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井戸川氏が「殺す」と脅迫されたが、福島県警は動くのだろうかIdogawa (calling for evacuation) under death threat, "I will kill you"


I heard the Oct 26 Fukushima governor ended with landslide victory on Mr. Uchibori, the vice governor of Fukushima who calls for reconstruction and return of Fukushima residents.


We should never forget that not only ruling party, but also Social Democratic Party of Japan has supported Mr. Uchibori who called for early return of Fukushima residents ignoring the health hazards of Fukushima children.


Mizuho Fukushima, the former leader of Social Democratic Party of Japan resigned over Henoko US base issue, but she admitted the export of nuclear power to Vietnam prior to that.  Nuclear power issue is more taboo compared to the US base issue.

I just found unbelievable twitter by a person called Yohei Suzuki. I think this tweet is like a criminal level.

twitter.com/follow_yohei/status/525291164585299969 …


鈴木洋平‏@follow_yohei 11 時間前
(拡散希望)福島県双葉前町長の井戸川勝隆に、福島県民の皆さん今度の知事選で投票しないでください。0票にしましょう。現実を見させるのです。福島県内に来ないで、知事になろうというのは生意気です。奴を殺す #

@follow_yohei "Please share.  Don't vote Mr. Katsutaka Idogawa, the former Futaba town Mayor/  Let's make the count of his vote, "zero" so that he will see the reality.  It is arrogant that he is trying to become a governor though he does not come to Fukushima (Note: Mr. Idogawa does stay in Fukushima for his campaign now.)  I WILL KILL HIM. ## Please follow me."

The other day, a man who made a threatening call, "I will place a bomg in your school," where a former reporter who wrote a controversial article on comfort women, was arrested.


Then, Yohei Suzuki saying, "I will kill you (Mr. Idogawa)" in the above should be arrested, I think.


As a matter of fact, I heard from a person on Facebook that this issue was reported to the Fukushima police and the person in charge was decided.  However, no media is reporting any move.



* As a matter of fact, I myself (who has been calling for evacution of Fukushima children)  have been a target of criminal level of harassement on tweets, "I will kill you.""Die""Watch out for fire""I will sue you""I am disseminating your whereabout of your apartment"
However, strangely police or Human Rights Protection Bureau made no countermeasures so far.

(As for the harassers, I put the list of the accounts at the end of the following page. http://koukaishitsumon.blogspot.jp/2014/04/blog-post.html


I am also calling for evacuation of kids and pregnant women from Fukushima.
Please sign the 6 language petition "Evacuate pregnant women and kids!" below.


English http://www.change.org/en-GB/petitions/to-government-of-japan-and-citizens-of-the-world-please-evacuate-fukushima-kids-and-pregnant-women?lang=en-GB&utm_content=buffer11073


The 2014 No Nukes Asia Forum Joint Statement 2014年ノーニュークスアジアフォーラムの素晴らしい共同声明 と残念だった出来事

12月6日、更新!Updated on Dec 6


Amazingly, the secretary general of Class Action Against the Nuclear Reactor Builders was forced to resign and in stead, Mr. Hiroyuki Kawai, a lawyer and a board member of Citizens Nuclear Information Center became the co-director!


Mr. Kawai is a lawyer who telephoned me (Takenouchi) saying, "Please do not tell the inside issues of Citizens Nuclear Information Center.  If you disclose your information, CNIC will no longer be able to exist.  They will give you 200000 yen."  I told Mr. Kawai, "I cannot accept the money since I want to tell the truth." 


新たな事実が判明しました!なんと、原発メーカー訴訟の会の代表で、下記にもある、Choi Seungkoo(チェ・スング)さんの車の窓ガラスが、10月14日早朝に何者かによって、割られていたと言うのです!

Breaking News! In the dawn of October 14, someone broke the windshield of the car owned by Mr. Choi Seungkoo who is the secretary general of Class Action Against the Nuclear Reactor Builders.


Mr. Choi's Class Action against nuclear corporations such as Toshiba, Hitachi, GE is very important and could pose a threat on nuclear promotor sides.  He believes the misconduct could be done by nuclear promotors and said to me on Facebook, "Let us be careful each other."


I do quite understand his caution.  Because there was an incident where my then 2 year old son was picked up by a strange man right after I raised my opposing voice against ETHOS.

Most of all, in Japan, there was a homicide by Japanese nuclear lobby with evidence of medical record (Monju Nishimura Incident: http://takenouchimari.blogspot.jp/2013/04/blog-post_1741.html)


Also, the other day, a Japanese TV director Mr. Masaki Iwaji, the only mass media person who made a program of Fukushima children's cancer, committed a mysterious suicide, leaving many people thought that he could have actually killed by nuclear lobby. http://enenews.com/very-frightening-journalist-very-popular-japan-news-program-found-dead-only-person-reporting-fukushima-issues-national-tv-chilling-recent-quote-happens-will-never-commit-suicide-video




At the same time, it is a grave fact that there have been many attacks to those who are active in anti-nuclear citizens' groups, and I myself have experienced harrassement by anti-nuke people many many times. 

When I took a look at Mr. Choi's blog, he was being attacked and asked for resignation in the Class Action Against the Nucler Reactor Builders.http://maker-sosho.main.jp/news/1617/

In addition, the following mysterious attacks are being made in the No Nukes Asia Forum 2014 in Taipei, which I attended.



At the end of September 2014, I attended No Nukes Asia Forum in Taipei.
I got to know the nuclear power situation in Asia, where promotion is fierecely underway.



In Taiwan, there are No1. NPP and No.2 NPP within 30km of Taipei with 6 million population.  The faults lines are only 7~8km apart from both and inland volcano and undersea volcano are close. 
It is great that Taiwanese people are vigourously focusing on preventing the start of No. 4 reactor, but I stressed the need to stop the currently operating reactors No1 and No2, which are most dangerous with spent control rods which could be hit by a big earthquake at any time.


I also asked to include the criminality of the UN, the promotor of nuclear power,  which has been ignoring the health hazards though many children developed thyroid cancer including metastasis to their lymph nodes and lungs.  This portition was also included in the Joint Statement.


As for the criminality of the UN, Taipei Times cited my word, which made me quite happy. http://takenouchimari.blogspot.jp/2014/10/taipei-times-covered-nnaf-story.html (I think it was the first time that a main stream media pointed out the criminality of the UN. Correct me if I am wrong...)



However, there was one sad thing...A document which criticizes Mr. Choi Seungkoo (Secretary General of Class Action Against the Nuclear Reactor Builders) is being disseminated by Mr. Daisuke Sato (Secretary General of No Nukes Asia Forum).  For some unknown reason, my name was even cited...Please look at the bottom of this page.


I believe it is quite an important action to sue nuclear manufacturers which make profit and do not take responsibilities after any accident, but that porpotion was deleted after the press conference.




Mr. Sato's action is quite contradictive and sad to observe.  Mr. Sato offered his apology as a Japanese national not to be able to block the export of Japanese nuclear companies, and at the same time, he deleted the wording of "the lawsuit against nuclear manufacturers" in the Joint Statement right after the press conference.



Saito also apologized in his capacity as a Japanese national on behalf of Japanese companies Hitachi Ltd and Toshiba Corp for exporting nuclear reactor modules to Taiwan that were used in the construction of the Fourth Nuclear Power Plant in New Taipei City’s Gongliao District (貢寮).




According to Mr. Daisuke Sato, there was some sexual harrassement incident, of which content sounded irrelevant to Mr. Choi's effort against nuclear manufacturers.

Most of all,  Mr. Choi was not the perpetrator himself, but the sexual harassement part was mixed into the document which tried to accuse Mr. Choi.  I thought this sounded "off the point" and could lead to some misunderstanding and could damage Mr. Choi's personal reputation in a wrong manner. 

(Strangely, the sexual perpetrator's name (Turkish male) was even not mentioned.)


It is sad to witness a situaion where an important activity is being obstructed by Mr. Daisuke Sato, Secretary General of NNAF.


Mari Takenouchi, freelance journalist

The 2014 No Nukes Asia Forum Joint Statement
September 26 ~29, 2014
Taipei, Taiwan

“Our world is faced with a crisis that has never before been envisaged in its whole existence… The unleashed power of the atom has changed everything save our modes of thinking, and thus we drift towards unparalleled catastrophe.” Albert Einstein, Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, May, 1946


The unparalleled catastrophe predicted by Albert Einstein fell upon Fukushima in 2011, in the form of the worst nuclear accident in Asia, where situation is worsening by every passing day. TEPCO, the operator has literally no way to fix the crippled reactors. The Advanced Liquid Processing System failed to “purify” radioactive components, and desperate measures like ice walls have failed to function.


As a result, tons of contaminated water is directly discharging into the Pacific Ocean. Dangerous levels of radiation have been routinely detected in meat, fish, vegetables, fruits, soil, sea water, and from human blood and urine. As this endless horror of the NPP accident continues to shock the world, the agony and sorrow of the victims who have been exposed to radiation are equally disturbing.

Sharing our collective anguish at this worsening situation, we came together to highlight the nuclear threat that people in Asia continue to face.


Preventing Asia to become the hunting ground of the nuclear industry`s primitive profit machine, we make the following country-specific demands:


Taiwan 台湾:

We urge the Taiwanese government to stop operating NPP 1 to 3 immediately and to abolish NPP 4 permanently. We oppose the so-called interim spent fuel dry storage facilities at NPP 1 and 2, since they are likely to become permanent high level nuclear waste dump sites.


Nuclear-free homeland, the consensus reached by all major parties in 2001 and being a goal regulated by the Basic Environment Act in 2002, should be implemented without further delay. Effective measures should be adopted to reduce energy consumption, to increase energy efficiency, and to promote
renewable energy development.


We demand that policies regarding nuclear energy should be decided by the people through democratic means. Therefore, the referendum on NPP 4 proposed through the petition of people should not be denied.


Japan 日本:

Firstly, the Japanese government should abandon the restarting plans of all NPPs including Sendai NPP in Kyushu, located in the earthquake-prone archipelago.


Secondly, it has to admit the grave risk facing the children in Fukushima, where more than 100 children, 300 times higher than normal rate, had been diagnosed as thyroid cancer, and some even have metastasis in their lymph nodes or lungs.


Japanese government should immediately stop “Ethos”, a project that encourage people to live in contaminated areas in Fukushima, and admit their right to relocate and give them necessary financial support.


Workers at the NPP should be protected and given appropriate compensation too. At the same time, we hope that every country generously provide those children in contaminated areas a clean environment for their recovering.


South Korea 韓国:

South Korea has the largest density of NPPs as per population and space. It has one of the most accident-prone NPPs due to poor management and operation, and the administration of NPPs in South Korea has exposed its inadequate safety measures and rampant corruption.


Therefore, we demand the immediate shutdown of the outdated NPP's in Kori and Wolsong; we demand that all the 23 NPP facilities should be phased out; we demand that no additional nuclear power plants should be installed; furthermore, we demand that S. Korean government should not be involved in brokering the NPP international trade.


We support the aspirations of the Korean people of conscience for the nuclear-free nation on Korean peninsula.


Mongolia モンゴル:

We call for every country, especially Japan, Korea and Taiwan governments, not to import nuclear fuel material from Mongolia. There are many nomadic people in Mongolia whose lives and livestock are suffering from Uranium extraction. At the
same time, we request every nuclear-industrial countries not to export any nuclear-related waste to Mongolia and any other country in the world.


India インド:

The Indian government is undertaking a massive expansion of nuclear energy program, in complete denial of Fukushima. It is importing large number of reactors from the US, France, Russia etc. as part of the bargain that it did to end its isolation after nuclear tests and enter the nuclear weapon states club.


To implement its commitment to international nuclear vendors, India has diluted its nuclear safety, environmental and liability norms and is resorting to brutal violence on the local communities resisting these projects.


India, along with other Asian countries, must oppose the Convention on Supplementary Compensation (CSC) which shifts the burden of liability from the manufactures / suppliers to the tax payers.


We demand an immediate stop on this nuclear misadventure and violation of the human rights of anti-nuclear activists in India.


The Philippines フィリピン:

There is an energy crisis in the country made evident by the rotating blackouts and the El Nino phenomenon. The privatization of power plants has become atrend.


The President expressed interest on nuclear energy but little interest in the renewable energy even if the Renewable Energy Law has been passed few years ago. One Congressman is pushing anew to rehabilitate the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant in Morong, Bataan which was constructed some 30 years ago and was built with people’s money amounting to US$ 2.3 billion but never operated.


The Department of Energy has plans for 13 new prospective sites for nuclear power plants all over the country. But all these are facing strong opposition from the Catholic Church and the Filipino people.


Turkey トルコ:

The Turkey government wants to build NPPs, and comes up with untenable justifications citing energy deficit. Turkey ımports 72% of its total energy needs. Therefore it is planning 3NPPs – the first in Mersin (Akkuyu), then Sinop and İğneada. But only 4800MW power cannot solve72% energy deficit.


The anti-nuclear groups assert that Turkey must get its energy from renewable sources. The solar energy potential is very hıgh in Turkey. We are opposed to nuclear energy in Turkey and in the entire world.


Hong Kong 香港:

We demand immediate closing down of the seven operating nuclear reactors at Daya Bay, Ling Ao and Yangjiang, and the cancelation of the forthcoming over 200 nuclear reactors plans in China. We demand zero nuclear power and weapon on the planet earth.

我々はDaya Bay、Ling Ao、Yangjiangにある稼働中の原発の即時停止と、中国における200基もの原発建設計画の廃止を求める。我々は地球において原発も核兵器もゼロであるべきと考える。

We strongly condemn the Japanese government's suggestion of raising the human radiation dose legal standard to 20 millisievert per year. We also demand that the ICRP and IAEA to review the 1 millisievert per year safety level discourse, to specifically and additionally consider the enormous health risks of children and pregnant women under radiation and to enhance our awareness of the harm of low-dose radiation.


We suggest human societies to rethink what is meant by development and the necessity of it. Development may never mean good life when it becomes one of the best rhetorical tools of exploitation by corporations and governments.


As mentioned above, we strongly oppose nuclear power, which produces radioactive wastes and can lead to a catastrophic accident, threatening the survival of environment and human-beings. Some of the nuclear power projects came from the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty which has been notorious for its dichotomy of promoting nuclear power in return for not making nuclear weapons. We strongly condemn this NPT system.


We strongly demand all countries to give up nuclear power plants as they can be used to make nuclear weapons. NPP and nuclear weapons cannot be separated, and we reject all wars and aggressions.


We also urge the UN to admit the tremendous adverse effects of radiation on the environment, population and coming generations, and to promote the worldwide nuclear phase-out.


It is time to abolish uncontrollable nuclear technology and think about alternative energy like wind power, solar power, biomass, etc. We want better regulations for these technologies as well.


No one can escape form the risk posed by nuclear power. The lessons of Fukushima, Three Miles Island, and Chernobyl accidents must be learnt. We must strive together to create a nuclear-free country, a nuclear-free Asian and a nuclear-free world.


All Participants of 2014 No Nukes Asia Forum
September 26-29, 2014, Taipei, Taiwan




The letter of complaint circulated by Mr. Daisuke Sato, Secretary General of No Nukes Asia Forum, Japan Office

Re: 16th No Nukes Asia Forum in Taiwan

2014.10.4 ノーニュークス・アジアフォーラム・ジャパン事務局・佐藤大介

By Daisuke Sato, Secretary General of NNAF


As for the Joint Statement of the 16th NNAF, most opinions submitted in the afternoon of 27th was request to add some description regarding the each country's report.

しかし28日朝突然チェ・スング さんと山本さんが、原案にあった台湾に関する記述をかなり削減した文案を提示しま した。

However, suddenly on the morning of 28th, Mr. Choi and Ms. Yamamoto submitted a statement which deleted significant portion of the original statement made by the Taiwanese delegates.  

28日午前、声明文修正・追加作業が行なわれましたが、第二・第四原発訪問お よび現地の人々との交流と併行して行なわれたため、時間が限られており、台湾主催者側は、もめたくなく、了解してしまいました。

On the morning of 28th, modification and addition were made to the Statement while the visit to No2 and No4 NPP was underway.  Since the time was limited and Taiwanese delegates did not want to make any troubles, they accepted Mr. Choi and Ms. Yamamoto's proposal.



(Takenouchi's Note: To be honest, the original statement had many English mistakes and some of the contents were not very clear...I thought Mr. Choi and Ms. Yamamoto did a very good job through their efforts.  If any of them in the meeting had any objection against their draft, they should have done so on the spot.

In addition, Ms. Yamamoto and Mr. Choi included the description of "ETHOS (a program in which residents are encouraged to live in contaminated areas)," which has been ignored all the anti-nuclear organizations in Japan.  I was very grateful for them...)


Moreover, Mr. Choi and Ms. Takenouchi requested for addition of few lines on lawsuit against nuclear manufacturers just before the press conference of 29th.  However, their request was deleted in the final version (after the press conference) since there was no consensus.





(Note by Takenouchi: I gave my request on the night of 28th, when Taiwanese delegates asked the participants to submit the final request after viewing the draft made on the daytime of 28th.  I submitted my handwriting request along with Mr. Kumar, the Indian delegate Mr. Kumar upon Taiwanese delegates' request.  Accordingly, the description above by Mr. Daisuke Sato is not correct and could lead to misunderstanding and I want this portion corrected by Mr. Sato. 

In addition, there have been many items included at the same timing for the press conference, and strangely, "only the lawsuit against nuclear manufacturers part was deleted" due to" lack of consensus of everyone".  But other items did not have everybody's consensus neither, and I wonder why only "lawsuit against nuclear manufacture" had been deleted after the press conference while it was not known to many people...

I want to know whoes decision (must be plural members including Mr. Daisuke Sato) it was to delete this nuclear manufacuteres’ lawsuite portion after the press conference.  I believe the consent of deleting nuclear manufacuteres' portion was NOT acquired after the return of almost all the foreign delegates.)


There have never been a single participant who did not respect other people and tried to impose one's own assertion like them until the 16th NNAF. 


Taiwanese delegates are very mellow and they never say, No.  Takeing this as an advantage, Mr. Choi has submitted his requests several times during the past months, which made the Taiwanese tired.  I have been consulted by Taiwanese delegates many times for Mr. Choi's persistance.

Though I told Mr. Choi on the phone, "Let the issue leave to the host nation," he made his requests repeatedly.  For example, he was requesting who should make key note speech, and he should not have forcibly pressed his ideas. 


In January, when I made some talk with the Taiwanese delegates, we agreed that Mr. Choi will recommend one participant from Mongolia and Sato, myself will recommend one participant from Turkey.  However, Mr. Choi called two people from Turkey without consent.  Mr. Choi would insist that he did not invite them without any consent, but he repeatedly sent English mails ordering, "Contact Mr. Tsuchida immediately", which astonished the Taiwanese delegates and resulated in shady selection of delegates from Turkey.

The Turkish delegates and Mr. Tsuchida demanded single rooms though all the delagates shared the rooms, and the Turkish delegate called Taiwanese volunteer female staff to his room and conducted sexual harassement, touching their stomach and thighs.  I will protest against him later.


Mr. Tsuchida and 2 Turkish delegates, whom Mr. Choi had invited, made some troubles including money trouble, which annoyed Taiwanese delegates.  This kind of trouble had never been observed during the 1st to 15th NNAFs.


In the previous NNAFs, we have built up relationships of trust from equal stance respecting each other's opinions and circumstances, and invited delegates after constructing such relationship.


アジア地域には、NNAFだけではなくさまざまな国際ネットワークがあります。 れぞれの目的や方法論に合致するネットワークに、それぞれが取り組めばいいことです。

I heard that Mr. Choi is going to hold No Nukes Asia Action in Mongolia next year.  Mr. Choi can utilize his own  wonderful network and disseminate International Solidarity Movement under the name of No Nukes Asia Action.

In Asia, there are various international networks apart from NNAF and people can tackle with thier issue in accordance with their purpose and methodologies. 


I hope they refrain from participating No Nukes Asia Forum in the future.



Post Script by Takenouchi


I was astounded to see Mr. Daisuke Sato, Secretary General's above document.

佐藤大介氏の理論は、Divide and Conquerの理論のように聞こえてしまいます。

His theory sounds like, Divide and Conquer from the establishement side.


Why does Mr. Sato try to forcibly exclude Mr. Choi who has been making efforts and shrink the movement as a whole?  Does Mr. Sato act in accordance with the norm he suggested?  In other words, does Mr. Sato respect other people's opinion and communicate with the equal stance?


To be honest, quite regretfully, from the observation of this letter or the past experiences, Mr. Daisuke Sato's acts may not be deemed as "fair" or "respecting to others" or "based on cordial relationship of trust" of his words.


I have never disclosed this episode until I found this Mr. Sato's letter, but as a matter of fact, Mr. Sato apologized me with his knees down to the floor in NNAF 2003.


His deeds were very very mysterious.


In 2003 NNAF, I was asked to do volunteer interpreting by Mr. Daisuke Sato (However, airfare was paied by myself, which is even unusual for a NGO) and since there was nobody who could do the simultaneous interpreting besides me, I had to work 8 hours by myself.


Yet, in the lunch break, I visited Taiwan Power Company and explained about the weak points of Boiling Water Reactors based on the chart drawn by Mr. Yoichi Kikuchi, a former GE engineer.


"When earthquake comes, BWR's recirculation pumps, nozzle parts of pipes, and skirt part beneath the reactor itself are vulnerable and..."

Listening to my talk, the Taiwan Power called in their executives and then, they even told me that they would even invite the Executive Yuan Councilor at the NNAF press conference, and they asked me to explain the same thing to the Councilor.



I was so delighted at this good news.  However, on the day of NNAF press conference, Mr. Daisuke Sato tried to exclude me from entering the press conference room!!

Watching this, a Taiwanese delegate (I met him this time, too!) yelled at Mr. Daisuke Sato, "What on earth are you doing?  Thanks to her, the Executive Councilor is coming to our press conference!" and I was able to enter the room despite Mr. Sato's obstruction.



After the conference, Mr. Sato came up to me and apologized with his knees on the floor.  I did not directly scolded him in person, but I could not erase this feeling of distrust toward him.  In the first place, why did he do such a thing to me if he knows that that deserved apologizing with his knees on the floor?  Did he do that in order to ask me to keep silence on his distrustful behavior?


The late Ms. Satomi Oba, an activist from Hiroshima who shared the same room and was a good friend, also observed this incident and said to me, "Mr. Daisuke Sato is really shady.  I thought so even before this NNAF, but this time's participation made me think he was truly shady.  Anti-nuke movement cannot be spread if a person like Mr. Sato is the leader of NNAF in Japan!"


This time, Mr. Sato is disseminating the above mysterious document including incorrect information and criticism against me as well.




Prior to this, half of the NNAF participants including Mr. Choi and Ms. Yamamoto could not join the press conference at the last moment!

According to them, for unknown reason, the visit to Orchid Island with nuclear disposal facility was moved up and they had to fly the day before the press conference.


I have never heard of such misconduct...


Naturally, I heard some words coming from several Japanese participants saying, "We cannot really depend on Mr. Sato.  Ms. Takenouchi, you can speak English, too. Please take care of the Joint Statement final version and tomorrow's press conference and the presentation in front of the Ministry of Economy."


At the press conference, Mr. Sato did make some good comments including the responsibility of Japanese nuclear corporations, but after the press conference, as mentioned in the above, he deleted the wording of "lawsuit against nuclear corporation" from the Joint Statement.


I am sorry to say this but I cannot actually understand the true intention of Mr. Daisuke Sato...


I am quite dubious of his actions...


Through the experience of NNAF 2014, I thought the following things could be considered more in the future for NNAF.

1. NNAF should be more open and should not be controlled by limited members.


2.If some wording of Joint Statement should be deleted (this time, "The Lawsuit against Nuclear Corporations"), consensus should be made among the participants.


3.Unless some wrongdoing (such as sexual harassment) was conducted, nobody should be excluded from NNAF participation.

3. (セクハラなどの)誤った行為がない限りは、NNAFの参加から、誰でも排除されるべきではないと考えます。

4.The information exchange of each nation was very valuable.  However, there could be some Action Plan in the future.  (If unanimous consensus cannot be made, it should be OK to disseminate such actions from participatns and those who have will can do it.)

4. 各国の情報交換は非常に有意義でした。ただ、アクションプランのようなものがあってもよいと思いました。 (NNAFで満場一致しなくも、少なくとも提案されたアクションについては情報提供され、やりたい人だけでも実行すればよいと思います)

5.The situation of Asian nuclear power promotion is very grave and worrysome.  Those who have will, especially the radiation victims, local residents of nuclear facilities, young people should be welcomed to take more parts to sprad this movement.

5.  アジアの原子力の状況は非常に深刻です。放射能の被害者、原発地域住民、若者など、志を持った人々がどんどん参加して、この運動を広げて行ければと思います。

竹野内真理台湾経産省前での話 Talk in front of Taiwanese Ministry of Economy!