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Open Letter to the UN on Health Hazards after Fukushima

(English and Japanese bilingual texts can be viewed from January 12, 2013 to January 16, 2013.)

Open Letter to the United Nations and its Related Agencies

February, 2013

Mari Takenouchi, freelance journalist


Greeting from Japan

My name is Mari Takenouchi, a freelance journalist and a mother of three year old in Okinawa, Japan. I am writing this letter to inform you of grave situation in Japan after March 11, 2011 Fukushima nuclear accident.

Fortunately, Mr. Anand Grover from UN Human Rights Council made some investigation and stated an excellent report on November 26, 2012. http://unic.or.jp/unic/press_release/2869/#entry-english

As Mr. Grover stated, there are many grave concerns after Fukushima.  In this letter, I put my focus on matters that are not reported in main stream media. It is a little long, but contains very important information. Children are already getting sick. I would appreciate it if you could forward this information ASAP to related department/personnel. 

Thanks you very much in advance.                            

Mari Takenouchi

PS. To my sadness, On February 12, 2013, North Korea conducted a nuclear test.  However, I feel very strange to hear that UN Securities Council will tackle this issue though they are the ones who conducted nuclear tests in the past and altered the level or global environmental radiation permanently.

Without facing the historical issues of the past, I think there will be no solution for nuclear problems.  I earnestly ask you to read through the following chapters.  Especially chapter XIII and XIV are related with issues of the United Nations as well.

Contents of this letter

I)          Tokyo March 15, 2011 

II)         Thyroid Test and Silence of Doctors 

III)        Deadly ETHOS Came to Fukushima

IV)       5 Reasons Why ICRP Is Wrong

V)        Bandazhevsky Studies and Heart Anomaly in Ibaraki

VI)       Tokyo Univ. Controversial WBC Study 

VII)      Govt and Medical Societies Aiming at Economic Profit in Fukushima 

VIII)     Incineration of Contaminated Debris

IX)       Decontamination and Nuclear Workers

X)        Crimes of Media; NHK and Yomiuri

XI)       Potential Catastrophic Accident  

XII)      Unit 731, Hiroshima/Nagasaki, Chernobyl, Fukushima

XIII)     UN and Nuclear Issues

XIV)    5 Requests to UN  

XV)     Epilogue  

I)          Tokyo on March 15, 2011

After the Fukushima nuclear accident on March 11, 2011, I escaped from Tokyo to Okinawa with my 1 year and 4 months old son in the afternoon of March 15.  My personal story was covered in an Australian newspaper.  http://www.theage.com.au/world/escape-to-okinawa-20111205-1ofh3.html

In the morning of March 15, I was outside with my son riding a bicycle, when the thickest radioactive cloud was passing.  The Tokyo Metropolitan government Bureau of Industrial and Labor Affairs detected 1100Bq of inhaled radiation from 10:00 to 11:00 am on March 15.  But it was never announced through any media at that time, and in stead, this important data was only updated on the Bureaus webpage, which was rarely known to the public.

Even 100Bq/kg material was disposed as low-level nuclear waste in a drum can before the accident.  Currently, this 100Bq/kg is applied for Japanese food standard including staple food rice, and as an initial exposure, residents in Tokyo have already inhaled equivalent to 10kg of radioactive fine particles in their respiratory system as initial exposure in only one hour on March 15! http://www.metro.tokyo.jp/INET/CHOUSA/2011/12/DATA/60lcq104.pdf

Furthermore, people in Tokyo had inhaled radioactive material of 3600Bq in March 2011.  Residents in Tokyo have already inhaled equivalent to 36kg of low level nuclear waste particles into their respiratory system! (Of course, exposure levels differ depending on each person who was either inside or outside in these hours.)  http://www.metro.tokyo.jp/INET/CHOUSA/2011/12/DATA/60lcq103.pdf

This alone, is an amazing data, but US DOE provides further shocking raw data on the contamination.  In here, gross alpha radionuclide data, which has never been provided by Japanese government, is listed.  As for gross beta, the contamination level much higher by the order of 2 or 3.    https://explore.data.gov/Geography-and-Environment/US-DOE-NNSA-Response-to-2011-Fukushima-Incident-Ra/9zd5-qd8t

Since immediately after the accident, various blog sites collected complaints from Tokyo metropolitan residents who suffered from various symptoms such as nose-bleeding, fever, rashes, coughing, diarrhea, goiter, etc, which were totally ignored by the government and media.  A-bomb survivor, Dr. Shuntaro Hida, stated the above symptoms were heard among Fukushima residents right after the accident and also were observed in the health consultation meeting held in Tokyo in June 2011.

Thyroid abnormality rate among Tokyo children is as high as the one in Fukushima as of December 2012.  Some scientists and journalists insist that this means that Fukushima is not dangerous.  But I think it would be more natural to think that people in Tokyo have already exposed to radiation, especially through initial exposure, to the level in which peoples thyroid had some impact as in the case of Fukushima (I would elaborate on this in a later paragraph).

One month after the March 15, I and my son had prolonged high fever and coughing.  I had more than 103 F fever for eight days continuously and my son had 101 F on and off for a dozen times in three months. 

I am still susceptible to catching cold and I have irritating feeling around my throat always with stuck phlegm.  Even almost 2 years after the accident, an otolaryngologist told me that due to inflammation on the epiglottis (part between nose and throat), I have such irritation.  I have no allergy to anything, and such symptom was the first time in my life.

There are a number of people who have experienced some abnormalities in their health nationwide, and their voices are covered in the Fukushima Radioactive Contamination Research blog. https://sites.google.com/site/sos311home/

At the end of 2012, my son and I took the thyroid echo examination.  In the first hospital, we were told that there the result showed no abnormalities, so I was quite relieved.  But several days after, I had the second opinion at another hospital that was equipped with high quality echo image machine.  Then the image showed that I had 2 nodules around 1.3mm each and my son had countless nodules around 0.1mm-0.2mm. 

According to the doctor in this hospital, she found this type of small nodules in almost everybody who was in Tokyo metropolitan area , though there was none among those who were living in Osaka area.  Nodules usually do not disappear, so this can be called as an omen of a grave situation in the future.

Also, I heard from a mother who had been living in Tokyo until one year after the accident that she had thyroid test and found that she had 5 mm nodule.  Though the doctor told her a second test was not necessary, she persistently asked for a biopsy.  As a result, cancer was found in her thyroid.

In her case, she was riding bicycle everyday in Tokyo and she said it was quite an exercise. Hence, she was breathing in more air and could have been exposed to radiation in her respiratory system more than her 7 year old son. 

Currently, Fukushima prefecture is conducting biopsy test of thyroid is conducted only those who have nodules more than 20mm or cysts more than 5mm and the result of blood/urine test showed abnormality. 

This way of categorization relying on the size of nodules or cysts is not sufficient since cancer could be overlooked and it could be too late for potential cancer patients at the next health examination after 2 years.  The size of cancer varies, and even small one could be malignant, which might lead to metastasis on other organs.

Since there is such a case of the Tokyo mother, who had thyroid cancer in her 5mm nodule, there should be a system for patients with more than 5mm nodules to go through biopsy test for early detection of cancer. 

According to Asahi Newspaper on December 1, even in Tokyo, 36% of 2785 children were detected with thyroid anomaly based on the data since 2003 provided by Ito Hospital that specializes in thyroid diseases.  http://fukushimavoice-eng.blogspot.jp/2012/12/are-36-thyroid-cysts-in-tokyo-children.html  

The article concluded that the Fukushima incident rate was not high since Tokyo was the same rate.  But strangely, Ito Hospital did not provide the incidence rate before and after the accident even though they are being asked by journalists.


As I stated in the beginning, since people in Tokyo also exposed to 3600Bq through inhalation, it is not natural to think that there would be no impact at all.  As for this issue, I believe thyroid echo control study is urgently needed in uncontaminated areas either in Japan or overseas using the same machine by a third party not influenced by Japanese government. 

 The other day, my Tokyo friend who moved to Okinawa told me a shocking news.  Her mother got a stage III lung cancer.  Judging from the form of the cancer, her doctor told her that it must have been originated after the accident timing wise.  Her mother also came to Okinawa on March 16, so I suspect her mothers cancer could have been triggered by the thick radioactive cloud that passed on March 15 in Tokyo.

I believe this issue could be even graver than the concealment of SPEEDI system, which was not provided to Japanese nationals though it was provided to US military on the night of March 14.  Why didnt Tokyo metropolitan government, along with national government and related agencies disclose this terribly important March 15th real-time radionuclide measurement data in the air?  Was there any intention behind it?  Cannot this be called an act of negligence?  I would like this issue to be investigated by a third party.

On December 26, 2012, it was reported that 8 US Navy workers sued TEPCO for causing dangerous level of radiation exposure that lead to irreparable harm to their life expectancy and sought for damages including medical expenses (http://www.courthousenews.com/2012/12/26/53414.htm). Amazingly, within two years, there are already those who have become sick such as testicular cancer, leukemia, blindness, brain legions, etc.  They were allegedly healthy before the accident. http://enenews.com/navy-sailors-after-311-theyve-leukemia-testicular-cancer-age-21-growths-theyve-surgery-remove-brain-legions-lost-sight-eye-video.

I truly hope there will be a thorough fact-finding investigation on this radiation exposure issue to compensate all the people, including foreign nationals, who were affected by Fukushima accident.

II) Thyroid Examination Results and Silence among Japanese Doctors

The most prominent example of health effects on Fukushima children is observed in the Fukushima prefectural health control survey for children under 18.  Amazingly, thyroid cysts or nodules were observed among 43% of the subjects and among the girls between 6 to 10 years old, the figures exceed 50%. 

The leader of this health survey team, Dr. Shunichi Yamashita had conducted thyroid echo tests on 250 children in Nagasaki in 2000, and only 2 (0.8%) were detected with nodules.  However, Fukushima health survey team made an excuse that the current echo machine is more refined and can detect 1mm nodule image while the one in 10 years ago detected only 5mm or above. 

As for this issue, Dr. Masamichi Nishio, the director of Hokkaido Cancer Center compared children with nodules more than 5.1mm in Fukushima one and half years after the accident with the one in Chernobyl 10 years after the accident.  Dr. Nishio said that already 5 times more children are detected with nodules of 5.1mm or larger in Fukushima compared to Chernobyl and this figure could be even bigger as the time elapses. 

 It is not only thyroid cancer which is caused by radiation.  If people have inhaled a large amount of radionuclides, respiratory abnormalities surely can be predicted and Ive heard and read that there have been many respiratory diseases observed in Chernobyl contaminated areas.  According to Dr. Akira Sugenoya, who had worked in Belarus for 5 years for medical support, one in 6 thyroid cancer child patient later developed lung cancer. 

Contrary to these grave situations, Thyroid Association announced a written notice to thyroid doctors in Japan not to conduct further thyroid tests on Fukushima children, which hampers the parents from getting second opinions or second test. However, some parents managed to get the second opinion and some found more number of nodules or cysts in their childrens thyroid compared to the test done by Fukushima prefecture. 

The interval of 2 years for the next examination may become too late for some patients considering the possibility of aggravation of nodules and cysts, metastasis of cancer to lymph and other tissues.  Also as I mentioned before, there was a patient whose nodule was only 5mm and cancer was found.  Irrespective of the size, biopsy should be available for all the patients.

On September 11, 2012, regretfully, the first thyroid cancer patient was found only a road away from the evacuation zone.  At the announcement of this sad news, the causal relationship with the radiation was denied promptly by the committee members of the prefecture. 

However, immediately after this announcement, it was revealed that secret meetings had been held among the committee members and the members were told not to reveal the existence of the meeting (http://enenews.com/govt-held-inappropriate-secret-meetings-about-human-health-impacts-from-fukushima-crisis). 

Before the announcement of the 1st thyroid cancer patient, members were practicing how to be prepared to answer questions so that they could deny the causal relationship between radiation and thyroid abnormalities, and eventually, Dr. Shunichi Yamashita, the committee leader apologized on this incident (http://mainichi.jp/english/english/newsselect/news/20121119p2a00m0na017000c.html).  

Even more serious issue is that the government stopped announcement of further thyroid cancer cases.  There was a additional case of a child who needed further testing in 2011 October, but the result has been concealed.  On my telephone inquiry, the person in charge at Fukushima prefecture health examination told me, We are not aware of the result, though the result should have been released sometime ago. 

My acquainted doctor knows the case of two other children who got thyroid cancer in Fukushima.  In total, at least three children got thyroid cancer in Fukushima, but only one case has been released so far.

A sad news came finally on February 13, it was reported on the net and local news that 3 thyroid cancer patients were found among Fukushima children out of 38000 who had gone through medical inspection. Compared to the regular thyroid cancer incident rate among children with 1 out of 180000 according to National Cancer Center data, so this is approcimately10 times high! Moreover, 7 more children are now highly suspected to have cancer among the above children.   Moreover, 7 more children are now highly suspected to have cancer!

This is such a scandal and I believe this could be the top news in the world.  However, since the sole state owned TV station NHK, has not broadcasted on Fukushima childrens thyroid examination itself, this scandal is amazingly not known to public.

On the contrary, Dr. Shunichi Yamashita, who has been gathering the most criticisms from the citizens by nuclear accident affected areas, was honored with Dr. Takemi (the name of former president of Japan Medical Association and also World Medical Association) Memorial Award in December 2012.  This simple fact shows how medical associations are corrupt with interested groups.

Dr. Yamashita was also chosen as the speaker for Warren K. Sinclair Keynote Address (Dr. Sinclair is the NCRP President Emeritus) on this coming March 11, 2013, 2 years after the nuclear accident.  How ironic this is! http://www.ncrponline.org/Annual_Mtgs/2013_Ann_Mtg/Yamashita-WKS.pdf

Truly, it is a very scary fact that a doctor like Shunichi Yamashita is the President of the Japan Thyroid Association and Director of the WHO Collaborating Center for Research on Radiation Emergency Medical Preparedness and Response Network.  He was the one who told Fukushima residents immediately after the accident, It is no problem to be outside until the air dose will reach 100 micro Sv/h, and corrected himself 10 days later on March 22, saying, It was 10 micro Sv/h, not 100 micro Sv/h.  I apologize.

Moreover, I heard quite an amazing story from a doctor I know.  According to him, at a radiation related symposium for medical workers, a radiation expert doctor stated in his speech, At the time of echo examination for arteriosclerosis in neck area, tell the echo technician not to leave a photo or written record of thyroid even if a cyst is found there. According to this doctor, he has never heard of this kind of restriction since he became a doctor decades before. 

Not only that, he mentioned that similar kinds of self restraints are widely observed in hospitals avoiding the topic of radiation exposure.  It is quite a matter of concern that Japanese doctors themselves avoid the issues of radiation exposure in their daily practices in this contaminated land. 


1.    Fukushima prefecture thyroid test progress and result as of November 1, 2012






A1 No cysts or nodules





A2 Cysts not more than 5.0mm or nodules not more than 20.0mm





B Cysts not less than 5.1mm or nodules not less than 20.0mm





C Second test is needed immediately.





Results by age/sex/year (%)

05 years

610 years

1115 years

16 years









M 13.7

M 19.5

M 37.6

M 48.4

M 42.9

M 48.6

M 38.8

M 43.1

F 14.0

F 22.9

F 42.4

F 53.1

F 49.6

F 54.0

F 44.5

F 46.4

2.    Comparison Between Chernobyl and Fukushima Thyroid Result



Nodules 5.1mm or larger

0.5% (10 years after)

2.5% (1 year after)

Cysts 5.1mm or larger

0.5% (10 years after)

0.5% (1 year after)

Source: Dr. Masamichi Nishio, Director, Hokkaido Cancer Center

4.    Personal communication with Dr. Hiroshi Okayama from Tohoku University


III)        Deadly Ethos Came to Fukushima!

Fukushima Ethos (http://ethos-fukushima.blogspot.jp/), in which residents are encouraged to live resourcefully in contaminated areas, is a dangerous program. This program seems to be solely taking an advantage of Fukushima residents who do not want to be relocated and at the same time, sacrificing health of the residents, especially children.

 In ETHOS Belarus, experts advised people to voluntarily measure radiation to reduce radiation levels in the environment.  I suspect this is to make residents to cooperate on ETHOS scientists study.  Also doctors cooperated measuring residents internal exposure using whole body counters (WBC) and recorded some decrease in their bodies. 

However, while these figures were measured and recorded for ETHOS studies, the number of children with ill-health increased dramatically, sometimes more than 10 times, after years in Belarus.  As for this issue, former WHO advisor Michel Fernex explained in the following video, which I would recommend strongly. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2_oKtjnh52c&feature=yout...

Also, in the following film, there are a number of conscience scientists and scientists who try to cover up health hazards of radiation exposed children. The shocking fact that WHO is in collaboration with IAEA, nuclear promoting organization is also depicted.  I would like this film to be watched by citizens in the world.


Original title: Controversies nucléaires by Wladimir Tchertkoff

 This Belarus ETHOS project has been conducted by the director of CEPN, Mr. Jacque Lochardhttp://www.oecd-nea.org/press/press-kits/lochard.pdf, the director of a NGO called CEPN.  Amazingly, the members of CEPN are from four nuclear stakeholders- EDF, IRSN, CEA, AREVA (http://www.cepn.asso.fr/spip.php?lang=en.).   Mr. Lochard was invited to give a presentation on risk of low level radiation, along with his colleague, Terry Schnider from CEPN and IRPA, at the Japanese Cabinet Office in November 2011. http://www.cas.go/jp/jp/genpatsujiko/info/twg/dai5/siryou2.pdf.  (The Cabinet Office presentation was deleted now.) 

As for Mr. Jack Lochard and Mr. Terry Schneider, he reported on ETHOS Belarus (1996-1998) in Hiroshima in 2000 http://www.irpa.net/irpa10/pdf/E11.pdf.  In page 9, the report said, A daily intake of 50 Bq (corresponding to an annual budget of about 20000 Bq and an annual dose of about 0.2 mSv) was retained as the target value of 300 Bq per day (100000 Bq and 1.3 mSv per year) as the frontier beyond which it was not recommended to go.

Why didnt they give warning to Japanese government when they set the food regulation as 500Bq/kg in 2011 when he visited Japan?  Also, why dont they give warning to the current 100Bq/kg in Japan, which is way too high considering their recommended 50Bq/day, since adults consume more than 2kg of food/drink. 

In addition, on page 11 of the report, From medical point of view it will be difficult to see improvements, if any, before a few years, taking for granted that mothers will maintain their vigilance.  However, it is interesting to mention that during the three years a profound change with regard to radiological protection took place and several interesting lessons can be drawn.  By reading this, we can see that ETHOS project does not concentrate on human health, which is supposed to be the top priority more than anything else.

As a matter of fact, Mr. Lochard was involved in the IAEA Chernobyl Project in 1990-1991, which concluded that there was no direct health damages observed caused by radiation.    http://www-pub.iaea.org/MTCD/publications/PDF/Pub894_web.pdf

Mr. Jacque Lochard is an economist.  He conducted cost benefit analysis on the evaluation for relocation in this IAEA Chernobyl Project.  While the former Soviet Union scholars demanded the residents relocation above 1mSv/year, and experts from ICRP and WHO for above 5mSv/yr, Mr. Lochard insisted that it could be up to 100mSv considering the cost.  Since Mr. Lochard suggested such an unbelievable figure, scientists made the compromise to 5mSv.  In his report, there was no mentioning about children and pregnant women.

Mr. Lochard has been visiting Fukushima for promoting ETHOS Fukushima along with the Japanese counterpart, Ms. Ryoko Ando (strangely, she is not using her real name and her real name is Yoko Kamata, who wrote a paper to Journal of Health Physics in Japan and contributed her study to Kyoto University ), the director of ETHOS Fukushima, another NGO. 

It seems that a NGO was established as a disguise for conducting ETHOS project both in Belrus and Japan, since peoples distrust against the government is prominent.

Mr. Lochard sent an open letter to Ms. Ryoko Ando, the director of Fukushima ETHOS and he said, The decision about the 20 mSv is a good news. This will allow many people to return to their home soon. http://ethos-fukushima.blogspot.jp/2012_01_01_archive.html

However, when the Japanese government came up with 20mSv relocation standard, countless number of Japanese mothers opposed to it and gathered around the building of Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.  However, the Japanese government totally ignored these voices.

In this way, the same people from ETHOS project have been working both in Chernobyl and in Fukushima.  While they try to appear to be helping those who cannot relocate by themselves under NGO organization, in reality, this program has been backed up by international nuclear lobby such as IAEA, ICRP, UNSCEAR , IRPA and nuclear power states including Japan!

In Chernobyl already, millions of residents and children have been suffering from various symptoms and their death rate has been increased.  And now in Japan, health damages have been observed including the increase of death rate in Fukushima.  This is the world scandal of the centuries and I would like to let the citizens of the world to be aware of this horrendous facts.

It is a criminal acts of Japanese and overseas scholars to downplay the risk of radiation, which consequently lead to a number of residents health hazards both in Chernobyl and in Fukushima.  I believe these facts should be known to the world and eventually, those responsible should be referred to the International Criminal Court. 

IV) 5 Reasons Why ICRP Is Wrong

This is rather too basic to mention, but radioactive materials are toxic materials.  It is a matter for granted that toxic materials behave differently when they are outside or inside ones body.  This is so obvious that even elementary school kids would understand. 

Nobody would dare to take poison inside their body.  Nobody would say poison inside ones body and outside ones body behave in the same way or gives the same effect on human health. 

However, ICPR on which ETHOS project relies on released a shocking report recently.  According to the Summary Report of ICRP Task Group 84, titled as Issues Identified from the NPP Accident in Japan and Recommendations to Improve the System of Radiological Protection, it states, “ICRP considers that for a given radiation dose the same radiation risk should be expected, whether irradiation is from outside or inside the body.

However, this seems to be theoretically fraud.  First of all, even if we only focuses on physical aspect of radiation, radiation effects is inversely proportional to the square of the distance from the radiation source.  Surely the distance of the radiation source and bodily cells are smaller in internal radiation compared to the external one, so this theory alone can prove the obvious mistake made by ICRP theory. 

Moreover, it should be theoretically impossible where radioactive particles are settled in individual bodies, so evaluating the health risk alone should be impossible for each person in exact manner.

In 2000 at Columbia University, it was proven that even a single alpha emitter could cause genetic alternation that can lead to cancer.  It is not theoretical to argue about individual risk citing a low percentage cancer incidence based on studies in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  For those who developed cancer, their organs are their only ones, and their lives are their only lives. 

Second, there are as many as 560 radionuclides whose half life Is more than 1 hour and 2400 with half life of less than 1 hour, but their chemical, metal, and radiological toxicities (including alpha, beta, and gamma rays and their synergetic toxic effects are widely unknown.  Of course biological synergetic toxicities are not known either especially when these substances are organically bound in the environment and living bodies.  (However, substance like strontium or tritium are known to be quite toxic when it is organically bound.  This alone can prove that internal radiation is dangerous since they are included in food and water!)

Thirdly, recent findings for knowing low-level radiation effects, such as Petkau effect, by-standar effect, binominal effect, genome instability etc are intentionally downplayed and/or ignored by ICRP.  Petkau effect in which all sorts of diseases could be caused by free radicals under low dose, by-standar effects that causes damages surrounding cells around the target cells, bi-nominal effects in which genome recovery signal cannot be generated under very low doses (http://www.pnas.org/content/107/32/14205.long http://www.pnas.org/content/100/9/5057.long), all of these gives the explanation why low dose internal radiation could be harmful to human beings.

In particular, as for genome instability, it harms not only the target individual, but also its off-springs.   All the government owned radiation protection agencies insistradiation genetic effects have not been proven among human beings though it has been proven by animal experiments. This sounds quite unscientific.  In reality, many independent scholars organization such as IPPNW Germany or ECCR gives various evidences on genetic damages by radiation. 

In fact, if you take a look at Biological Mechanisms of Radiation Actions at Low Doses by UNSCEAR 2012, most of the mechanisms above are explained and further studies are encouraged since the causality association is not well established yet.  However, ignoring these mechanism under low dose radiation is totally irresponsible deeds considering for residents especially the young who are left to live in the contaminated areas.

Forth, the fomula that converts Bq to Sv cannot be a definite one and thus the figures calculated cannot be reliable.  For example, according to Belarus ETHOS report, which relies on ICRP conversion formula, it states that 50Bq/day corresponds to 20,000 Bq/year or 0.2mSV/yr.  If you look at the following section on Bandazhevskys paper, 10Bq/kg bodily concentration is even risky for heart function.  You would realize 50Bq/day intake is way too high and the calculated Sv based on Bq does not seem to show the real risk.

On top of that, through a dialogue with ECRR Dr. Chris Busby, Dr. Jack Valentine who had been the scientific secretary at ICRP for 20 years stated that radiation effects from internal dose could be different from external does in the magnitude of 2 digit.  Dr. Valentines statement is quite a shocking one, which is supposed to be top news in the world.  http://vimeo.com/15382750

Fifth, genetic effects of radiation is totally ignored.  In Hiroshima, there were countless witnesses of midwives who claimed that the congenital deformation was quite often seen after A-bomb explosion. 

In addition, Nagasaki Medical University Professor Ichiro Hayashi (former member of UNIT 731) who conducted autopsy on thousands of fetus and babies reported that the congenital abnormality rate among radiation exposed parents were 22.3% while it was 8.7% from non-exposed parents in 1949 to 1950.  For some unknown reason, this figure is not discussed today. 

Also, in Chernobyl, there are countless reports on genetic effects not only in former Soviet Union but also various countries in Europe according to books titled Health Effects of Radiation by IPPNW Germany or Consequences of the Catastrophe for People and the Environment by New York Academy of Science.

  In spite of these reports, international radiation protection agencies such as ICRP or UNSCEAR claims that there is no evidence of genetic effects on human being though it is a proven fact among animals.  This seems to be quite a political, not scientific to say that only human-beings, even human eggs and sperms can avert radiation genetic hazard.  

In fact, there is an evidence which show the radiation effect on the next generation among government sided agencies.  In a symposium by National Institute for Radiological Science http://www.nirs.go.jp/index.shtml, it was clearly stated that due to miscarriage, infant cancer rate is less among fetus compared to infants under the same radiation dose and this phrase was printed on the procedure of the symposium.

In another word, deaths of embryos or fetus are actually occurring but they are not even counted under the science of radiology.  These scientists are taking advantage of those who can never raise their voice.  I would call this as a scientific crime. 

It is quite hard to prove the connection with radiation, but obviously, the rate of infertile women and men are on the increase among Japanese.  I also heard that congenital disorders are high among Japanese new born. 

As a mother of an infant, I have strong resentment against this inhumane attitude of todays radiology and radiation protection science.

V)       Bandazhevsky Paper and Heart Anomaly in Ibaraki

Extraordinary high Japanese government standard for food contamination limit of 100Bq/kg is equivalent to low level radioactive waste that is supposed to be stored in drum cans.  If this standard is continued to be applied, Japan, with a dense nationwide distribution network unlike Chernobyl, may suffer from health damages nationwide in the future. 

The risk is not limited in Japan.  Fish caught in the contaminated Pacific Ocean are canned to be sold all over Japan and even to overseas.  To retain freshness, it is impossible to measure all the fish before the shipment.  Yet, among the limited number of samples, 25000 Bq/kg rock trout was found off the coast of Fukushima.

As for strontium 90, one of the most dangerous radionuclide, Japan is not even measuring it at all.  If this situation continues, health damages will be heard in the uncontaminated areas in Japan and in the world. 

Strontium 90 causes leukemia and cancer, and its daughter nuclide yttrium 90 concentrates in pancreas causing pancreas cancer and diabetes. I recently heard diabetes children are increasing in Fukushima and Iwate prefectures.  I heard that type I diabetes increased drastically among Chernobyl children from Dr. Michel Fernex, the former WHO advisor. 

Tokyo University Hospital Radiology Department Associate Professor, Dr. Keiichi Nakagawa has been saying, It is totally safe to eat fish, groundlessly.  Dr. Nakagawa has been always saying that no additional person will get cancer after Fukushima and it is totally fine to live in Fukushima both on TV and his books.

However, I recently heard the following episode of Dr. Nakagawa. After one TV program in the backstage, TV crew asked Dr. Nakagawa, Well how is the situation in reality?  Dr. Nakagawa answered with pale face, No no no no no. and hastily left the studio.

In Iwate prefecture, a university student who was a frequent fish eater found his urine contaminated with strontium 90.  I tweeted about it, with the warning of risk of Strontium 90.  Lots of people reacted but there were some people on the net who tried to obstruct my sending information.  One person even sent me a death threat saying, I will kill you, old woman on twitter.

Contaminated areas canned fish are exported to developing nations such as Cambodia, Ghana, Senegal, Congo, Sri Lanka etc for school lunch. (http://stophamaokanuclearpp.com/en/?p=138) 

Coincidently, a mysterious disease is spreading among Cambodian children (http://www.examiner.com/article/who-investigating-mystery-disease-cambodia-which-has-killed-61-children), and we never know whether this is caused by radiation-chemical contaminated fish exported from Japan or not, but based on the preventive measures, in coordination with UN World Food Program, such export should be suspended immediately.

The former rector of Gomel Medical School, Dr. Bandazhevsky found out that radiocesium concentration of 10Bq/kg in human body could cause heart abnormality.  https://docs.google.com/file/d/0Bz1fZmrqFppsNzE4Y2JhMjQtYzc4Yy00MmY3LTkxMmItMzRmY2U3MzhjMTE4/edit?hl=en_US

In addition, according to Fig. 2.12, child organs were found to have more cesium concentration compared to adult.  Concentration in myocardium and thyroid are as much as three times high among children compared to adults.

The vice director of Belrad Institute, Mr. Vladimier Babenko, through his experience, said that children should be eating zero Bq food in order to keep health.  Bandazhevskys paper gives evidence on his words.

In addition, while the discussion for radiation health hazards has been focused only on cancer incidence, it is a shocking the fact that Dr. Bandazhevsky explained in Fig. 2. 8, showing more than 52% death in Belarus is caused by cardiovascular diseases, is quite shocking. 

However, Japanese medical doctors and scholars who are in charge of radiation protection have never officially discussed this issue, which is even more shocking.  Under the pressure of Japanese government policy, they give various excuses such as the sample number is too small or methodology is doubtful and never try to face these grave issues explained in Bandazhevsky paper, though they dont have any counterarguments studies themselves.

 Mr. Jacque Lochard, the previously mentioned director of CEPN and a member of ICRP stated in Fukushima ETHOS meeting as follows, Mothers would not understand science.  Measure the food and it would be OK to eat to eat 20Bq/kg. http://ethos-fukushima.blogspot.jp/2012/07/nhk-icrp.html

 As for Mr. Lochards statement, there are two big mistakes.

Before the accident, cesium concentration in rice, Japanese staple food, was only 0.02Bq/kg, and children should be eating foods less than 1Bq/kg as I have previously said in accordance with Bandazhevskys paper. 

This kind of knowledge is widely known among Japanese mothers who use internet and social media, such as facebook and twitter.  Mothers, who are most earnest on protecting children study most, often study more than ordinary doctors in Japan.  Conscious mothers are the ones who are knowledgeable of internal radiation risks and active on protecting children. 

Therefore, it is a pity that there are still many residents who do not have access to internet or a big bookstore like in Fukushima and who cannot get information about such risks.  In this regard, mass medias plays a very important role and it is a sin not to disseminate the truth under this situation.  (See chapter X of this letter)

A sad news was reported while I was writing this.  According to Tokyo newspaper dated on December 26,011.

http://www.tokyo-np.co.jp/article/ibaraki/20121226/CK2012122602000145.html), heart anomaly was raised among elementary and junior high school students in Toride city, 190km south of Fukushima nuclear power plant.  Among the 1655 students tested, 73 needs further testing, 2.6 times up compared to last year of 28.  Those who had some heart disease was increased to 24 in 2012 compared to 21 in 2011 and 9 in 2010.  QT allongemant syndromes which could lead to sudden death and its suspected cases were 8 compared to 2 in 2011 and 1 in 2010. 

This means that we have no time to be wasted.  I believe paper by Dr. Bandazhevsky (https://docs.google.com/file/d/0Bz1fZmrqFppsNzE4Y2JhMjQtYzc4Yy00MmY3LTkxMmItMzRmY2U3MzhjMTE4/edit?hl=en_US) should be read by all the doctors and medical societies in radiation contaminated areas and there should be immediate countermeasures to protect lives of children in Japan and overseas. 

Source: ICRP 111

VI)      Controversies on WBC Study by Tokyo University

In ETHOS Belarus, residents internal radiation had been measured with whole body counter and the report said that the figures were successfully decreased, though the most important health improvement was not reflected by it. Please see http://savekidsjapan.blogspot.jp/2013/01/blog-post_8310.html

WBC can measure only gamma rays and cannot detect alpha and beta rays, which are much more harmful on human bodies as internal exposure sources.  To detect radionuclides, we need to conduct urine test.

As you probably know, in Minamisoma city, which is outside of evacuation zone, Dr. Masaharu Tsubokura from Tokyo University Medical Science Institute, measured the residentsinternal exposure using WBC and submitted the thesis to JAMA in August 2012 (http://jama.jamanetwork.com/article.aspx?articleid=1346169). 

In November 2011, I met Dr. Tsubokura in person at a radiation seminar held in Okinawa and directly asked him whether he had read paper by Dr. Bandazhevsky.  His answer was, Yes, I have read Bandazhevsky paper.  As a matter of fact, I feel troubled.  Every food should be measured before the local residents would eat, but we do not have enough equipment.

In Febrary 2012, Dr. Tsubokura even mentioned about Dr. Bandazhevskys study in his own blog, http://medg.jp/mt/2012/02/vol410wbc.html.  In here, he stated that long-time follow-up will be needed including electrocardiogram test for residents since there is a report by Bandazhevsky that says 10Bq/kg20Bq/kg cesium concentration in body causes heart malfunction. 

According to the JAMA report by Dr. Tsubokura in August 2012, there were even people with more than 50Bq/kg and many with 10Bq/kg20Bq/kg among adults and children.  This figure is of grave concern itself in the light of Dr. Bandazhevskys study.  Strangely however, the conclusion of Dr. Tsubokuras study was the residents exposure level was low, with all the subjects exposure less than 1mSV with only one exception of 1.07mSV effective committed dose.

In addition, quite strangely, an internet site was made in May 2012, saying that Bandazhevsky was denied by Dr. Tsubokura quite bluntaly (http://togetter.com/li/303308).  This was stated by Mr. Makoto Omori, the chief of broadcast section at TV You Fukushima who falsified the death cause of Fukushima high school student from sudden death to traffic accident (See chapter X).  What Mr. Omori was saying was quite contrary to the saying I heard from Dr. Tsubokura directly. 

As for the WBC study, Professor Masahiro Kami, Tokyo University Medical Science Institute, is in charge.  Amazingly, the purpose of the study says;

The purpose of this study is to conduct medical checkup and medical consultations to resolve anxiety of the residents in costal line area in Fukushima greatly damaged by the nuclear disaster and to study the effects of nuclear disaster on human bodies including low-level radiation effects.

It clearly stipulates the purpose as studying low-level radiation effects on human body!  This is nothing but a human experiment using radiation!

 Moreover, one of my friends acquaintances and my own acquaintance heard Professor Kamis personal statement as follows;

It would be impossible to evacuate residents in Fukushima City and Kohriyama City.  I guess in the future, they would file a class action lawsuit.

Minamisoma City is at risk. (Minamisoma is one of the cities along the costal area of Fukushima where the WBC study is being conducted by Professor Kami himself.)

In this area at risk, Professor Kami himself is conducting WBC study including local children and pregnant women with his subordinate doctor Masahiro Tsubokura.  This is nothing but a recurrence of Unit 731 evil human experiment with prolonged time span. 

As a matter of fact, Tokyo University Medical Science Institute used to be a hub for Unit 731 human experiment studies.  (See chapter XII)

In addition, Dr. Kami stated as follows in his lecture held outside of Fukushima prefecture.

I would not be surprised if health abnormalities would be emerging among children in 10 years.

This is the esteemed medical doctors word who has been conducting studies using  Fukushima children in Manamisoma city.

 I sincerely ask for international organizations to stop these Tokyo University doctorsmedical experiments and please relocate the residents in high risk area, especially pregnant women, children.

VII)     Govt and Medical Societies Aiming at Economic Effects out of Fukushima!?

In July 2011, Fukushima Collective Evacuation Trial was filed by a secondary school mothers, but the district court dismissed their plea saying that there is no health hazard up to 100 mSV and relocation stress is greater than radiation. 

The main scientific base from the city government side on this trial was provided by Dr. Keiichi Nakagawa, Tokyo University Hospital Radiology associate professor (See chapter V), who wrote a book called Truth about Radiation Exposure and Oncogenesis in which he stated an amazing theory, There will be increase of cancer patients in Fukushima. 

As there are many doubtful statements in his book, so I sent more than 100 questions to him, but there has been reply from him yet.  Furthermore, in Dr. Nakagawas latest book, Low Level Radiation KEY BOOK, he ridiculed my activity, which supported mothers who opposed to bringing in Tohoku snow to Okinawa for children to play with.

In a recently published comic book called, Love Curie, Dr. Nakagawa also ridiculed Dr. Chris Busby the head of ECRR, giving false allegation that Dr. Busby is trying to make money by selling expensive detox pills to Japanese children.

As special rapporteur of UN Human Rights Coucil, Mr. Anand Grover had described, there are numerous amount of books and thesis that show health hazards under 100 mSV, but Japanese scholars, doctors, administration and judicature are purposely ignoring these scientific data. 

Childrens relocation issue must be the paramount issue as of now.  In fact, there has been increase among childrens death in Fukushima. The director of Fukushima Network for Saving Children from Radiation, Mr. Seiichi Nakate, found out that the number of minors death in Fukushima went up 1.5 times compared to the year before the accident.  Especially, heart disease went up by double and increases were observed in cancer, leukemia, infectious disease, and pneumonia. 

Even as for adults, according to acting director of Dr. Toshiyuki Ishihara, Ohara Medical Center, Fukushima city, heart diseases have been increased significantly after the accident. Prior to the accident in 2010, there were 143 heart failures and 266 heart strokes, but in the first half of 2012, there were already 184 heart failures and 212 heart strokes in only 6 months period. 

Even the state and municipal government acknowledged that the number of death is increasing in quake-hit areas, and the government Reconstruction Agency announced the establishment of a project team for examination and countermeasures on death related to the disaster.  However, among the causes listed in this government project, cesium influence on heart is excluded for examination though the stress-causing heart failure is included.

In December 2012, I heard that 2 brothers in Fukushima became acute leukemia at the same timing.  Brothers would have inhaled the same air and eaten the same food, and there is a possibility that simultaneous acute leukemia could have been caused by radiation. 

I made a phone call to Fukushima Prefectural Medical Society in December 2012 and I was astounded when I was told, There have been no health damage observed in relation with radiation in Fukushima.  Even at this stage, official position on radiation related health damage is totally a denial.  I stressed that they should tackle this issue more promptly since the situation could become too late especially for children in contaminated areas

In fact, the silence among Japanese doctors on radiation exposure issue is beyond imagination.  I made another phone call to the Japan Medical Association, and their answer was, We have not determined our position regarding this issue.  We will make announcement on this in March 2014.  How relaxed they are!  I repeated the acute leukemia story in Fukushima to them too, stressing the need to immediately tackle this issue. 

As a matter of fact, though I asked for this to the Medical Association, I have no expectation from them.  Because, after the nuclear accident, amazingly, the government decided to stop tracking the statistics of leukemia patient number in Fukushima and south of Miyagi, where the radiation exposure was the highest!  How can this be justified?  I would like this fact to be known to the world.

This kind of intentional negligence is widely observed among layers of medical society. For example, in a mailing list with members of pediatricians, obstetricians and para-medicals, one member told me that some Fukushima pediatrician strongly denies any health hazards by radiation in Fukushima and controls the opinions of the mailing list telling concerned members not to listen to some activists and journalists.  One person told me my name was listed among others. 

It is a matter of grave concern that doctors, who are supposed to protect childrens health, have been behaving like this.  It is not only a concern, already a calamity is started to be emerged.

Considering these things, children in Fukushima should be relocated at the earliest possible timing, but in the contrary, the government and Fukushima prefecture is to terminated the subsidiary for volunteer evacuees the end of 2012 and furthermore, the government has declared to let all the Fukushima residents back to their hometown by 2020. This is solely an insane policy.

Furthermore, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry allocated a large amount of budget to constructors to extend state of the art medical facilities in Fukushima.  Amazingly, the summary of the plan states that it aims at positive economic effect of 120 billion yen! http://www.jice.or.jp/sinsai/sinsai_detail.php?id=2485  

It is totally inappropriate to build large sized hospitals in these contaminated areas.  Immediately after March 11, dozens of in-hospital patients died while being evacuated.  There may still be possibilities of further catastrophic accident in Fukushima.

Also, especially those who are sick, challenged and aged people who need care could be vulnerable to low level radiation, so they should be entitled to obtain medical treatment in uncontaminated area. 

Fukushima prefectural medical circle is tied with ETHOS project and the director of Fukushima Prefectural Medical Association Dr. Nobuo Tanji was giving lecture for ETHOS.  Also, children and pregnant women are not supposed to stay in contaminated areas.  I call for immediate relocation of these people. 

There are some hot spots even in Tokyo and other prefectures equivalent to optional relocation spots of Chernobyl accident, I sincerely hope children and pregnant women would be able to be relocated as an established system. 

While the Japanese government involves doctors in ETHOS project to keep Fukushima residents for studying low-level radiation effects and further, discard the statistics of leukemia patients, and construct cancer hospitals for future economic effects, I think it is an urgent matter for Fukushima residents, especially for children to be able to relocate through international organizations support as soon as possible. 


1.      Data from Mr. Seiichi Nakate, Director, Fukushima Network for Saving Children from Radiation  *The figures are based on the JPN government dynamic statistics of population.

Comparison of No. of death among Fukushima children 2010-2011

Age 1~19, March to November

Number of Child Death in Fukushima, in year 2010 (blue) and year 2011 (purple).

The vertical axis shows the number of deaths and horizontal axis show the No. of months.  Bar graph shows monthly figures and lines show the accumulated figures in 2010 and 2011.

テキスト ボックス: Others テキスト ボックス: Pneumonia テキスト ボックス: Heart disease テキスト ボックス: Cancer, leukemia テキスト ボックス: Infectious disease

Number of death among Fukushima children under 19

Comparison 2011/2012 by Disease

VIII  Incineration of Contaminated Debris

Another issue of concern is the further spread of radioactive contamination through incineration of contaminated debris and distribution of contaminated food and other materials.  This is really an issue of concern for a small sized country like Japan with nationwide distribution network is extensive.

The current Japanese government policy to incinerate contaminated debris nationwide is totally wrong. The boiling point of cesium is 680 degrees Celsius (950 degree in Fahrenheit) and strontium 1400 Celsius and 1600 Fahrenheit.    

Once incinerated, they will contaminate the air, land, water and human body through respiratory system.  According to an animal experiment with plutonium oxide, 80% of inhaled radiation stayed in the body even after 10 years. 


Even in Kitakyushu City (south part of Japan), after the start of incineration, the air dose of the surrounding area went up by several to dozens of times (Note: Japanese only http://onodekita.sblo.jp/archives/20120922-1.html), and various abnormalities such as throat pain, coughing, nose bleeding are heard among neighboring residents especially children (Note: Japanese only http://wonderful-ww.jugem.jp/?eid=625). 

According to the Ministry of Environment, the radiation level is measured 1 meter away from the debris without checking any particular radionuclide or toxic chemical substances. 

In this method, nobody would be able to judge whether there would be environmental contamination leading to health impact.  In addition, when such substances were gasified, they will become finer particles which is easier to travel more distance and easier to be inhaled in human bodies.  This could even give some adverse impacts on neighboring countries, such as Korea and China.

In addition, besides radioactive materials, there are countless number of chemical or heavy metal materials in these debris.  Even spreading one chemical such as asbestos is banned legally.  Why the disaster caused debris that contains a number of toxins which have never been measured could be incinerated without any limitation?  It is said that a number of corporations with interests of carrying and incinerating debris are involved in this matter.

As for the disposal of contaminated debris, the only solution is to place them in Fukushima after people are evacuated.  Or as for some Tohoku areas, there are some municipalities that would like to utilize debris as Tsunami blockade.  By building a blockade with tightly contaminated debris inside, they can achieve safety along with job creation, and the blockade would give a long time memory for people to live in tsunami-prone these regions. 

It is a basic principle to evacuate people and contain contaminated materials in case of nuclear accident.  The policy of incinerating contaminated debris is contrary of this  principle, and it has been promoted by many interested corporations.  This stupid policy which hampers peoples health and decreases habitable land should be abolished immediately.

Already, the world conscience scientists and citizens are paying great attention on this issue.  Nuclear engineer Arnie Gundersen says that by burning the radioactive debris we are basically recreating Fukushima all over again and the radioactive clouds will continue across the Pacific to the west coast of the US and Canada.


I strongly hope the UN will immediately stop the Japanese government to incinerate radiation contaminated debris.

XI)       Decontamination Work and Radiation Exposure Workers including Incineration Plants

As for Fukushima where 70% of the land is mountainous area, many say efficient decontamination is practically impossible.   As you have stated, it is quite regretful that in some cases, residents without enough knowledge or gadget are conducting decontamination.  Most of all, we need to see the limit of decontamination. 

Rather than letting people at risk of further radiation exposure, we should gather contaminated substances in evacuation zones, putting an emphasis on peoples relocation to decontaminated area first.

For debris incineration nationwide and decontamination in East Japan, large amount of budget is allocated for the benefit of general constructor companies and transporting companies (some are even former nuclear plant constructing companies), but the priority should be saving peoples lives and health. 

From a humanitarian point of view, I would appreciate it if pressure and concrete recommendation should be given to the government of Japan to put priority on peoples evacuation rather than decontamination and reconstruction of the contaminated areas.

As Mr. Anand Grover from UN HRC has pointed out, Japanese government also needs to continue these workers health monitoring for a long time.  We need to maintain the soundness of the working conditions for decontamination workers and nuclear power plant workers along with incineration plant workers (there have been reports of sudden death among incineration plant workers, too) to protect them from radiation exposure.  Needless to say, they are the people who are on the highest risk, and without their work, we cannot live a normal life at all.

However, it is a pity that the health check-up for nuclear power plant workers were even terminated by the Japanese government.  It is against humanity if nuclear workers, the most exposed to radiation are not medically examined and/or treated under the responsibility of the government.  The accident has not been controlled yet and if this situation continues, due to the lack of workers, the situation could become out of control soon or later.

Also, it is not scientific that the coverage of diseases caused by radiation is limited only to thyroid cancer.  After Chernobyl, all sorts of diseases including myocardial infarction, respiratory diseases, diabetes, kidney failures, leukemia, etc have been increased.  In Japan, too, due to the observation among A-bomb survivors, myocardial infarction is listed for compensation, which is strangely not applied for nuclear workers.  Thus, a former nuclear power plant worker, Mr. Ryusuke Umeda has sued the government for developing myocardial infarction in 2012.

(Please see his speech at Foreign Correspondence Club in Japan; he was the last speaker. http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/18530453 )

In addition, the horrible working conditions such as kickbacks, lack of safety, loss of information of end workers have been long time social issues since the start of nuclear power plant operation.  All the end workers conditions should be supervised by the government and parent company, and if possible by international organization such as ILO.

Once again, a recommendation with comprehensive measures should be given regarding the working conditions in Japan, which includes fully covered medical examination and treatment, and adequate compensation even after leaving their jobs.


X) Medias Deadly Sins: NHK etc

During the world war II, Japanese Imperial Headquarter released false news one after another stating that Japanese Army was winning the war until immediately before the war. This falsified news was released by NHK radio, the sole state-owned media in those days. Now in Japan, NHK TV is the main source of domestic news. Particularly this is the case in Fukushima where the internet-use population is quite limited.

Nowadays, a lot of citizens in Japan are saying that NHK is repeating the Imperial Armys falsified announcement after Fukushima nuclear accident. For example, NHK is keeping the all-out silence on emerging health abnormality, including Fukushima childrens 42 % thyroid abnormality rate (more than 50% for elementary and junior high school girls) and the first thyroid cancer incident, either. This is extraordinary.

On the contrary, NHK has been broadcasting programs in which residents in Fukushima are encouraged to stay living or returnees to Fukushima are promoted. Moreover, mushroom dishes, which are said to be highly cesium concentrated foods, are often promoted using famous chefs, and fish dishes, of which strontium 90 has never been measured, are often broadcasted. The other day, there was a cooking special program titled, How to make kids like to eat mushrooms. I am not exaggerating when I say NHK is committing a deadly sin.

In the autumn of 2011, I myself was telephone-interviewed by a NHK director who was going to make a program focusing on mothers tackling with radiation contaminated food issues. That female director knew that Japanese food standard of 500Bq/kg (100Bq since April 2012, but still too high.) at that time was way too high compared to that of Germany with 8Bq/kg for adults and 4Bq/kg for children.

I sent her materials on risks of radiation including Bandazhevskys paper and compiled document on Sr 90. On the phone, she agreed with what I was saying on the extraordinary loose Japanese food standard. She was even asking me whether it would be OK to put my face photo on TV.

However, I was astounded when I saw the program. The contents of the program was the totally opposite. It didnt mention about the risks of food contamination and it said that Japanese standard of 500 Bq/kg was quite a neutral figure!

NHK viewers fee is more than 24000 yen (approximately 250 US dollars)for a household per year, but it does not function at all to protect lives of the people from radiation exposure. On the contrary, NHK produces various programs to encourage Fukushimas industry and peoples continued efforts to keep living there under the name of peoples bond (Kizuna). 

NHK Fukushima bureau even broadcasts ETHOS program for encouraging local residents to participate, though it does not show it on nationwide network in a sneaky manner.  http://ethos-fukushima.blogspot.jp/2012/07/nhk-icrp.html 

Further, it showed a program to encourage evacuees to go back to their hometown, in which a student going back to almost an empty classroom. In an extreme case, in Minami-soma City, childrens marathon race was held on a road with as high as 0.6 micro SV/h (this is equivalent to radiation controlled area, and the dose before the accident was 0.038 in Fukushima) and most media companies were listed as sponsors! It is a sad truth that media companies often appeals false safety in Fukushima, making children exposed to dangerous level of radiation!

In another case, there was a conscious news fabrication by a local TV. In 2011, two high school students from Fukushima Prefectural High School died. One died from long-time illness and another died from a sudden death. There were a lot of rumors regarding these young students death in relation with radiation.

Then, Mr. Makoto Omori, the news broadcast chief at TV You Fukushima (TUF: http://www.tuf.co.jp/), tweeted that one died from long time illness and the other one died from traffic accident! I double checked this fact with the vice principal of this high school and also with the TV station personnel in general affairs division. He admitted Mr. Omoris false statement, but said there would be no need to correct Mr. Omoris statement since it was only tweeted and not broadcasted in their TV program! It is simply extraordinary that a TV journalist spread a false news on his tweet to suppress the residents anxiety on radiation!

Looking back, my disillusion against media especially on nuclear issue is a long standing one. I became anti-nuclear power when I first heard about station black-out scenario by a US scientist 1999. Since then on, I became afraid of earthquake and nuclear issue and disseminated information through telephone and FAX to major media companies, which had been totally ignored.

 In 2002, I finally received an offer from NHK Nagoya branch director who said that he wanted to make a program on earthquake and nuclear power plant issue based on the information I provided. I was very pleased and kept sending him information. But one day, he suddenly visited my house from a far distance using a bullet train and apologized, saying, "I cannot make the program any longer" without telling me why. My disappointment was big since I wanted to prevent a nuclear accident before a major earthquake would hit.

In 2008, I was able to plan one TBS (Tokyo Broadcast Station) documentary program on Kashiwazaki nuclear power plant and active faults with cooperation of Mr. Sunao Ogose, the sole Japanese geologist who has been opposing to the construction of the nuclear power since early 1970s. The program was well made and Tokyo Electric gave us a phone call saying that there was not a single scientific mistake.

In 2009, a NHK producer Mr. Katsuhiko Hayashi saw my program and offered that he would like to make programs on nuclear issues based on my program plan. I was overjoyed by his offer and came up with several plans and submitted them to Mr. Hayashi. Then, he was earnestly listening to each of my plan, and some weeks after, he bruntally told me that he would not make any program after all in a frivolous manner. I realized that he gave me such empty offer for obtaining information from me for unknown some reason.

In particular, the last plan I gave to the NHK producer, Mr. Hayashi is on a homicide suspected incident of an employee at Donen (Power Reactor and Nuclear Fuel Development Corporation=PNC), with the involvement of the nuclear company, politicians, and even police.

When I showed the Monju (Fast Breeder Reactor) Nishimura Incident plan, Mr. Hayashi, the NHK producer showed a tremendous interest in it, so I brought transcript of the interview I had with Mrs. Nishimura when I had the appointment with Mr. Hayashi next time.  Mr. Hayashi seemed to have been very impressed by what I have shown him.  Then unbelievably, he came up with the following statement.

Do you think I could ever make a program of an incident which could shake the very foundation of this country?  No way.

I was speechless.  This NHK journalist, admitting the high probability of incident being homicide, clearly stated that he would never report it because the incident was too scary for him owing to the deep involvement of the Japanese government itself. There is a person who was actually killed!  And he admitted that revealing this incident could collapse the very foundation of Japan, which he dared not to do it.

Let me introduce the summary of the incident.  In December of 1995, the fast breeder reactor Monju had a sodium leak accident and the in-house investigation team was set up. The investigation team leader Mr. Shigeo Nishimura was reported to have committed a suicide by jumping off from the eighth floor of the hotel.

However, his X-ray showed that he died not because of jumping-off suicide but of being battered, since there was no bone fracture either on his skull or neck.  Mrs. Nishimura who became a widow consulted three forensic doctors and all of them told her that his body showed he did not commit a jump-off suicide.

It is strongly suspected that this incident is involved with Japanese nuclear lobby, Liberal Democratic Party (then and the current regime), police and media. Though the medical record tells the high probability of homicide, the truth has not been revealed even after 17 years, due to the cover-up of the government of Japan and nuclear lobby.  I hope the fact finding mission to be carried out by any relevant international organization and overseas media.

Monju Fast Breeder Reactor can produce weapon level pure plutonium and Japanese pro-nuclear weapon politicians have been seeking for its technology. Even after the Fukushima accident, Democratic Party of Japan and the current regime, Liberal Democratic Party have been promoting the restart of Monju, though this is the most dangerous type of nuclear power plant which is susceptible to earthquakes and Shiraki fault is in vicinity.

Looking back, the major medias control over nuclear issue has been started since the onset of peaceful use of atom in Japan.  When the Bikini Atoll H-bomb test victimized Japanese fishermen, Mr. Yasuhiro Nakasone, who became a Prime Minister later on, passed the first nuclear budget at the Diet.  

Though anti-nuclear movement spread nationwide, the CIA adopted the policy, A poison neutralize another poison, and in cooperation with media giant Mr. Matsutaro Shoriki (the former president of Yomiuri Shinbum and the founder of Nippon TV, also known as CIA agent called Podam), strongly promoted nuclear energy in cooperation with the US government. 

Even today, Yomiuri Newspaper has never apologized of its nuclear promotion policy and even after the Fukushima accident, it has still been promoting nuclear energy.  According to Yomiuris editorial dated on January 24, 2013, it concludes, The restart of nuclear power plant should be dependent on the government decision and the proposal for the residents referendum on this issue is out of question.  Tokyo Electric Kashiwazaki-Kariwa nuclear power plant should be restarted smoothly once the safety is ensured.

In 2007, Kashiwazaki-Kariwa nuclear power plant was hit by M 6.8 earthquake directly below the premise and there have been more than 3000 parts failures, releasing radioactive material of 900million Bq though this leak became no news.  Some seismologists predict even M8 class quake would hit in this area in the future. 

In a predicted large sized earthquake, even IAEA estimated that there could be a 2 to 3 meter upheaval of land in Kashiwazaki plant premise, but Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency erased that part from the Japanese translation!  (I realized about this missing translation while I was writing an article on this issue for a magazine called Shukan Kinyobi.)

Japanese media has been controlled since the introduction of nuclear energy and even after the accident, the situation has been so.  Unless this pro-nuke puppet regime is changed, there may be another catastrophic nuclear accident which might affect the entire world. 

It is my strong hope that the nuclear and Japanese media issue to be shared by conscious world organization, media and citizens as early as possible.

XI) Potential Catastrophic Accident in Japan

There is one difference between Fukushima accident and Chernobyl accident.  That is, in a very high probability, there may be another catastrophic accident anywhere in Japan with still active seismic activities, especially on Fukushima Daiichi with continuing radiation leak.

In addition to daily radiation exposure, considering the possibility of another catastrophic accident such as collapse of inclined 4th spent fuel pool, Fukushima could become the acute symptom area.  Again, in Fukushima, there should be no children and potential child rearing generation. 

The issue of possible catastrophic accident is not the issue solely for Japan.  It is an issue for the entire world.  It was not only Fukushima where nuclear accident could have taken place. 

At the time of the earthquake in 2011, Tokai Daini nuclear power plant, 100km away from Tokyo would have had a station blackout, same as Fukushima Daiichi, if tsunami had been only 40cm higher.  In addition, when M7 class earthquake hit on April 7 again on Tohoku area, Higashi Dori nuclear reactor and Rokkasho reprocessing plant experienced station blackout, and barely managed to recover relying on backup generators. 

Ohi nuclear power plant, where some scholars point out the existence of an active fault in its vicinity, has been restarted without safety confirmation.  Strangely enough, the government of Japan has been discussing over the safety issue of already restarted Ohi power plant without stopping the operation.  This is quite inconsistent and illogical. 

If Ohi had a severe accident, Koreas and China would have devastating damages including serious sea pollution.  As a matter of fact, there maybe another accident anywhere in this earthquake prone country.

The paramount concern is the issue of already massively destructed Fukushima nuclear power plant with 11,138 spent fuel rods in the entire premise.  According to Dr. Robert Alvarez, the former Department of Energy chief, the total amount of spent fuel in the inclined No. 4 with damaged spent fuel pool is 10 times and as for Fukushima Daiichi plant as a whole, 85 times of those emitted in Chernobyl. 

If a major accident took place and the entire Fukushima Daiichi plant becomes out of control, 3000km zone from the accident site would become the evacuation area.  In such a worst case scenario, not only Japan and Asia, also the US and European Continents would be covered by radioactive particles carried by circumpolar westerlies, which would devastate the world environment and the civilization. http://enenews.com/nuclear-expert-fukushima-spent-fuel-85-times-cesium-released-chernobyl-destroy-world-environment-civilization-issue-human-survival-former-adviser

On December 9, 2012, No 4 reactors spent fuel cooling system had some malfunction and the temperature of the spent fuel raised.  The former Swiss Ambassador Mr. Mitsuhei Murata obtained this information from a credible source and immediately gave the information to the government, Fukushima prefecture, related agencies and media.

However, the government had not reported that to Fukushima prefecture and no media company disclosed it.  Likewise, No. 2 reactors incidence at the end of 2012 was not reported at all by media.  This shows that unfortunately, the secrecy of the Japanese nuclear village is still prevailed and the Japanese government would not disclose the risk at a timely manner in a potential coming disaster.

As for preventing such catastrophe, state of the art international expert team should be established in stead of solely relying on Japanese government, or other pro-nuclear organization such as IAEA.  There should be the worst case scenario assumption and accordingly, realistic preventive measures should be implemented beforehand.  In order to do that, pro-nuclear organizations and governments cannot function effectively enough.  There should be an international independent team to prevent further catastrophe.

As a matter of fact, regarding potential nuclear accident and urgent need to relocate children from the contaminated areas, the above mentioned Mr. Mitsuhei Murata and the former UN staff Mr. Akio Matsumura http://akiomatsumura.com/ tried to persuade leading political figures including the current Japanese Prime Minister Mr. Shinzo Abe, who reacted with indifference in October 2012.

I was really shocked to hear this.  If Japans top leader, the Prime Minister is not reacting at all to this state crisis with deteriorating childrens health and potential coming nuclear accident, there will be no hope.  This is one of the reasons why I am writing this lengthy letter since people of Japan has no choice rather than asking for help from international societies.

This on-going nuclear danger issue is not limited in Japan.  There could be this kind of disaster anywhere in the world as long as there are nuclear power plants. 

Even in Chernobyl, there is a theory that an earthquake immediately before the site obstructed the insert of the control rod leading to the accident. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0365764/.   (This theory has not been seriously considered, but through studying about it with geologist Mr. Sunao Ogose, who has predicted Great Kobe Earthquake in 1995, I thought this theory worth being reconsidered..)

Nuclear power was introduced before the plate tectonics theory was introduced, and more than 400 nuclear reactors are aging in the world.  On top of aged reactor and piping system, if a natural disaster, such as earthquake or tsunami hit the site, an accident like Fukushima could occur.

This kind of danger is real and eminent not only in Japan but also in the world.  Therefore, taking Fukushima accident as an opportunity, a new international system to prevent further danger should be in place before another nuclear catastrophe would risk the global citizens civilization and future generations very survival. 

XII)      Unit 731, Hiroshima/Nagasaki, Chernobyl, Fukushima

Looking back, Japan is a A-bomb victim country with 200,000 death toll in Hiroshima and Nagasaki in1945 alone, and still there are hundreds of thousands radiation late effects suffers as of today. 

Meanwhile, the US and Japanese government established Atomic Bomb Casualties Commission with the participation of both countries number of scholars who conducted research on radiation exposed people.  However, these scholars did not treat or cure the patients and they simply checked and studied them. 

In fact, it is reported that the US medical team came to Hiroshima Army First Hospital Ujina Clinic accompanies by Japanese Tokyo University medical team, and they focused on autopsy rather than treatment, while patients were mainly treated by nurses and corpsmen.

In addition, the effect of internal radiation has been concealed for many years, and scholars have said that there have been no health effects apart from those who developed acute syndromes or those who were living in 2km of the epicenter.  As late as 2008, it was admitted that those who were living further than 2km radius area could have been exposed to radiation by the intake of radioactive materials in their bodies.  In this way, more than half a century, doctors and scholars have stood on the side of the governments (Japan and the US) not on the side of the A-bomb suffers.

US wanted to downplay the effects of radiation for concealing the cruelty of their own act and Japan wanted to keep the compensation money for A-bomb survivors as little as possible.

After Chernobyl accident, former directors of Radiation Effects Research Foundation (RERF), the successor of ABCC, Dr. Itsuzo Shigematsu and Dr. Shigenobu Nagataki played important roles to downplay the health damages observed among residents, especially children in the Chernoobyl contaminated areas. 

This is such a shameful history of Japanese medical circles.  Japan is the victim of A-bombs, but at the same time the perpetrator, since Japanese medical doctors have been downplaying or ignoring the sufferings of the nuclear weapons and nuclear power victims in and outside of Japan to take the side of the nuclear industry and the governments.

This sad history has been repeated now in Fukushima.  Dr. Shigenobu Nagataki, who denied the health damages after Chernobyl, and his follower, Dr. Shunichi Yamashita, along with the Tokyo University Hospital radiology authority, Dr. Keiichi Nakagawa are telling Fukushima residents groundlessly that this level of radiation has no self damage. 

Even nearly 2 years after the accident, Japanese medical societies officially states that has never been a single person whose health was affected by radiation after Fukushima accident!

During the World War II, Unit 731 with more than 3000 medical staff under the Japanese Imperial Army, conducted horrendous human experiments including pregnant women and children.  While some medical doctors in the Far East Trial were executed for abusing the POWs, the former 731 Units members were not sued at all.

As a matter of fact, the Unit 731s immunity from punishment was obtained in exchange of providing the data to the US military and cooperating the studies on Hiroshima and Nagasaki A-bomb survivors.

In a NHK program in 2010, there was a testimony made by a former Japanese Imperial Army doctor saying, (Beside providing the human experiment data to the US,) cooperating the research on A-bomb victim was used as a card for obtaining immunity of Unit 731.  In fact, as early as December 1945, a booklet on A-bomb causalities was prepared by Dr. Tachiyumaru Ishikawa, an expert of pathological autopsy in Unit 731. 

Other names in the US-Japan Joint Research Team on A-bomb were, Dr. Tomio Ogata from Tokyo Imperial University and Dr. Ren Kimura from Kyoto Imperial University,   Both of them were former Unit 731 members.  Dr. Stafford Warren who was leading human experiment with plutonium injection in the US, and Dr. Shields Warren, another doctor who was involved in US human experiment, later became famous for his A-bomb survivors epidemiological study and also became a founding member of UNSCEAR.

This is how ABCC was born.  Doctors in the US and in Japan, who got involved in human experiments, came together for studying radiation exposure on exposed people.  Dr. Austin Bruce, who conducted human experiment on A-bomb victims, visited major medical schools including Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, Hiroshima and Nagasaki, met the former Unit 731 members and built up the network for the foundation of ABCC inaugurated in 1947.

The epidemiological expert, Dr. Itsuzo Shigematsu (who graduated from Tokyo Imperial University, Havard University School of Public Health), is well known as RERF director who downplayed the health hazards among A-bomb survivors. 

Dr. Shigematsu is also known as the IAEA Chernobyl Project leader who denied any health hazards among residents in contaminated area in 1991.  Dr. Shigenobu Nagataki (who also graduated from Tokyo University, Havard Medical School, and Nagasaki University) was one of Dr. Shigematsus followers,  Both Dr. Shigematsu and Dr. Nagataki denied the health effects by Hiroshima, Nagasaki, and Chernobyl (later admitted only thyroid cancer.) 

And now, the follower of Dr. Nagataki, Dr. Shunichi Yamashita (who is from Nagasaki University) has been denying heath hazards in Chernobyl and in Fukushima.  In this way, the doctors who are involved in human experiment and deny the radiation effects on the side of industry are closely connected.

I have been always felt the same kind of cruelty as Unit 731, on Dr. Shunichi Yamashitas thyroid examination on Fukushima children, whose anomaly rate is nearly 50%.  Then I found out that there is a connection between Unit 731 and Dr. Itsuzo Shigematsu, who was Yamashitas teacher.

Dr. Shigematsu had his own master in epidemiology who played an important role in Unit 731. His name was, Dr. Keizo Noheji, the director of Tokyo Imperial University Epidemiology Laboratory, who sent many medical scientists to Unit 731 for developing biological weapons. 

This Tokyo Imperial University Epidemiology Laboratory was later divided into 3 institutes; Tokyo University Medical Science Institute (Currently conducting WBC radiation exposure human experiment in Minamisoma city in Fukushima. Please see chapter VI), National Institute of Health (NIH, which gave the materials of both Unit 731 and A-bomb survivorsdata to the US military.), and the Institute of Public Health (where Dr. Noheji and Dr. Shigematsu belonged).

Since 1955, Dr. Keizo Noheji, the former director of Tokyo Imperial University Epidemiology Laboratory and the top epidemiology expert in Unit 731, became the epidemiological director of ABCC, and since 1981, Dr. Itsuzo Shigematu, Dr. Nohejis top follower became the director of RERF, the succeeding organization of ABCC.  We can see the strong personnel connection here from Unit 731 to ABCC (human experiment on A-bomb victims) through Tokyo University.

As I mentioned before, Professor Masahiro Kami and Dr. Masaharu Tsubokura from Tokyo University Medical Science Institute are conducting human experiment including children using WBC in Minamisoma city in Fukushima.

 In his personal conversation, Professor Kami was saying, Minamisoma is at risk. In the future, Fukushima people may file a class action lawsuit. Professor Kami even stated in his lecture outside of Fukushima, I would not be surprised if Fukushima children becomes ill within 10 years.

In addition, another prominent figure after Fukushima accident is an associate professor of Tokyo University Hospital Department of Radiology, Dr. Keiichi Nakagawa.  In his book, Truth on Radiation Exposure and Carcinogenesis, he states that there have been no health damages observed and will not be observed in Fukushima.  Since there are many scientifically doubtful points in his book, I sent him more than 100 questions, but none of them have been answered yet.  http://koukaishitsumon.blogspot.jp/

Historically, former Unit 731 members have ties with the society of radiation medicine.  For example, Dr. Masa Miyagawa, a leader of X-ray team, who conducted lethal dose irradiation on human experiment in Unit 731, later became the leading professor of radiology class at Tokyo University Medical Department after the war. 

After the H-bomb Bravo test in 1954, Dr. Miyagawa denied radiation damages on Japanese fishermen other than the Fifth Lucky Dragon ship, downplaying the radiation damage for the US government.  It is said that there were approximately 800 boats that were exposed to radiation from the H-bomb. 

Dr. Miyagawa involved in the establishment of Nuclear Institute for Radiological Science (NIRS), Japans leading radiology medicine institute.

NIRS has been functioning as the organization to follow the pro-nuclear government policy, and the Japanese representative of UNSCEAR has been always NIRS member for the past half century.  Nearly 2 year after the Fukushima accident, NIRS totally deny any health damages caused by radiation.

Also, there are connections between Unit 731, ABCC, and Fukushima through other famous universities.

 In Nagasaki, Dr. Ichiro Hayashi (Kyoto Imperial University, Nagasaki University), who conducted thousands of autopsy on fetus and babies of A-bomb survivors used to belong to Unit 731 and his master was Dr. Kenji Kiyono (Kyoto Imperial University), whose followers were Dr. Shiro Ishii (Kyoto Imperial University), the leader of Unit 731. 

Dr. Hayashis study was once cited in the film called, The World is Feared (Sekai wa Kyofu suru) (1957) in which the narrator said that 22.3% of babies born among A-bomb survivors had malformation while 8.7% among non-survivors.  However, this citation was denied by Dr. Hayashi himself and the genetic effects after Hiroshima and Nagasaki is said to have been not observed, which remains as a mystery.

Unit 731s influence is not only on radiation business but also on blood business.  Dr. Ryoichi Naito, a right-hand man of Unit 731 leader Dr. Shiro Ishii, is a founder of Japan Blood Bank, predecessor of Japan Green Cross, which caused the infection of HIV to thousands of hemophiliac patients in collusion with Ministry of Health.

It is amazing that Dr. Shunichi Yamashita, the leader of Fukushima Prefectural Health Examination was assigned as the leader of HIV infected hemophiliac patients just before the Fukushima nuclear accident took place.  In his report on the start of the HIV patients study, he said that this kind of mistake shall never take place, and immediately after that, he went to Fukushima Medical University responding to the nuclear accident to persuade the residents not to worry about radiation up to 100mSV. 

My friend HIV patient is feeling strong resentment on Dr. Yamashitas behaviors saying, How could there be a medicine that does not focus on the health of people for the first place?” “I would never forgive any doctor to treat anybody as a specimen of human experiment

Today, various scholars and doctors from many famous universities and institutes are using even pregnant women and children in Fukushima for their studies.  This is obviously a human experiment in the extended period of time span, but most doctors keep their silence because their teachers and schools have been controlled by the Japanese government and policy historically.  

In order to save the lives and health of children whose health have been deteriorating, I would like the people in the world to know the criminality of Japanese medical societies in the past and present. 

XIII)     UN and Nuclear Power Issue

According to Hiroshima A-bomb survivor Dr. Shuntaro Hida (for whom I have been assisting his translation works)who has been treating A-bomb victims as a medical doctor, he was shocked when he saw 1968 UN Secretary General Mr. U Thant Report saying, All the A-bomb survivors have no health problems. 

Dr. Hida even went to the UN explaining the fact that there have been countless ill health survivors.  Then upon the UN request, he conducted more than 11000 survivors survey, and an international conference by UN and NGOs was realized in 1977 focusing on the reality of A-bomb late effects on survivors. 

In order to downplay the inhumane cruelty of nuclear weapons, scientifically groundless theory had been prevailed for many years until the A-bomb survivors raised their voices.  As this episode shows, the truth could be hidden unless the victims voices are heard. 

As a matter of fact, a person like Dr. Hida was totally exceptional in Japan, and sadly enough almost all the other doctors took the side of the US and Japanese governments to obtain research money on A-bomb survivors to downplay the late effects.  There is a history among A-bomb survivors who were forced to be silent about A-bombs for years after the attack, and survivors at distant areas were not recognized as victims.  As late as 2008, A-bomb survivors outside of 2km radius of the epicenter were finally recognized as the radiation victims by the court.

Since no doctors wrote books on true effects of radiation, Dr. Hida translated 5 books from English to Japanese and 2 of his translated books, The Radiation Impact written by the US doctor Donnell W. Boardman and The Deadly Deceit by Jay M Gould and Benjamin Goldman gave the scientific grounds to the low level radiation exposed A-bomb survivors at the court.

However, genetic effects of radiation has been denied even as of today except those who were exposed in mothers wombs, and therefore second generation of A-bomb survivors have never been recognized even though there are many suffers. 

I think it is a shame of Japans history that our scholars have been siding on the government to conceal the facts about radiation effects domestically and internationally.

In 1991, the leader of International Chernobyl Project lead by IAEA, Dr. Itsuzo Shigematsu, who was the director of Radiation Effects Research Foundation stated that no health disorder has been caused directly by radiation exposure and that negative impacts were caused only by stress.  I heard the disappointment felt by local doctors and residents who at first had some expectation from Dr. Shigematsu who had researched on A-bomb victims were really great.  They had observed and reported various radiation caused health damages before the 1991 IAEA report.

However, in 1996, IAEA admitted that they had made a mistake on the additional thousands of cases of thyroid cancer.  This means that a proper warning was not given at a timely manner and that residents in the contaminated area may have been exposed to further risks without any advice.  Considering a preventive measure for protecting health, the then members of IAEA Project Team should extend apologies to the residents in the contaminated area, but such apologies have never been heard, which is ethically quite wrong.

The reason why I put particular stress on this point is that scholars of this kind tend to repeat the same kind of mistakes intentionally.  Dr. Shigenobu Nagataki, the direct disciple of Dr. Itsuzo Shigematsu said, As of today, no health hazards caused by cesium has been recognized yet both in Chernobyl and in Fukushima.

Dr. Shunichi Yamashita, the direct disciple of Dr. Shigenobu Nagataki said immediately after the Fukushima accident, There will be no health damage under 100 mSv, to Fukushima residents right after the accident, causing many people exposed to radiation. 

In 2005, IAEA reported that the final death toll by Chernobyl would be 4000, but this number is considered to be an extreme underestimation.  Prior to this in year 2000, the then Secretary General of UN, Mr. Kofi Annan stated that seven million people were affected by the accident and three million children require physical treatment in the foreward of UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA)2000 http://ochanet.unocha.org/p/Documents/Chernobyl_2000.pdf 

However, against this tremendously important statement, the then UNSCEAR chair, Mr. Lars-Erik Holm bruntly denied Mr. Annans concern. http://mailman.mcmaster.ca/mailman/private/cdn-nucl-l/0506/msg00011.html But prior to this, Mr.Lars-Erik Holm announced that there were only 30 death toll after Chernobyl accident, on which he has never apologized.  

Mr. Holm is currently a Medical Officer of Health for Sweden and also have worked as Director General of the Swedish Radiation Protection Authority, Chairman of the ICRP, Swedish Representative of UNSCEAR, a member of the Commission on Safety Standards of then IAEA and a member of the Board of the Swedish Nuclear Power Inspectorate.  

Isnt it contradictory to have a single person to have multiple posts as nuclear promotion agencies and health agencies?  (This situation is  similar in Japan, such as medical doctors from Tokyo University have been playing important roles to promote nuclear policy as well)

When UNSCEAR was founded in 1955, genetics scholar such as the Nobel laureate Dr. Muller was excluded.  In stead, some US energy commissioners were invited and most problematic matter was that Navy Colonel Dr. Shields Warren who was known as his involvement in human experiments in the US and in Japan was a founding member.

In the award-winning non-fiction book, Plutonium Files by Ms. Eileen Welsome, Dr. Shields Warrens following statement is cited;

We already have nearly sufficient experiment results.  Hiroshima and Nagasaki was more than 200, 000 human experiment.  I myself saw A-bomb survivors who developed heath damages in the city.

In the beginning of 2013, a journalist called Mr. James Conca contributed an amazing article called Like We ve Been Saying, Radiation In Not A Big Deal, to the Forbes stating that according to UNSCEAR report, no health hazard has been reported and will not be reported by Fukushima accident.  This was an extraordinary article which angered many Japanese citizens.  


In another word, those who were involved in human experiments both in the US and in Japan have never been blamed and in stead, they took the position of internationally esteemed organizations for the interests of nuclear weapon and nuclear power industries.  They took the control of human radiation effects data to keep promoting nuclear industries, while sacrificing the human-beings most precious heritage-human genes.

Particularly, babies and fetus cannot talk.  In Nuclear Institute for Radiological Studies, the Japans leading radiological institutes symposium resume, it says that a fetus is less likely to develop child cancer under the same dose, and the reason is that an embryo or fetus sometimes gets lost due to a miscarriage.  Isnt this a murder to a voiceless life? 

In fact, since the onset of nuclear age, the rate of Japanese infertile couples seems to be increasing.

The US dropped two A-bombs on Japanese civilians killing 200, 000 people on the spot and still hundreds of thousands people have been suffering for late radiation effects.  The US also dropped depleted uranium weapons, obviously radiological weapons, in Iraq and Afghanistan, causing increase of child leukemia and genetic damages among local residents.

In addition, all the five Securities Council states conducted nuclear testing conducted nuclear tests, giving tremendous suffers to local residents and even raised the radiation level of the entire globe, leaving irreversible damages to all the living beings and the environment.  

In the first place, it is not logical that pro-nuclear IAEA directly under UN Securities Council consisted of five nuclear states has tremendous rights over the control of nuclear accident and its consecutive health hazards.  

Moreover, IAEA, which brought tremendous damages to Chernobyl victims, is now working in Fukushima, underestimating the damages and keeping the local residents including pregnant women and children under contaminated areas 4 times worse than Chernobyl to collect human experiments data.  

This is solely an unforgivable situation and immediate justice needs to be brought through an international organization such as International Criminal Court.  Radiation effects go beyond generations-we know from our experiences. 

Those who committed radiation crimes today and in the past need to be punished.   There should not be statutes of limitation since unfortunately, the radiation hazards continues and will be beyond generation. 

Accordingly, I call upon the United Nations to pursue the truth based upon humanitarian spirits not upon interests of nuclear states and to bring justice to those who committed crimes. 

In order to do that, the power of UN departments that tackles with humanitarian affairs should be reinforced and as for radiation exposure issue, there should be an independent surveys conducted by the 3rd party scientific organizations free from the control of UNSCEAR, IAEA, etc. 

Regretfully, we cannot expect much from scientists who are affiliated with national governments promoting nuclear including Japan.  The situation is pressing.  I would like to make the 5 proposals in the following chapter XIV.

IV) 5 Requests to the United Nations

In Japan under Hiroshima and Nagasaki A-bomb attacks and their radiation effects afterwards, hundreds of thousands of people were killed or have been suffering from various kinds of sickness. Radiation exposed people (Hibakusya) were almost used as human guinea pigs to provide data for nuclear armament strategy and also for Peaceful Use of Atom, while their genetic effects and internal exposure risks were concealed for the prosperity of nuclear industry.

When the Bikini nuclear test attacked Japanese fishermen, under the policy of A poison neutralize another poison, between the US and Japanese governments, nuclear power was hastily introduced by a former Prime Minister Mr. Yasuhiro Nakasone, former president of 2 big media companies Mr. Matsutaro Shoriki, former president of Tokyo University Mr. Seiji Kaya and so on, in spite of the concerned voices of earthquakes and radiation exposure.

And now, after Fukushima accident, again, Japanese citizens, even pregnant women and children, are being used as guinea pigs under radiation exposure. Here, I would like to make an urgent appeal as a journalist and a mother of an infant.

On November 26, 2011, UN Human Rights Council Special Rapporteur Mr. Anand Grover kindly investigated and reported the facts about the contaminated area from humanitarian aspect.

Many Japanese citizens are grateful of Mr. Grovers courageous and righteous action. We never want to see repeated nuclear accident tragedy such as Chernobyl where less than 20% of children are healthy in contaminated area. It is our urgent task to help children suffering from radiation exposure and to prevent such hazard.

My appeal should not be limited to Fukushima, since our world has more than 400 nuclear reactors and some of them are already aging and nuclear wastes have been piled up in many countries. Health Issues are common to all the people on this planet regardless of pro or anti nuclear.

On February 12, 2013, North Korea conducted nuclear testing, which shocked the world.  But as a Japanese national, I want the world know about the truth on radiation exposure and its criminality since the onset of nuclear age in 1945.  Countless people and their off springs are still suffering and the level of environmental radiation has been raised no matter where we go on this planet.  

Without looking at this truth, we cannot solve the matter at all.  It is quite illogical that nuclear states in the Securities Council which conducted nuclear tests or actually used nuclear weapons including depleted weapons in recent years are trying to judge the deeds of North Korea without having being judged.

I, truly believe that instead of Securities Council, non-nuclear states should come up with solution and bring justice.  Criminals are not supposed to judge other criminals.  Thus, solutions without any influence of Securities Council or IAEA should bring be achieved. The United Nations decision after Fukushima accident may alter the destiny of entire human civilization and the environment in the future.

Therefore, in order to prevent further radiation exposure health hazards of not only Fukushima residents but also the citizens of the world, I call upon the United Nations for the followings.

1.     (Urgent Need for Residents Relocation)To relocate residents, especially households with minors in contaminated areas to non-contaminated areas. By letting the residents continuously living in contaminated areas, their health damages has been aggravated. In fact, already various health hazards such as thyroid anomalies, acute leukemia, heart failures, type I diabetes among both children and adults, have been known. Besides radiation exposure on these residents, through agricultural/fishery/forestry and other production activities, contaminated materials/foods are being distributed nationwide and even overseas.

Currently, large amount of budget is allocated for extension of hospitals in Fukushima to expect some economical return by Ministry of Economy in Japan, which is just insane. Those who are suffering from ailment and handicaps should be able to get medical treatment in uncontaminated areas. 

After Fukushima accident, contaminated area includes even 30 million population Tokyo Metropolitan area, and as I said in the beginning, some people have already shown serious symptoms. Our country does not have enough land to relocate all these people. In addition, there may be further hazards in Japan which has 54 nuclear power plants nationwide on actively seismic land. Accordingly, with the priority of children and reproductive generation, I would like to ask UN to take an initiative of enabling Japanese relocation to overseas.

2. (Immediate Suspension of Dispersion of Radioactive Materials into the Environment)The incineration of contaminated debris should be stopped immediately. Raised air dose and various health damages among children have been already observed even in southern Japan, Kyushu by radioactive materials released into the atmosphere by the incineration. Contaminated materials should be gathered and stored in contaminated areas, where habitation is no longer possible.

In this regard, decontamination work is also spreading the radioactive materials in the environment while further exposing residents and workers to radioactive materials.   It is not wise to use the Fukushima restoration budget for decontamination and incineration of debris, causing further radiation exposure to the residents and decontamination workers. Regretfully in Japan the same stakeholders of nuclear construction are working on decontamination obtaining profits. We would like to have the common standard not to spread radioactive materials while evacuating people to prevent further radiation exposure.

3. (Prevention of Further Accident) Unless we prevent a Second Fukushima accident, nuclear catastrophe would devastate not only Japan but surrounding nations. In order to avert this catastrophe, operating Ohi nuclear reactor in Fukui prefecture should be shut down immediately, and an international expert team should be established immediately for controlling Fukushima and other nuclear facilities so that spent fuels shall be safe in upcoming major earthquakes.

While the aging of the reactors is progressing, this kind of accident could occur anywhere in the world. There are even some scientists who claim that the cause of the Chernobyl accident was a local minor earthquake, of which theory has not been seriously considered.

Introduction of nuclear reactor came before the establishment of Plate Tectonics Theory, the foundation of todays seismology. This issue needs to be addressed immediately among all the nuclear power states and for this purpose, the United Nations is required to take the initiative to secure the safety of the world nuclear power plants with the cooperation of international scholars from the field of seismology, geology, nuclear technology, earthquake resistance civil engineering, piping engineering, etc.

4.(Social Responsibilities of Nuclear Corporations)  The generation of nuclear energy apparently is in conflict with corporate ethics and social responsibilities. Not only is there a massive release of radiation at the time of accidents, but also the release of radiation under normal operating conditions damages the environment and peoples health.

There are so many issues surrounding this industry for which its legitimacy should be questioned, such as issues of the disposal of nuclear waste, and workers exposed to radiation.

If the manufacturing of asbestos can be banned, then the mining of uranium, the manufacture of nuclear fuel, the operation of nuclear reactors and the reprocessing of spent fuel should be banned all the more strictly.

Needless to say, nuclear weapons and radiological weapons such as depleted uranium weapon should be banned totally along with the fabrication process facilities.

Nuclear corporations should change their central role from that of further promoting nuclear energy to the elimination and control of radioactive contamination and nuclear waste.

In addition, health damages inflicted upon on nuclear workers and residents as results of nuclear accident and environmental contamination, the nuclear corporations should not downplay the damages and provide appropriate compensations as responsible party. In this regard, I would like the United Nations to have the right to conduct surveillance on nuclear corporations to make them abide by the corporate ethics and responsibility.

5. (Pursuit of Criminals at the International Criminal Court )  It is quite illogical that the A-bomb attacks and nuclear tests conducted worldwide and catastrophic nuclear accidents, which harmed tremendous number of lives and the global environment have never been blamed for their criminality.

It is also a grave issue that the effects by radiological weapon such as depleted uranium weapons has been ignored. This is attributable to the belittlement of the radiation effects on human beings and environment.

Japan, though it is the world first A-bomb attacked country, the damages caused by internal radiation on A-bomb victims, nuclear testing victims, nuclear workers and now victims after Fukushima accident have been concealed by the Japanese government.

Concealment of health damages is a slow paced homicide by the establishment including nuclear corporations, bureaucrats, and academics, politicians and media, and overseeing this means the further generation of radiation exposed victims.

Even after Fukushima accident that has not been resolved, Japanese government has been trying to export nuclear reactors to Asia and Africa, concealing the real effects of nuclear accident. When we look at the massive destruction of human health and environment, this can be equivalent to a wartime crime. It could be even more when it hampers future generations as well.

Accordingly, please refer the following people to the International Criminal Court.

A) Those who contributed to A-bomb attacks, nuclear testing, depleted uranium attacks, etc which caused radiological damages on living matters and the environment.

As for Japan, in spite of the local residents concern and resistance, those who are responsible for the import of the first nuclear power plant to Japan and those who have tremendously contributed to the promotion of nuclear power in Japan, the world most earthquake prone country. (ex: politicians, scientists, media, bureaucrats

B) Scientists and doctors who have been denying the health hazards of internal radiation on A-bomb victims, nuclear testing victims, nuclear workers and currently, residents who complain various health problems in Fukushima and other radiation contaminated areas. Also please do not exclude Japanese former Unit 731 doctors who became immune from their crimes.

Before the next nuclear accident takes place, it should be necessary to refer all the perpetrating countries of nuclear weapons and nuclear testing, and international nuclear power corporations for their negligence to the International Criminal Court.

As a Japanese citizen of which states has been inflicting tremendous sufferings to the Asian citizens, I hope the justice will be brought to the Japanese war criminals who were not punished as soon as possible.

Currently, Japanese nuclear power promoters are even using reconstruction budget for exporting nuclear power to African and Asian nation. I heard Taiwanese anti-nuclear activists saying, Japanese export of nuclear power to Taiwan is the 2nd aggression by Japan after the World War II.

As mentioned before, doctors who have been connected to the war-time criminals are involved in studying radiation effects not only foreign nationals, but also on their own people including pregnant women and children. In order to stop such criminal deeds, those who are involved in any human experiments need to be brought to justice.

In order to prevent further aggravation of the current Fukushima situation and to prevent any further tragedy anywhere in the world, I hope the Fukushima accident would give a chance for all of us.

For this purpose, it is my sincere hope that the United Nations along with International Criminal Court will start tackling the above issues at the earliest possible stage.

Epilogue: Please Help Kids in Japan!

I came to know the issue of nuclear power for the first time in the summer of 1999. A US scientist talked about the possibility of station blackout of nuclear power plant in relation with Y2K. Until I heard her lecture, I have never heard of any danger of nuclear power plant in my life and was greatly shocked. Even after the Chernobyl, Japanese media was telling us that accident is totally irrelevant to Japan since the type of nuclear reactor was different, and I simply believed it.

What shocked me most was the large number of late death compared to the small number of immediate death. "I didn't know there is such a horror in this society..." While I was translating the nuclear station-blackout scenario, I just couldn't stop crying.

 I was very quick to get down to the action once I got to know its danger. I went to Prime Minister’s Residence with a person I got to know, and talked to the Cabinet Secretary Crisis Management Officer with the information I translated. The Officer scolded both me and the man who introduced me to him, yelling, Japanese nuclear power is absolutely safe. Do not bring a weird person in this office!

Since I found that there was nothing to be done by the government of Japan, I went to Europe and visited energy expert in European Green Party at European parliament with some materials. Amazingly, he welcomed my visit for that information, and came up with a resolution draft only in 2 days! As he recommended, I visited conservative parties in the Parliament with the draft, and was able to obtain their support. 2 months later, I heard the resolution was passed unanimously in the Parliament. At that time, I was truly impressed by the European politicians who listened to me for what I was saying not for who I was.

Meanwhile, only 2 months after I was kicked out by the Chief Cabinet Crisis Management Officer, the first nuclear accident with (official) death toll took place in Japan. In September 1999, there was a criticality accident at JCO, nuclear fuel fabrication factory leaving 2 workers killed and more than 600 people exposed to neutron rays. However, the health damages claimed by residents were totally denied including Mr. and Mrs. Oizumi who was only 120m from the accident site.

Blood test showed that DNA was damaged in 6 residents samples but amazingly, Ibaraki prefecture concealed it at that time. (Now Fukushima prefecture is concealing the results of blood tests of Fukushima children.)

Quite pitifully, it is a common practice for the government and municipalities to conceal the inconvenient health related data on nuclear exposure. I came to realize that after communicating with some former nuclear plant workers. The nuclear power plant workers deteriorated health conditions had always been denied by the government side under collaboration with doctors.

Since year 2000 onward, I was doing activities for nuclear and earthquake issue because I thought it was probable that station black out could be caused by earthquake in such a seismic country like Japan. Between 2001 and 2002, I was working as a translator for an anti-nuclear NPO and in the meantime, Hamaoka nuclear power plant had two serious accidents in a row.

Hamaoka nuclear power plant is located on the plate boundary and M8 class earthquake could occur at any time, so I really wanted to prevent a earthquake caused nuclear disaster by any means before it actually takes place.

However, there may invisible restrictions on even citizen organization. That organization, which has been receiving budgetary money from some US foundations, did not tackle nuclear and earthquake issues in those days.

After the nuclear accident, a number of citizens' groups were established, but not many of them call for "Need for childrens evacuation"and "Opposition to incinerating the contaminated debris."

A former Tokyo Electric Power Company worker said, "there was an agent in anti-nuke citizens groups and fax came the day before their action."  In this way, outstanding citizens group have been filtrated by electric companies.  (Therefore I strongly believe it is important to make actions not relying too much on citizens organizations.)

 In 2002, I visited IAEA alone to directly make a plea on Japanese nuclear and earthquake issue. However, when I told a person (a Japanese female) from Department of Nuclear Safety Engineering Safety Section regarding the danger of nuclear plant due to obsolete seismic resistant desing at the time of construction and some possibilities of pipe rupture to be caused by earthquake, she kept saying, No matter how damaged, nuclear power plant will not release any radiation outside. Listening to her illogical layman’s excuse, I could not believe she was from Nuclear Safety Department.

I also talked with Mr. Tomihiro Taniguchi, who later received the Nobel Prize as the Deputy Director General of Nuclear Safety Department. After listening to my talk and glancing the materials I brought, he interestingly asked me the following question without commenting on my plea.

Can you make your living by doing these kinds of things?

 (To be honest, I think I spent millions of yen for anti-nuke activities, but I didnt think I was doing anything special, since this is an issue of life itself not a matter of money. I had been always wondering why so little people had been doing anti-nuclear activities. Even now so. I wish more people who are better off than a single mother like me will make more actions to protect lives.)

After that, I personally talked with a person from Nuclear Safeguards Department, who was my acquaintance’s acquaintance. He frankly told me the following, Ms. Takenouchi, to be honest, this issue is too big to tackle with. Unless everybody in Japan calls for anti-nuclear power, nuclear power plants will not be stopped. If an accident takes place and 5 million people were killed, there would be nothing we could do. I am frankly amazed to see most Japanese living normally without being feared. My family? Well, all my family members are living here in Vienna with me.

Now the accident did happen and I am deeply sad. What made me astounded was that the government of Japan concealed the emitted radiation after the accident. Specifically, the SPEEDI data was secretly passed onto the US military on the night of 14th while it was concealed from the people. Also, the real time rising radiation data was not announced to the public including Tokyo in the early morning of 15th thought the US military advised Japanese government. So the people were not asked to stay inside and lots of people were outside including me.

Mr. Yukio Edano, the then Chief Cabinet Secretary repeated only,There will be no immediate health hazards. He did not give any warning during 15th when the radioactive cloud was thickest in Tokyo, leaving tens of millions of people exposed to radiation.

I myself and my son got exposed to radiation listening to his statements. I knew his information was too optimistic and wanted to give true warning to people in Fukushima (my late grandparents are from Fukushima) and northern Japan area while I was in Tokyo.

On the 13th, I answered the interview of French Channel 2 TV reporter in the anti-nuclear NGO saying that the Japanese government was concealing the information. On the 14th, I wanted to give information to Foreign Correspondents Club in Japan along with a Hiroshima radiation exposed Dr. Shuntaro Hida regarding the danger of internal radiation so that foreign media would give warning to Japanese people since no Japanese media was doing it.

(After all, it wasnt realized since Dr. Hida was concerned that it would be disturbing for rescue works conducted for Tsunami victims.)

It really didnt cross my mind that the government would conceal the real time radiation data. Then we got exposed and we had some symptoms and thyroid nodules I wrote in the beginning.

However, I recently heard of an unbelievable information. Amazingly, the then Chief Cabinet Yukio Edano made his wife and children fly to Singapore right after the accident! If this is true, Mr. Edano was doing some criminal action. I sincerely want the truth to be sought.

I think the most important issue on this nuclear accident is the already emerging health damages that would become really serious in the future. In order to appeal this point, I organized a press conference called, No More Hibakusha, No More Nuclear Power in Foreign Correspondents Club in Tokyo on November 2011, there has been almost no report though there were 40 or 50 journalists at the site. However, there was not a single report on this!

I believe this absence of major report on health damages emerging in Japan is the issue of paramount concern in the aftermath of Fukushima nuclear accident. Below are the speakers in order of the presentation. In order to know the real consequences of radiation exposed people, I hope you would see this 1 hour youtube video.

The following are the speakers in order;

Mari Takenouchi (Coordinator/interpreter, low level radiation hibakusya)

Dr. Shuntaro Hida (physician & Hiroshima A bomb hibakusha),

Matashichi Oishi, Hibakusha (former Lucky Dragon crew),

Sachiko Sato (representative, Fukushima Network for Saving Children),

Ryusuke Umeda (former power plant worker)

Lastly, the current Prime Minister Abe is not only pro-nuclear power but also pro-nuclear weapon. In 2002, at a lecture made in Waseda University, he stated, If an enemy gets ready for an attack, we should recognize it as an attack. An inter-continental ballistic missile is not unconstitutional. If it is a small sized one, it wouldnt be a problem to possess a nuclear weapon.

The Vice Prime Minister Taro Aso is also pro-nuclear weapon and said, Possessing a nuclear weapon should be one of our option, when he was a Foreign Minister.

Prime Minister Abes grandfather, former Prime Minister Nobusuke Kishi, was a A-class war criminal who was the Trade and Technology Minister during the WWII, but through negotiations with CIA, he became the Prime Minister after the war. As early as 1957, he already mentioned, For self-defense purpose, Japan could be nuclear armed. During Mr. Kishis regime, Japans first nuclear reactor was introduced from UK. The First one was Calder Hall type reactor, which could be easily used for manufacturing nuclear weapon.

Prior to the introduction of a nuclear power plant to Japan, in 1961, Science and Technology Agency estimated the damage to be caused by a catastrophic accident. The estimate was grave. A total of 17.6 million would have to be temporarily evacuated. Forty percent of the land would have to be restricted from agricultural use at least for one year.

The estimated total amount of damage in the report was more than double the national budget in those days. Yet, this amount was greatly underestimated. It assumed that just 850,000 yen (US$8,500) would be paid for each death, and consideration was only given to acute patients. All later health hazards, such as cancer and leukemia, were ignored.

Without any attack from overseas, Japan has as many as 54 nuclear power plants on such a seismically active land. There is no space for negotiation with earthquakes. How foolish! Moreover, even after the Fukushima accident, the current regime is promoting nuclear energy, furthermore eyeing on restart of Monju and Rokkasho reprocessing plant, which shows their intention to continue nuclearization. I feel a strong resentment on foolish aspiration of Japanese politicians.

Particularly, owing to these small number of idiot politicians, our beautiful land is being harmed permanently and our most precious treasure, children and future generations DNAs are being damaged at this moment. I cannot stand this anymore.

Without supports from conscience citizens and international organizations, Japanese children would be slaughtered for many years to come by this foolish policy.

Please help Japanese children. This is my cri de Coeur as a mother.

Mari Takenouchi, Journalist, A mother of three year old son

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