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Even US student who visited Tohoku had vomitting and nose-bleeding! 東北に数日滞在した米国学生さえも嘔吐と鼻血!

Dear all, please do read the following article. A US student who stayed in Tohoku only several days even developed symptom of radiation exposure such as vomitting and nose bleeding.


Pregnant women and children have been living in these contaminated areas in Japan.  Please help Japanese kids and future generations!




Japan Timesからの転載

http://www.japantimes.co.jp/community/2013/08/12/voices/radiation-fears-forced-me-to-postpone-japan-visit-by-u-s-students/#.UjQOAtGCjIW より

Dear Minister of Education Hakubun Shimomura,

I use the words “in principle” because in April of this year I was forced to make one of the most difficult decisions of my teaching career at the tertiary level: I was forced to recommend to the university authorities where I was employed that they postpone their planned Study Abroad Program in Japan scheduled for the fall of 2013.


While I deeply regretted this recommendation, I honestly felt that in good conscience I had no choice. That is to say, in March 2013 I attended a two-day Fukushima-related medical seminar at the New York Academy of Sciences where I learned, for the first time, the full scope of the ongoing dangers posed by radiation contamination from the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant.




This knowledge was compounded by the fact that, upon returning to my home in Yellow Springs, Ohio, I was contacted by a 2012 Study Abroad Program participant who informed me that she had suffered from such symptoms as vomiting, nosebleeds and recurring headaches, all symptoms typically associated with radiation contamination. I was forced to take action.


True, the student in question made a personal choice to visit the Tohoku region during the individual research period that was part of the Study Abroad Program. Thus, one reasonable response would have been to forbid 2013 students from traveling anywhere north of Tokyo. As I considered this option, however, I could not but recall the warnings given by nuclear and medical experts both inside and outside of Japan concerning the danger of additional major radiation contamination coming from Fukushima No. 1.
Thus, I regretfully came to the conclusion that I could not expose students, especially female students of childbearing age, to the possible danger of radiation contamination, and informed the university accordingly.




Sadly, in the ensuing months the situation at Fukushima No. 1 has only worsened. Only recently Tepco finally admitted that 2.35 billion becquerels of cesium per liter of water, roughly the same as that measured right after the crisis began in spring 2011, has accumulated in groundwater tested around Fukushima No. 1, from where it then seeps into the ocean.


Needless to say, this amount of radiation is millions of times higher than Japan’s acceptable limit.
With this radiation now spewing uncontrolled into the ocean, it is no longer possible to simply avoid the danger by not traveling to the Fukushima area.


That is to say, fish are swimming in an ever more heavily contaminated environment where radiation bio-accumulates in the seafood. Thus the largest fish, which eat the most, often live the longest and swim great distances, become the most contaminated, and it is simply impossible for the Japanese government, or any government, to check every fish caught to ensure its safety.


Another solution I seriously considered was for 2013 program students to become vegetarians while in Japan. However, to my dismay I recently learned, from an article published by the Fukushima Minpo newspaper on Jan. 24, that the Japanese government plans to purchase contaminated rice grown in Fukushima Prefecture (providing it contains less than 100 becquerels/kg) and later sell it nationwide.


I fully realize, Minister Shimomura, that you are not in charge of decisions related to Fukushima No. 1. But as a Cabinet minister, l appeal to you to add your voice to those demanding that effective measures be taken immediately.


One eminently reasonable proposal is for the Japanese government to take complete responsibility for the clean-up operation, given Tepco’s demonstrated incompetence. Then, calling on the best expertise from throughout the world, all effective measures, regardless of cost, should be taken to completely stop additional radiation from the disaster contaminating the environment.


Needless to say, these measures should be taken first and foremost to protect the Japanese people themselves. But, additionally, this would allow educators like myself to once again recommend, in good conscience, that foreign students study in Japan.
I long for that day to come.



Yellow Springs, Ohio

**Post Script ブログの追記***********

Mari Takenouchi, the author of this blog at the NY Academy of Medicine

Quite coincidently, I guess the author Mr. Brian Victoria listened to my talk in Luncheon Report from Japan since I was the only one who was talking about on-going health hazards like nose-bleeding and vomitting. 


Transcription of this video is at the bottom of http://savekidsjapan.blogspot.jp/2013/04/ny-symposium-on-fukushimany.html (One English  correction: Nodules→Cysts)





ある福島市民の2年後から悪化した健康の訴え Health damages shown among a family from Fukushima City (60km from NPP)


A mail to UNSCEAR from a mother who used to stay in Fukushima City (60km west of NPP) for more than 2 years


I am from Fukushima City and I was there at the time of Fukushima nuclear accident.


Spring of 2013, 2 years after the accident, members of my family had deteriorated health all at once.  We continued to have stuffed throat with phelm, could not stop dry coughing.  We had medical inspection at a hospital, but the doctor couldn't tell the cause of our symptoms. 


However, the doctor said that there are many patients who show the same symptom with unknown causes.


My child began to complain pain in his foot bones and I heard many people including children and adults have the same syptoms.


Again, doctors told us that they didn't know the reason.


I myself had bone pains all over my arms and legs after I worked in high-dose areas.  The pain was so fierce and I could not open and close a door even.  It was like Itai-Itai (Ouch-Ouch) disease.


Translator's NoteOuch-Ouch disease is caused by cadomium, which is used as neutron-control agent in nuclear reactor.  )


I became scared and stopped walking in high-dose area, then the pain stopped after a week.  However, on my arms and legs, painful and itchy sensation as if being touched by needles continued for a while.


After that, my son and I had continued naucea and headaches.  My son had lowered blood pressure and bloody urine, too.


My family moved out of Fukushima in July.  One month afterwards, we all became better.


However in Fukushima, there is a sharp increase of people who show the same symptoms.


There is a much increase of children who has prolonged nose bleeding.


The number of people who died of acute myocardial infarction is increasing.


Everybody is saying that the government is trying to make up a story where nothing had happened to people's health by just saying, "Radiation did not affect health."


In stead of listening to such government, please do listen to each citizen's voice.


Both children and adults have been suffering tremendously.


Please do conduct a real health survey.

This is my earnest hope.

A mother from Fukushima


The following is a plea from a mother who used to live in Fukushima City 60km from the power plant for 2 years and 4 months after the accident.

She also sent an e-mail to UNSCEAR .

Though she was busy, she translated her mail through google and sent it to UNSCEAR.

以下が国連科学委員会の宛先です。(E-mail of UNSCEAR)
Ms. Jaya Mohan, Communications Specialist UNSCEAR jaya.mohan@unscear.org

詳しく知りたい方は、こちらもどうぞ (For more details)


Everyone, please do raise your voice as this mother did.



UNSCEAR is planning to submit the final report, by which future policy would be decided.  ICRP publications will be also based on UNSCEAR report.  So far, the draft contents say that there have been no health impacts on residents and even Belgian pro-nuke members got angry. 

Let us Japanese citizens put pressure on the UN and prevent such submission of false reports and cruel policies!


So far, almost no organizations have made any move on real health hazards issue. (They talk about future risk but do not talk about on-going health hazards toward the UN.)


Therefore, I strongly believe each concious citizens' voice would alter the society.



89 thyroid cancer! 89人甲状腺がんを無視!集団的自衛権を容認!PM Abe is a CIA Agent? 安倍総理はCIA工作員?国会は秘密保護法施行前に審議せよ!



July 1, Collective Defense Rights appoved by Abe Cabinet despite Japan's Pacifists' Constitution. Is Abe CIA agent? 


On May 18, 89 thyroid cancer kids were found among Fukushima kids! On the same day, Prime Minister Abe was reported to have visited Fukushima Medical University on NHK, which had never touched upon this number! 


(50 confirmed and 39 suspected who should go through operation anyway and most of them would get confirmed.)


On top of that, Professor Shinichi Suzuki stated on June 10th, "Most thyroid cancer kids have metastasis on lymph nodes and lungs."  Prime Minister Abe should know this fact, but still he is ignoring the health hazards among Fukushima kids!

As in the case of Comfort Women's Program in 2001 where Mr. Abe put some pressure to eliminate the testimonies by the persecutors, Prime Minister Abe and NHK are hiding the most inconvinient truth from the public!

日本のCIAリストをご覧ください!Please take a look at CIA list in Japan! http://fukushimaworkerslist.blogspot.jp/2013/05/cia.html

According to this, Abe's grandfather Mr. Nobusuke Kishi (former WWII war criminal who became the Prime Minister in Japan) was definitely CIA spy and his relatives are all CIA spies.


Could a CIA agent be the Prime Minister of a nation? 

Before the start of Parliamentary session, this should be the first and most important agenda, which should be clarified especially before the Liberal Democratic Party (funded by CIA) is trying to pass the Specified Secrecy Protection Law in the current session! 


I was totally appauled when I heard what our Prime Minister had said in the International Olympic Committee meeing, I believe many share the same feeling.

"The contamination of the water is blocked within 0.3 square km." What is he saying while tens of thousands Bq/kg fish have been found outside of this area?
Moreover, what I thought unimaginable was the following line.

"There have never been any health hazards and will never be."

5月17日、甲状腺がんの執刀医鈴木真一医師を訪問している安倍首相。この時すでに50人以上の甲状腺がん手術が行われていた。On May 17, 2014, Prime Minister Abe visited Dr. Shinichi Suzuki who conducted more than 50 thyroid cancer kids in Fukushima Medical University.

Prime Minister Abe, what do you mean by this?

There have been already 43 child thyroid cancer and the suspected cases!  This is more than a hundred times higher than normal incidence rate! http://takenouchimari.blogspot.jp/2013/08/2013731-fukushima-children-thyroid.html

In addition, according to a talk of Fukushima mother, there have been at least mutiple number of thyroid cancer kids who had already lymph metastasis.

However, Fukushima Medical University who concluded an agreement with IAEA is not going to report on cancer metastasis of any patients.


Even in Tokyo, more than 200km away, there is tremendous level of contamination and some have been complaining health hazards.



Including the Tokyo contamination and health hazards issue, I submitted a petition to IOC jointly with medical doctors, politicians, activists, etc.  





In the autumn of 2012, the former Swiss Ambassador Mitsuhei Murata directly pleaded, "Please relocate kids from contaminated areas," but Mr. Abe didn't pay any attention.

In 2006, Mr. Abe was questioned in the Parliament whether there was any danger of station-blackout to be caused by Tsunami, and answered, "No problem." The accident was partly caused by Mr. Abe!

Prime Minister Abe, your grandfather was the Commerce Minister during World War II and Class A criminal, but through secret negotiations with CIA, he became the Prime Minister. 


(As a matter of fact, Nobusuke Kishi released the then US ambassador to Japan, Joseph Grew from detention house and played golf together and became friend.  "Legacy of Ashes, The History of CIA by Tim Warner")-this episode is so surprising!

I think it is out of question that a person responsible to the death of 20 million Asian people could become the Prime Minister after the war.  (Dear citizens of Asian nations, isn't that so?)
Even his grand son should not be entitled to be the top of this country especially when he does not show much remorse.
Prime Minister, you haven't even shown any sympathy to the victims of horrendous Unit 731.  It was truly shocking that you unconsciously (?) sat in the fighter with No. 731 with a smile. 



And now, you are enforcing its own people's childrent to participate in the human experiment as in the case of  Unit 731. 

Amazingly, The doctors and scientists who are working in Fukushima have teacher-diciple connections from the Unit 731 even.


And now Mr. Abe, you are appealing to the entire world, "There have been no health problem." 
Then why did the Japanese government stopped collecting statsistics of leukemia patients only in Fukushima and Miyagi prefectures after Fukushima accident? 
You know the news of boosted number of Fukushima child thyroid cancer and suspected cases announced in August!  Isn't this a crime.  DO HELP YOUR PEOPLE'S CHILDREN RIGHT NOW!

In Fukushima, I heard a mother became mentally devastated since her two young sons became leukemia simultaneously.  I heard a cry, "there is no hope..." from a mother whose kid became thyroid cancer with lymph metastasis.
I heard childrens' voices, "We are going to be sick and die, aren't we?"
While the Prime Minister conceal these people's health hazards and encourage people to go back to Fukushima..not only that, your government intends to return ALL FUKUSHIMA PEOPLE BACK TO THEIR HOMETOWN BY 2020 TO ENJOY OLYMPIC GAMES.  Is there any more cruel story than this?

 Those who do not see the past truth do not see the present truth. 


Last year, I heard your statement in the Parliament on TV, "I studied about comfort women a lot and found out that there had been no comfort women."  It is a famous story that Mr. Abe put pressure on NHK to falsify the documentary program on Wartime Sexual Slavery People's Tribunal in 2001.



However, on September 26 UN General Assembly speech, PM Abe said that he will make effort to protect women's right and prevent sexual violence against women in conflict areas.  What?  Without making apologies or compensations to the victims of Japan's past wartime sexual slavery system?  I want to tell him, "Enough of jokes!"
I have never felt so ashamed, sad and angry as being a citizen in Japan.
Mari Takenouchi
An angry mother, journalist, Japan
A mother who stood on the street in Fukushima.
The board says,
"To Prime Minister Abe:
My precious children have not been born for the sake of your greed for power and money.  My precious children have not been born for being used for human experiments!"

"We don't want to be the offender of the world environment by relasing contaminated water into the ocean!"



PLEASE CONDUCT 7q11 GENE TEST AND EVACUATE KIDS IN FUKUSHIMA! 早急に7q11遺伝子検査を行い、福島の子供たちを避難させてください!

"Meanwhile, gene studies are accurate.  Among thyroid cancer patients in Chernobyl contaminated areas, their chromosome 7q11 become three pieces, which cannot be observed among other types of thyroid cancer patients." (11 minute)


The most important thesis focusing on gene 7q11 to identify the cause of thyroid cancer

児玉龍彦氏(東大教授)と討論 投稿者 z1afa9fa75
Dr. Tatsuhiko Kodama, Tokyo University Radioisotope Center



"Epidemiology and statistics research results come only after people got victimized by radiation.  In order to protect children and pregnant women, we cannot wait for epidemiological research results." (13 minute)

The most important thesis focusing on gene 7q11 to identify the cause of thyroid cancer


In addition, on March 11 2013 speech in the US, Dr. Shunichi Yamashita, who claimed that Fukushima residents should feel secured since dose under 100mSv is totally harmless, actually reported that gene called FOXE 1 had clearly altered due to Chernobyl accident.  page 22 and 24 in http://www.ncrponline.org/Annual_Mtgs/20_Ann_Mtg/Yamashita.pdf 
(Now this pdf file is invisible for some unknown reason.)

Dr. Yamashita also mentioned that increased rate of hyperlipemia among children and liver dysfunction and hyperuruicemia among young male are observed.  Hypertention, glocose malmetabolism and kidney failures are increased among adults and elderly people. 

However, he attributed all these symptoms only to stress and prolonged evacuation lives. 

His attitude dose not seem to be scientific.

On the other hand, Dr. Yamashita wrote in his 2009 thesis that 40% of thyroid cancer in Chernobyl were metastasized to lymph nose even in small-sized stages!

Another prominent Japanese scholar is Professor Nobuhiko Ban from Tokyo Medical University and he is a researcher on the onset mechanism of leukemia.

According to Professor Ban, he wrote in his excelled thesis, "when mice are irradiated, their gene Sfpi1 on chromosome No.2 gets damaged and at the same time, aging of haematopoietic stem cell gets accelarated, and thus irradiated mouse developes leukemia after 1or 2 years. "
However, Professor Ban, under the name of nickname "@buvery" has been promoting ETHOS Fukushima where residents are encouraged to keep living in contaminated areas.


ETHOS program was conducted in Belarus financed by French nuclear lobbies and they encouraged the residents to continue living positively through measuring soil, food and even their own bodies.  Meanwhile, severely ill children got drastically increased after the program!

Now the same progam is being conducted in Fukushima backed by the same people. 


As you may already know, there are 44 thyroid cancer children in Fukushima and some of them even have matastasis in their lymph nodes.


I recently became aware that if we conduct gene test on 7q11, we can identify whether the thyroid cancer was caused by nuclear accident or not, since the 7q11 shows trisomy that cannot be observed among other kinds of thyroid patients.  This was mentioned by Dr. Tatsuhiko Kodama soon after the accident (I am blaming myself why I did not notice this most important point myself and why all the others have not pointed this out, either...)



Therefore, I asked Fukushima Medical University on the following points on September 12, 2013.


I heard that there have been Fukushima thyroid cancer children who got metastasis in their lymphs before the August 20th report by the Prefectural Health Survey team.  Has this grave fact been concealed?


According to Dr. Tatsuhiko Kodama, director of Tokyo University Radioisotope Center, if 7q11 gene is tested, it will be identifiable whether the thyroid cancer was caused by nuclear accident or not.  Has Fukushima Medical University conducted such test or any intention to conduct this test?


And I got the answer on the following day of September 13.

Answer from the Fukushima Medical University:
In case of medical service under health insurance, the information of each patient cannot be retained in the Fukushima Prefecture Health Management Center. In the hospital as well, such information cannot be provided to the third party.
As for the need to conduct gene test on 7q11, it could be argued in the Prefectural Health Management Survey team.  As for now, 7q11 gene test has not been conducted yet.

September 13, 2013


In short, even though there are metastasis among thyroid cancer kids in Fukushima, no such announcement will be made. 

7q11 gene test that can identify the cause of the thyroid cancer has not been conducted!


This is such grave facts.  I also contacted some major hospitals in Japan which conduct thyroid cancer surgery, and asked whether they could conduct gene test upon the patient's request, and their answer was "No."


In Japan, even after the Fukushima accident, the cause of the disease cannot be identified anywhere and the metastasis of the thyroid cancer in contaminated areas are going to be kept secret!  Accordingly, the suffering of the patients and their families will be kept behind and the medical society has been and is going to ignore this most urgent social issue!
I am truly devastated to know about this reality in medical societies in Japan.

The evacuation of Fukushima children is the most pressing issue.


I really do not understand why the world organizations such as UN, etc are not making any move.
(On the contrary, I heard that the UN is now preparing a report to convince the public that there have been no health damages due to Fukushima radiation!)


Today, on twitter, I just heard that at least two kids who went through surgery in Fukushima were found to have not only thyroid cancer but also metastasis in his/her lymphs though their thyroid cancer size were reported to be small.


It is a matter of urgency to evacuate children from contaminated areas as soon as possible.


In Fukushima Prefectural High School, two students died of illnesses (one was sudden death) in the year of the accident.  (However, TUF-TV You Fukushima, local TV station's broadcasting chief Mr. Makoto Omori, tweeted a lie saying that the second student died due to traffic accident to calm down the case. TUF admitted that Mr. Omori lied on the twitter but never apologized for it.)


In this August, two students were found to have thyroid cancer out of total number of 959 students in the same school!


Already, there have been 43 thyroid cancer and suspected cases among Fukushima kids in this August.  However, considering that the large number of kids have not gone through the second exam, the number could be over 100, which is 3.7 thyroid cancer out of 10,000 although child thyroid cancer rate is usually between one in one million or several hundred thousands.


 However, Fukushima Medical University and other governmental or municipality related organizations are saying they have to wait for further epidemiological data while letting children breathe in contaminated air!!!


I am a mother of an infant and this is quite unbelievable thing from an eye of an ordinary mother!


In order to prevent further exposure to radiation, children in contaminated areas should be relocated first though they have already been exposed to initial dose and thyroid abnormality rate has been increased.  (Prime Minister Abe's statement in front of IOC members, "There have been and will be no health damages," is NOT TRUE.)


At the same time, we need to clarify whether the Fukushima kids cancer had been caused by radiation or not THROUGH GENE TESTS!


As a matter of fact, the director of Tokyo University Radioisotope Center, Mr. Tatsuhiko Kodama said the following.


"Meanwhile, gene studies are accurate.  Among thyroid cancer patients in Chernobyl contaminated areas, their chromosome 7q11 become three pieces, which cannot be observed among other types of thyroid cancer patients." (11 minute)


"Epidemiology and statistics research results come only after people got victimized by radiation.  In order to protect children and pregnant women, we cannot wait for epidemiological research results." (13 minute)


 というのも、細野豪志環境相が、2013年から「全ゲノム解析」を行うと昨年発表していたのです! http://fukushimavoice.blogspot.jp/2012/09/blog-post.html
Last year, the former Environment Minister Goshi Hosono announced that Total Genome Analysis would be started since 2013. 

As a mother, I really cannot forgive this reality, but FUKUSHIMA CHILDREN HAVE BEEN UNDER GENOME RESEARCH ALREADY!!!


On September 13, when I asked the Ministry of Environment, they answered that they have not decided whether they were going to do genome analysis.  However, I am not sure whether this information is true or not since I heard that Fukushima Medical University tries to hurry the thyroid cancer operation without obtaining sufficient consent from the patients' mothers (according to multiple sources)

また、米医学誌のCancer Cellに9月9日掲載された、広島大学の稲葉俊哉教授らの研究によれば、7番染色体上のSamd9L遺伝子をマウス実験で失わせたところ、片方失わせたものについては53%、両方失わせたものについては60%の割合で2年一か月以内に白血病もしくはMDSで死んだという。Samd9L遺伝子を失うことで、異常な細胞の増殖に歯止めがかからなくなるとみられるという。

In addition according to the research paper by Hiroshima University Professor Toshiya Inaba,  mouse whose Samd9l on 7th chromosome is damaged, 53% (with 2 of them lossed) and 60% (with one of them lossed) mouse developed leukemia or MDS and died within 2 years and 1 month.  By loosing Samd9L, multiplication of abnormal cells could not be stopped.

 Please do help children in Fukushima from anywhere on this planet!
See the source below for 7q11



Gain of chromosome band 7q11 in papillary thyroid carcinomas of young patients is associated with exposure to low-dose irradiation

  1. Kristian Ungerb,1
  1. Edited* by Janet D. Rowley, University of Chicago, Chicago, IL, and approved April 26, 2011 (received for review November 21, 2010)


The main consequence of the Chernobyl accident has been an increase in papillary thyroid carcinomas (PTCs) in those exposed to radioactive fallout as young children. Our aim was to identify genomic alterations that are associated with exposure to radiation. We used array comparative genomic hybridization to analyze a main (n = 52) and a validation cohort (n = 28) of PTC from patients aged <25 y at operation and matched for age at diagnosis and residency. Both cohorts consisted of patients exposed and not exposed to radioiodine fallout. The study showed association of a gain on chromosome 7 (7q11.22–11.23) with exposure (false discovery rate = 0.035). Thirty-nine percent of the exposed group showed the alteration; however, it was not found in a single case from the unexposed group. This was confirmed in the validation set. Because only a subgroup of cases in the exposed groups showed gain of 7q11.22–11.23, it is likely that different molecular subgroups and routes of radiation-induced carcinogenesis exist. The candidate gene CLIP2 was specifically overexpressed in the exposed cases. In addition, the expression of the genes PMS2L11, PMS2L3, and STAG3L3 correlated with gain of 7q11.22–11.23. An enrichment of Gene Ontology terms “DNA repair” (PMS2L3, PMS2L5), “response to DNA damage stimulus” (BAZ1B, PMS2L3, PMS2L5, RFC2), and “cell–cell adhesion” (CLDN3, CLDN4) was found. This study, using matched exposed and unexposed cohorts, provides insights into the radiation-related carcinogenesis of young-onset PTC and, with the exposure-specific gain of 7q11 and overexpression of the CLIP2 gene, radiation-specific molecular markers.


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  • The authors declare no conflict of interest.
  • *This Direct Submission article had a prearranged editor.
  • This article contains supporting information online at www.pnas.org/lookup/suppl/doi:10.1073/pnas.1017137108/-/DCSupplemental.
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