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世界市民よ、怒れ!安倍首相が靖国参拝そして辺野古に米軍基地!Prime Minister Abe's Visit to Yasukuni and New US Base in Henoko, Okinawa


On the morning of December 26, 2013, Prime Minister Abe visited the controversial Yasukuni Shrine where Class A warcriminals are worshipped.


Dear citizens of the world, especially those from Asia, please get angry at Prime Minister Abe!


After visiting Yasukuni, PM Abe excused himself saying, "I made the prayer for those who lost their lives during the war including those from abroad and I wished for the future where nobody would suffer from wars." 

However, I do not trust his word at all.


Why did PM Abe provided guns to foreign army in spite of the Three Principles of Arms Export, which he tries to scrap.  Why is he trying to pass Collective Defense Right and alter Peaceful Constitution in Japan?


In World War II, Japanese Army killed more than 20 million people in China.  In particular, horrendous systematic killing was conducted in Unit 731 where more than 3000 medical related people are involved, which was decriminalized in exchange of data provision to the US. http://savekidsjapan.blogspot.jp/2013/01/japan-victim-and-perpetrator.html


Unbelievably, Prime Minister Abe had a snapshot of himself in a Self Defense Force's aircraft printed as 731, without showing any remorese.


In the beginning of 2001, Mr. Shinzo Abe (MP) put pressure on NHK to alter the contents of the documentary program on Women's International Tribunal on Japan's Military Sexual Slavery. http://www.japanfocus.org/events/view/39


In the autumn of 2012, just before Prime Minister Abe took the office of Prime Minister, he mentioned in the Diet session, "I have studied a lot and found out that there had never been comfort women."

また、2013年8月には、44人もの福島の甲状腺がんが出た後なのに、「健康被害は以前も今も今後も一人も出ない」と大ウソをついています。(今は59人 http://savekidsjapan.blogspot.jp/2013/11/5959-thyroid-cancer-and-suspected-cases.html)

In August 2013, even after 44 Fukushima children found to have thyroid cancer, Prime Minister Abe said, "There have never been and will never be any health hazards caused by Fukushima."
(Now 59; http://savekidsjapan.blogspot.jp/2013/11/5959-thyroid-cancer-and-suspected-cases.html)

Prime Minister Abe is a person who do not hesitate to lie.


The grandfather of PM Abe, Mr. Nobusuke Kishi is known to be a CIA spy, who released the then US ambassador to Japan and played golf together.  He might have been involved in proceeding the US-Japan war, but his background has not been declassified even as of today.http://savekidsjapan.blogspot.jp/2013/09/dear-citizens-in-world-prime-minister.html



Mr. Nobusuke Kishi became a Prime Minister backed by CIA after the war, but he is a class-A war criminal and on top of that, he might have conspired with the US for promoting the war, which resulted in countless people's death. 

Now his grandson Prime Minister Abe recently passed the Specified Secrecy Protection Law, but I seriously think that Prime Minister Abe has his own responsibility to reveal the secrets of his grandfather and himself before enacting such a law.


On December 25, PM Abe persuaded the Okinawa Governor to newly establish a US base in beautiful Henoko where the extinction of Jugon in this area has been a controversy.  This decision was promoted in spite that most people are against the newly buiding of the US base in Okinawa where one out of 4 residents were killed during the US-Japan war.


During the Vietnam War, a number of fighter jets flew from Okinawa to spread agent orange, and even today, millions of Vietnamese children have been suffering from congenital diseases.  To the same land, Japanese government try to export nuclear power.


Even after Fukushima accident, PM Abe, who has been totally ignoring the increased thyroid cancer among Fukushima kids, is trying to restart nuclear power all over Japan where the active seismic era has been underway.

If this regime continues, it will not be a surprise if another Fukushima-like accident took place, which could become a lethal weapon both to Japan and to the world. 


Though the Japanese policies are totally nonsense, backed by the mass media and so on, true voices of the conscious citizens' have been totally suppressed.


In Japan, there have been some growing voices of suspecting the injustice conducted in the machine election system.  There have been some "zero" voting in the calculating the number of votes in the last general election.


In addition, in the first Abe Cabinet, the then PM Abe was suspected of tax evasion of 300 million yen according to a weekly maganize, "Shukan Gendai", but the Abe's office kept silence on this suspected scandal, and today, for some unknown reason, no Japanese media has been pursuing this scandal. http://asyura2.com/07/senkyo41/msg/1134.html (Japanese only)


Citizens of the world, please do raise voices against PM Abe before it becomes too late.


Please do not let Japan become the perpetrator to the world once again.



再びキャロライン・ケネディー駐日大使へ:Letter to the US Ambassador Caroline Kennedy

Dear US Ambassador to Japan, Ms. Caroline Kennedy


Caroline walking in front of President Kennedy carrying her doll

This is my second time to write a letter to you. 


I felt sad to hear that you supported the passing of the Specified Secrecy Law in Japan.


I wonder why such a law is necessary.  I believe that any individuals or any organizations or even any states should not be involved or hide the truth especially on criminal actions or war related issues.


When I come to think of the Secrecy Law, another prominent example is your father's assasination. 


The US government says that the secrecy on your father's assasination is to be partially declassified in 2017, and entirely as late as 2039.  I am truly appauled to hear this awkward rule.
Please let me know if my question sounds too naive, but your father was killed and why on earth the truth cannot be known to public even to the bereaved family?
If a crime is conducted, those who are responsible should be punished immediately whether the crime is individual level or state level.  Am I saying anything wrong?
In Japan, Mr. Nobusuke Kishi, Prime Minister Abe's grandfather who became post wartime Prime Minister though he was a class-A wartime criminal, is known to be a CIA spy, but his record has not been entirely declassified. 


According to Mr. Tim Weiner, the US Pulitzer awarded journalist wrote that Mr. Kishi, the then Minister of Commerce and Technology played golf with the US ambassador to Japan in 1942 during the wartime. http://fukushimaworkerslist.blogspot.jp/2013/05/cia.html

米国のピュリッツアー賞受賞のジャーナリストTim Weiner氏によれば、当時商工大臣だった岸氏は戦争中の1942年、当時の駐日米国大使を釈放し、一緒にゴルフをしていたと言います。

It would be a scandal of a century if Mr. Kishi had been a spy since the US-Japan wartime, which resulted in tremendous number of wartime victims.


Isn't it odd that Mr. Kishi's grandson is now the head of the state without knowing the truth of his grandfather's background?


To add one more important thing, both Mr. Kishi and Abe are supporters of owing nuclear weapons.


I am truly feel threatened that our prime minister is a supporter of not only nuclear power but also nuclear weapon, and also at the same time working toward lifting the ban on export of weapons.


Another shock I had was Mr. Abe's following word in the IOC meeting.


"There have never been any health hazards and will never be."

No way, there are as many as 59 thyroid cancer and suspected cases among Fukushima children now and some had even metastasis on their lymph nodes!
Please do help kids in Fukushima!  That was the main content of my first letter to you.


Fukushima children carrying dosimeter without display

When I was in early 20s, I studied in the US for 2 years and I really loved your country, especially the open minded people. 


However, I really cannot quite understand the US foreign policy, which is so militaristic.


Killing a single person should be punished as a crime, and why can the US drop bombs in other nations even today? 


Fighting against terrorism and foreign dictators cannot be an excuse since the US aerial attacks had taken away countless number of innocent civilians in other nations.


Why on earth were there not enough politicians who tried to stop war on Afganistan or Iraq?


A child victim during the Iraqi War

I am now living in Okinawa where one out of 4 residents were killed during the US-Japan War, and most residents here do not want any US bases. 


A child victim during Okinawa War

Relocating Futenma Base to Henoko will affirm the permanent existence of the US base and aggrevate the US base problems in Okinawa contrary to the will of the residents.


I truly believe military bases and weapons, which could harm people and environment should be banned entirely in the future.


Drugs harm only the users' health, but they are banned in most countries, and why not military industry and nuclear industry which could devastate the entire human civilization?


I heard you visited Nagasaki A-bomb Museum on December 9th, which is a welcoming news.  Unlike Hiroshima Museum, that museum displays the victims of Hanford nuclear facilities.


Not only nuclear weapons, but also nuclear power and nuclear facilities should be banned to avoid harmful radiation exposure on people and the environment.


Your wise father paved a way to atomosheric nuclear testing, which saved the entire world from the global level radiation hazards. 


Without the Partial Test Ban Treaty your father had ratified, the global environment could have been inhabitable by now.


Yet, the possibility of danger on our global environment and human society have not been gone as long as nuclear and military industries are continuously seeking profits.


Ms. Ambassador, I really want you to rethink the US policies of  military and nuclear policies for our children and future generations. 


There is US military presence all over the world, but how nice it would be if all the facilities were to be converted into a base for counter-disaster and humanitarian aid bases!


If such drastic shift were to be realized, the US would no longer be worried about fight against terrorism.


In addition, Japanese politicians and bureaucrats, under the strong influences of the United States, would not withdraw from nuclear power in spite of the high probability of another accident triggered by earthquake.


Unless the US takes the initiative to withdraw from nuclear power and advise so to Japan, Japanese nuclear facilities would become lethal weapons to our entire planet.


I really want any military base, weapons, and nuclear facilities to be banned from this planet as promptly as possible for our children and future generations.


Mari Takenouchi
Freelance journalist, a mother of a 4 year old child



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