helen Caldicott and she has lots of knowledge on radiation) strangely has been criticizing my personality claiming that I made the speech at NY Academy of Medicine 2013 though I was not asked...but I WAS ACTUALLY ASKED by the host of lunch break session. 

 (I have never communicated with her except greeting each other when I met her in NY.  It was quite surprising for me that she keeps tweeting ill of me...)

I cannot see why she has been defaming my personality persistently with other net harassers for a long time...



It is quite sad to see that people who gained some credibility are attacking me in cooperation with obvious net harassers by defaming my personality (though they can never deny the information I am sending out).

Their aim may be making me busy with harassers so that I cannot continue my information dissemination or my activities to call for evacuation of children in contaminated area.

Their coordinated harassements are truly a threat for a single mother like me.


Please do disseminate this blog page.


My twitter and FB are under control and cannot be disseminated much.


Bring your cursol to "t" to highlight it into blue color, please click it to disseminate through twitter, or you can click "f" for facebook and whatever...



Additional harassing tweet from @maibaba311 who calls herself evacuee mother and child from Fukushima.

Mai@maibaba311 7時間

I cannot forgive Mari Takenouchi as much as TEPCO and the government.