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Open questions to Japanese Ministries on Fukushima 福島の問題について各省庁への公開質問



Is there any intention to conduct 7q11 gene test to identify the cause of thyroid cancer and evacuate children?  Any countermeasures for increasing trend of various diseases including leukemia?


While no indictment was done on any person responsible among the government and TEPCO, what do you think of the fact that Fukushima police and prosecutor came all the way to okinawa to investigate a freelance anti-nuke journalist who is a single mother?


Is the government trying to restart nuclear power plants that could cause another catastrophic accident in this seismic country Japan?  Before that, is there any intention for the govenment to retain the existing spent fuel and high level radioactive liquid waste?


After the Monju Fast Breeder Reactor accident, there was a homicide which has been ignored by the police and the lawyer of the case?  Does the govenment have any intention to investigate this case or hide this grave issue?


As for the fierce harrassment against Takenouchi, isn't there any connection with the internet obstructors and any ministries/agencies or consigned companies like in the case of Mr. Mizuno's case?

A must watch film!!!
Nuclear Controversies
 (English with Chinese subtitles)

What is ETHOS project?


The overview of the Japanese government package toward returning Fukushima residents through radiation risk communication


To whom it may concern in Ministries/Agencies of the government of Japan


My name is Mari Takenouchi, a freelance journalist and a translator on radiation, nuclear and earthquake issues. I evacuated from Tokyo with my then 1 year old son to Okinawa in the afternoon of March 15, and since I was outside in the morning of March 15, and we got considerably sick for 2 or 3 months after that.  I am not sure of the causal relationship, but I recently found that I have Hashimoto's Disease and my thyroid is swallen double the size compared to normal.


Please allow me to give you this open question letter. However, please be reminded that this letter is related to the lives of children in contaminated areas, and lives of the people and future generation, and also my son and myself's urgent issue (refer to question 5 in the end), and hope you can read through till the end.


The following is one of the books I translated from English to Japanese.  The original title is "the Petkau Effect". 

If anyone of you could take a look at it, I am sure you will realize that I am not a sort of person who would spread groudless demagogues regarding radiation hazards and nuclear issues.

One of the translated books by Takenouchi
概要 Summary http://takenouchimari.blogspot.jp/2013/02/blog-post_7824.html


I became anti-nuclear power since I heard a scenario of station-blackout in relation to Y2K issue from a US scientist.  Through my late acquaintace, I visited the Prime Minister's Official Residence with the material and met the then Cabinet Secretary Crisis Management Officer.  Without reading the material, the Officer kicked me out of the room, yelling at us, "Japanese nuclear power is absolutely safe!  DO NOT BRING IN A WIERDO!"


However, the late Prime Minister Obuchi responded in a much better way to my letter.  He himself asked a research secretary in the Cabinet Secretary Internal Affairs Council Office to respond to my concerns in a proper manner, though the contents of the reply was rather forcibly assuring the safety of nuclear power.)


However, immediately after that, I went to Europe with the same material, then an energy expert in Green Party drafted a resolution  only within 2 days!  The resolution recommended to carefully watch nuclear power plants, chemical plants and nuclear-weapon de-alerting system over the rollover period of year 2000 to prevent any accident from computer bugs! 

As I was told, I went around various parties including the ruling one to persuade, then the resolution was unanimously passed 2 months after in the European Parliament.  Since that experience, I came to have more respect to European nuclear policy and strong doubt toward Japan's nuclear policy.



In 2002, I visited IAEA by myself to directly ask them to stop nuclear power plants in Japan in relation to earthquake. I told IAEA staff members, "If accident took place in Japan, the seismically active nation, IAEA, the promotor of nuclear should be in trouble." 

One of the staff mebers I met out of his office house was my colleagues' acquaintace, who said the follwoing, "Ms. Takenouchi, this issue is too big to be dealt with.  There are already nuclear plants built in Japan all over.  I think we can do nothing unless all the people raise their voice against nuclear power.  I think it could be possible that 5 million Japanese got killed due to nuclear accident hit by an earthquake."


After having conversation, I even ran for local municipal election to convey this information to the public with the poster below.  My pleading, "Why is Japan trying to operate nuclear power plant in such a seismic country even though installed capacity can cover the maximum demand?" (Question 3) has not been changed even today.

Mari Takenouchi's Matsudo City Election Poster in 2002

実際、その後福島の事故は起きてしまいました。福島事故後、IAEAで原子力の安全性のためにあまり働いていない二人の日本人がブルームバーグ批判されています。http://takenouchimari.blogspot.jp/2013/05/iaeanot-enough-money-for-safety-of.html 一人が上記で私が2002年に直訴したことのある、元通産省官僚の谷口氏、もうひとりが、現在のIAEA事務局長の天野之弥氏です。


Quite sadly, Fukushima nuclear accident took place.  After the Fukushima accident, the Bloomberg news reported an article criticizing two Japanese IAEA staff who did not work sufficiently for nuclear safety. http://takenouchimari.blogspot.jp/2013/05/iaeanot-enough-money-for-safety-of.html  One was Mr. Tomohiro Taniguchi whom I pleaded in 2002, and another one is the incumbent Director General Mr. Yukiya Amano.

(Please excuse me for listing up some names, but I really think we cannot save countless number of nameless children from nuclear disaster if we do not reveal the names of those responsible...)


In June 2013, I wrote an open question to IAEA Director General Yukiya Amano, regarding the health hazards already being observed and possible catastrophic accident after the restart of nuclear power plants.  However, I couldn't receive any reply from Mr. Amano.


At the same time, I also reported health damages observed after Fukushima accident to UNSCEAR by myself.
Please refer to Question 1 as for the UN issue.



By the way as for Question 2 below regarding ETHOS, I came to be aware that a program called ETHOS had been conducted in Belarus after the Chernobyl accident, and the number of seriously ill child patients in hospital boosted 10 holds after the program.  This story was told by Dr. Michel Fernex, the professor emeritus at Bazel University and former WHO  advisor. I also happened to be his interpreter when he came to Japan in May 2012.


I was truly shocked when I heard that ETHOS program has been underway in Fukushima and sincerely hoped for evacuation of Fukushima kids by halting such a program.  Until that time, I was an inactive twitter user, but since then on, I started using twitter frantically to disseminate this information.

Of course, I tweeted directly to Ms. Ryoko Ando, the leader of Fukushima ETHOS, who immediately blocked me and ignored me though I asked her to do open conversation through some person.


Though I was ignored, I kept sending out my message, describing Fukushima ETHOS as "human experiment" or even  "slow poisoning of children over a long period of time"by letting even children and pregnant women to keep living in contaminated areas through various resources. 


In the end of January 2014, I was accused for my word, "human experiment" as "criminal contempt" by Ms. Ryoko Ando (her real name is Yoko Kamata), the leader of Fukushima ETHOS.  


I was truly astounded that I was CRIMINALLY ACCUSED for my tweets.  Many people responded that this could be the precursor of the Specified Secrecy Law to be implemented in this year.


I have been sending out what is going on since most Japanese media people solely ignore my case, so I have been sending out my message through twitter, which seems to be controlled by somebody. (see question 5)


"Criminal accusation against Takenouchi could be a case not only by Ms. Ryoko Ando herself, but also involved by the state power..." many people think this way including me.


As for this case, Reporters without Boarders carried it as the top story in English and French on March 11 this year and my case is gradually becoming an international news. https://en.rsf.org/japan-nuclear-lobby-still-gagging-11-03-2014,45980.html


I have never thought my wording of "Human experiment" against ETHOS illegitimate.


As a matter of fact, the leading US researcher of Hiroshima/Nagasaki A-bomb survivors mentioned that he conducted "Human experiments" using 200, 000 people in The Plutonium Files written by Aileen Welsome, the Pulitzer winning US journalist.


"Actually, we have got the results of an enormous experiment.  We have the experiment involving over 200,000 people in the Nagasaki and Hiroshima areas, and I think that those results are real.  I was there, and I saw the people when they got sick."
by the US. Dr. Shields Warren  who later became a founding member of UNSCEAR and famous for his A-bomb survivors epidemiological study.


As a matter of fact, the renowned Dr. John Gofman, who used to be top specialist of radiation in US Atomic Comission, as well as a specialist of heart disease, mentioned, "Radiation protection laws for the sake of nuclear power promotion is the same as license to kill." ( "The Petkau Effect" p. 59)

また、ICRPの議長を務めたこともあり、保健物理学会の初代会長でもあるKarl Z. Morgan http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Karl_Z._Morganは、1986年にICRPを批判し、以下を述べています。「ICRPは多大な放射線による障害を防ぐことを遅らせる活動をしてきた。放射線による障害は過小評価され、勧告された最大許容レベルはあまりに高すぎた。」(P.218)

In 1986, Karl Z. Morgan, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Karl_Z._Morgan a past president of the ICRP for many years and the first chairman of Health Physics Society said, "ICRP action delayed the prevention of very large radiation hazards, that the radiation hazards were underestimated, and that the recommended maximum premissible levels were far too high." (The Petkau Effect, p.174)


In February 2014, "Package Measures Toward Returning Fukushima Residents Through Radiation Risk Communiation" was announced.  This is so-called ETHOS Japan.
http://www.reconstruction.go.jp/topics/main-cat1/sub-cat1-1/20140218_risk_communication_package_all.pdf (Japanese only)


The following are reported to be involved in the Package.


Reconstuction Agency, Ministry of Environment, Cabinet Office, Food Safety Committee, Cosumers' Agency, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Nuclear Regulatory Agency.



In addition, I would like to include the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, which controls media coverage and social networking services such as twitters.

After the ETHOS criminal accusation, I have been continuously harrased by a lawyer who used to be a prosecutor (Question 5), so I would like to include the Ministry of Justice as the address.

Also included is Ministry of Justice and the Supreme Public Prosecutors Office, since I heard that an anti-nuke geologist who was opposing to Sendai Nuclear Power Plant was once criminally accused and was accepted by the Supreme Public Prosecutors Office (Question 2).  

I also would like to ask about two homicide cases that could be related to Japanese nuclear lobby, to National Police Agency also (Question 4).


While I was being harrassed by countless number of people after I raised my opposing voice against ETHOS, I remembered that the couselor of Reconstruction Agency Mr. Yasuhisa Mizuno became a big news for his harrassing conducts on internet.http://www.japantimes.co.jp/news/2013/06/15/national/reconstruction-official-canned-blasted-for-tweets/#.U1L0z7uKDIU 


Since this news, I was wondering, "It seems to be impossible that Mr. Mizuno alone was conducting such deeds in a group oriented society like Japan.  Maybe Mr. Mizuno's case could be a tip of an iceberg and he could have become a scapegoat to calm down the incident as a whole."


Isn't there any possibility that there are people like Mr. Mizuno in Reconstruction Agency or in other agencies/ministries?


Also, are there any individuals and/or companies who have been assigned to obstruct individuals who oppose to the Package for Returning Fukushima Residents?

実際に経済産業省は、風評被害対策でアサツーディー・ケイ社(ADK社)に風評被害を抑えることを外部委託しており、特にツイッター上の対策は必須であると書かれてあります。http://koukaishitsumon.blogspot.jp/2014/04/adk-asatsu-dk-inc.html In fact, ADK had been assigned to bring down the harmful rumors regarding radiation, and in the project report, it said that countermeasures on twitter was indispensible.


However, when I asked this question, ADK answered that there had been no tweets from the company office workers targeted at individuals, so I thought there could be some other companies which were assigned for this task (targeting individuals).



The following are my 5 questions to the concerned ministries/agencies.   

I sincerely hope to hear your earnest replies.

The issues of the UN (including IAEA and UNSCEAR), ICRP, scholars, children in contaminated areas

ETHOS and the government, media coverage, Specified Secrecy Law, criminal accusation by ETHOS leader

The issues of Earthquakes and nuclear power plants

Homicide by nuclear village?: Monju Nishimura Case

Harassment against Mari Takenouchi and her son
***5 Open Questions***

The issues of the UN (including IAEA and UNSCEAR), ICRP and children in contaminated areas


Nothing worries me more than the issue of children living in contaminated areas after Fukushima accident.


It may be all right for adults to choose where to live, but children cannot choose where to live.  Thus I strongly believe children should be evacuated to uncontaminaed areas.


However, the UNSCEAR had issued a report saying there is no health hazards, which worries me all the more.



In the beginning of 2013, I submitted a report nearly 60 pages regarding health issues and Japanese nuclear issues to respective office of the UN.

また同年6月には、私はUNSCEARの広報担当者であるJaya Mohan女史にオーストリアのウィーンまで会いに行き、「健康被害はすでに出ている」という問題を中心に、国連とIAEAへの手紙を送ると共に、20分ほど自分に起きた健康被害も含め、お話ししました。

In June of 2013, I visited UNSCEAR communications' officer Ms. Jaya Mohan in Vienna, Austria, and passed on my letter to the UN and IAEA, and talked about 20 minutes regarding the health hazards including myself and my son. 


After that, I called for writing e-mails to Ms. Mohan regarding health hazards already happening, and dozens of people sent her mails including Fukushima residents who experienced some syptoms.  I also sent her mails regarding the increased number of thyroid cancer, but I haven't received any reply from her yet.


As widely known, the United Nations takes the position of pro-nuclear power.  IAEA, directly under the 5 nuclear state Securities' Council, is a nuclear promoting organization, and has the history of downplaying the effects of radiation in Hiroshima/Nagasaki, and also in Chernobyl, led by Japanese scholars (regretfully). http://savekidsjapan.blogspot.jp/2013/01/xiii-un-and-nuclear-power-issues.html


This is not a very known fact, but the former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan said in 2000, "3 million children require physical treatment from Chernobyl."


However, this important report has not been known as it should be due to the underestimation of IAEA, UNSCEAR, ICRP etc.
そしてこのアナン氏の発言を真っ向から否定したLars Eric Holm氏は、IAEA, ICRP, UNSCEARに所属していたことは、重大な事実です。http://mailman.mcmaster.ca/mailman/private/cdn-nucl-l/0506/msg00011.html

It is a very important fact that Mr. Lars Eric Holm is from IAEA, ICRP, and UNSCEAR.http://mailman.mcmaster.ca/mailman/private/cdn-nucl-l/0506/msg00011.html


It is quite prominent that scholars related to ICRP, IAEA, and UNSCEAR have been trying to ignore the health hazards possibly caused by radiation from Fukushima nuclear accident.


Currently in Fukushima as many as 75 children have developed thyroid cancer, some with even lymph nodes metastasis.  Why doesn't the Japanese government conduct 7q11 gene test to identify the cause of the thyroid cancer?  If it was identified as radiation as the cause, shouldn't children be evacuated to non-contaminated areas?


(The same question had been forwarded to Ms. Mohan from UNSCEAR, but I haven't received any reply.  I strongly believe this issue should be handled by the government of Japan voluntarily since no international organization would do so.  With the current situation, tremendous health hazards could be inflicted upon children in contaminated areas, and quite sadly, it has already been started.)



In addition, the Dialogue Seminar under ETHOS based on scientific ground of ICRP, Mr. Shunichi Tanaka, the director of Nuclear Safety Agency stated, "The radiation level is quite high and will be so for long, but yet, residents of Fukushima need to keep living here."  I think this statement sounds quite problematic.


Meanwhile, Tokyo University Professor Ryugo Hayano etc from Whole Body Counter Team have been advocating that there have not been any internal exposure as much as to show any health effects.  However, his  colleague, Dr. Masaharu Tsubokura, whom I met in Okinawa in a seminar, confessed, "I have read Dr. Bandazhevsky's paper.  I feel troubled indeed."
(Refer to Bandazhevsky Seminar in Tokyo http://takenouchimari.blogspot.jp/2013/07/721.html)


In his blog, Dr. Tsubokura acknowledged the Bandazhevsky's finding that heart abnormality starts to occur at the bodily cesium concentration of 10~20Bq/kg, however, in Tokyo University's 2013 paper https://www.jstage.jst.go.jp/article/pjab/89/4/89_PJA8904B-01/_pdf , it concluded that internal doses were safe for most people since they exposed to less than 1mSv.   


I sent the following questions to the Tokyo University WBC team, which has never been replied yet.


However, the internal dose of 1mSv=Cs 30,000 Bq/body according to ICRP standard, which means 500Bq/kg (5 times as much as low level waste material!) for 60kg adult and in Chernobyl there are people who died at this bodily concentration. 

早野教授とは、先日もツイッター上で討論をしましたがhttp://nmuta.dip.jp/~muta/toog672.pdf、残念なことに、私の「10Bq/kgから心臓に異変が生じるというバンダジェフスキー研究をなぜ考慮しないのか」「同汚染地帯で子供の各臓器のセシウム濃度が大人の2~3倍あったというバンダジェフスキーのSwiss Medical Weeklyの論文をどうとらえているのか」という最も聞きたかった質問は回答を避けています。また最も人体に影響を及ぼしたと考えられる初期被曝についても不十分な検討であることは問題です。

I had a discussion with Professor Hayano on twitter, but he never answered my questions,"What do you think of Bandazhevsky's finding, bodily concentration of 10Bq/kg starts to show heart abnormality?" "What do you think of Swiss Medical Weekly's Bandazhevsky's finding which says that organ concentration of children was 2 or 3 times higher than that of adults?" Also, it is quite problematic that WBC study does not reflect the actual initial exposure.

そもそもICRPの科学的な知見は非常に疑問のあるところで、現実に、ICRP科学事務局長を務めたJack Valentine博士は、(原発事故で最も憂慮しなければならない)内部被曝に関しては、影響を二ケタ過小評価している可能性があることを告白しています。http://savekidsjapan.blogspot.jp/2013/01/blog-post_4503.html

Scientific grounds of ICRP themselves are sometimes questionable.  Dr. Jack Valentine, who had been in the post of ICRP Scientific Secretary for 20 years confessed that as much as two orders of magnitude could be wrong on the effect of internal dose of radiation, which should be considered most in case of nuclear accident.http://savekidsjapan.blogspot.jp/2013/01/blog-post_4503.html


The fact that ETHOS is relying on ICRP for its scientific ground, and Mr. Jack Rochard, the leader of Belarus ETHOS is the vice chairman of ICRP and concluded the memorandum with Fukushima Medical University, I am truly concerned that Fukushima children's health situation would be deteriorated under the collaboration of ETHOS amd ICRP standards.


The history of international organizations such as ICRP, UNSCEAR, IAEA, all of which are pro-nulear and have been downplaying the radiation effects are well described in the following book.


I also hear occurences of leukemia in Fukushima, but I heard that Ministry of Health had stopped "hospital patients survey" in Fukushima and southern Miyagi prefectures after Fukushima accident.  Why was it stopped?



Especially as for leukemia, Professor Nobuhiko Ban, the former UNSCEAR advisor and the leading scholar in Fukushima ETHOS repeats that there is no health problem among Fukushima children even though he had found the developmental mechanism of leukemia only 1 or 2 years after the radiation exposure on mice, due to aging of hematopoietic stem cells and alternation of gene sfpi1.  

I strongly believe this kind of double standard cannot be tolerated.


In addition, this is related to Question 5, which is less important, but Professor Ban used to call me, "DEMARIN" (coined word of Demagogue and Mari-my name.) under his twitter account @buvery. (There was a whistle blower as for his identity.) 
I think his deeds cannot be regarded as that of a professor's.


More than anything else, what I feel most skeptical is the booklet, "Basic Information on Radiation Risks" on which Japanese government ministries/agencies rely upon.
http://www.reconstruction.go.jp/topics/main-cat1/sub-cat1-1/20140218_basic_information_all.pdf (Japanese only)


For example, up to 3.8 micro Sv/h is said to be permissible, but this figure is 100 times more than the figure before the accident.  Why could a figure 100 times larger than natural radiation (moreover, only external radiation, not including internal one) be permissible?


On the footnote of 27, it says that "Cesium does not accumulate in particular organs," but is there anybody who read the thesis of Dr. Bandazhevsky? Cesium does accumulate in thyroid gland also as well as heart, kidney, etc. 


Comparing the actual figures before the accident and the current food standard, the tremendous gap is obvious.  I truly believe strict control should be implemented especially for the foods children eat, such as school lunch.

          Cs actual figures in 1997  vs Cs standard limit since 2012


While there are as many as 75 thyroid cancer children in Fukushima, how could anyone serving for the state be so irresponsible?


Among those who supervised the above government's booklet, there were the leukemia expert Professor and leading ETHOS scholar, Nobuhiko Ban who calls me, "Demarin (Demagogue+ Mari)" and Dr. Tamiko Iwasaki, whom I happened to ask a question years ago at a seminar of Health Physics Society, "Is there any increase of leukemia in Chernobly?"  Dr. Iwasaki gave me a surprising answer, "Since children's skin is fair in Russia, people misunderstand that there are more leukemia children by looking at their photoes."


In addition, I heard that the Ministry of Labor, Health and Welfare stopped collecting the statistics of hospital patients in Fukushima and southern Miyagi after the Fukushima nuclear accident.  What is the reason for it?


Most of all, various kinds of diseases including acute leukemia are showing increasing trends in the statistics of respective hospitals.http://togetter.com/li/631559


For a state, the most important thing should be people's lives.  In particular, lives of children and future generation should be of top priority and there cannot be any more important issue than this. 

Are there any Ministries/Agencies that are willing to tackle with this issue?


Criminal accusation from ETHOS leader, Relation between ETHOS and the Government, Media Coverage, Specified Secrecy Law


In February 2014, the Package toward Returning Residents through Radiation Risk Communications, so called ETHOS Japan was announced.

*ETHOS is a program where residents are encouraged to keep living in contaminated areas through communicating and measuring radiation, etc.


Prior to that at the end of January, I received a phone called from a police notifying that I have been accused by the ETHOS leader Ms. Yoko Kamata, for "criminal contempt" for my word of "human experiment ETHOS" on my twitter.


Since the summer of 2012 when I got to know ETHOS in Chernobyl and Fukushima, I sent out lots of tweets to Ms. Ryoko Ando, the director of Fukushima ETHOS, who blocked me and ignored me when I asked for open discussion, and finally criminally accused me at this timing.


Moreover, though I had tweeted enormous number of tweets criticizing ETHOS for disseminating the information, the subject tweet was only one, and the target word was only "human experiment."


There are people who say, "since the following tweet includes the powerful former Prime Minister Yasuhiro Nakasone, who introduced nuclear power budget to Japan for the first time, Ms. Ryoko Ando might have thought that she would be protected."  

Mari Takenouchi@mariscontact tweet under criminal accusation

日本に原発導入した中曽根康弘 「2011年の日本がこんなにくたびれているとは思わなかった。」

The criminals of the century→

Former Prime Minister Yasuhiro Nakasone: I have never imagined Japan 2011 would be so exhausted. (* Mr. Nakasone was the one who introduced nuclear budget to the Diet in 1954. On top of that, he wrote in his memoir that he had built a comfort women station while he was an accountant for Japanese Navy.http://www11.ocn.ne.jp/~jcpkochi/minpo/topic/2011/111106nakasone.html)

福島で人体実験エートスを主催する(御用)市民活動家、安東量子 「戦後67年かけて辿り着いたのが、こんな世界とかや。」長崎の日にて

Government-sided citizen activist, Ms. Ryoko Ando: "What a world we are seeing 67 years after the WWII" On the day of Nagasaki


Let me assure you that I have NO intention to withdraw my word, "human experiment," because I truly believe letting Fukushima children stay in the contaminated areas under the false ICRP safety assurance is the HUMAN EXPERIMENT


When we look back the history, quite sadly, human experiments had actually been conducted by Unit 731 with thousands of Japanese medical experts during the WWII at full fledgedly, and I came to realize through my investigation that the teacher-disciple relationship have been existing since the day of Unit 731 to Hiroshima/Nagasaki,
No.5 Lucky Dragon H-bomb test victims, Chernobyl, HIV tainted blood products case, and Fukushima!



As for the WBC study, Professor Masahiro Kami, Tokyo University Medical Science Institute, is in charge.  Amazingly, the purpose of the study says;

The purpose of this study is to conduct medical checkup and medical consultations to resolve anxiety of the residents in costal line area in Fukushima  greatly damaged by the nuclear disaster and to study the effects of nuclear disaster on human bodies including low-level radiation effects.


It clearly stipulates the purpose as studying low-level radiation effects on human body!  This is nothing but a human experiment using radiation!




 Moreover, one of my acquaintances heard Professor Kamis personal statement as follows;

It would be impossible to evacuate residents in Fukushima City and Kohriyama City.  I guess in the future, they would file a class action lawsuit.

Minamisoma City is at risk. (Minamisoma is one of the cities along the costal area of Fukushima where the WBC study is being conducted by Professor Kami himself.)


 In this area at risk, Professor Kami himself is conducting WBC study including local children and pregnant women with his subordinate doctor Masahiro Tsubokura.  This is nothing but a recurrence of Unit 731 evil human experiment with prolonged time span. 



As a matter of fact, Tokyo University Medical Science Institute used to be a hub for Unit 731 human experiment studies.  http://savekidsjapan.blogspot.jp/2013/01/japan-victim-and-perpetrator.html


This kind of atrocities should be dealt with immediately and there will be no use to be pointed out after many years when many people are already victimized. Children and pregnant women should be protected and evacuated as many as possible and as soon as possible.  I have been pleading the need to evacuate children and pregnant women since the onset of the Fukushima accident.



To begin with, what do you think of the situation that a single mother who evacuated to Okinawa has been criminally accused while not a single executives of TEPCO (present and past) have been criminally accused? 

Many people say it is quite an extraordinary situation where three police officers were dispatched in February and one prosecutor along with his secretary will be dispatched in May from Fukushima to Okinawa.

Many people say, "This should be the precursor of the implementation of Specified Secrecy Law."


In regard to my criminal accusation by ETHOS leader, I would particularly like to ask the opinion of Ministry of Justice.  I this the said accusation is unjust one violating the Freedom of Speech assured by the Constitution of Japan.  What do you think?


Also, what do you think of the government responsibility including related ministries and agencies that have been promoting nuclear power without questioning?


In addition, the criminal accusation was notified to me immediately before the announcement of the government package toward returning residents.  Many people were surprised that the police accepted Ms. Ando's accusation.


One of the police offier said to me on the phone, "If I didn't accept the criminal accusation, I could have been sued for neglect of duty." Who is the person that told this police officer in Fukushima implying the possibility of his negligence of duty?


Please do answer my questions earnestly since I am very serious about this issue which could affect the lives of myself and my son.


In reality, my case is not the first one but just one among others such as following;


The former Fukushima governor Mr. Eisaku Sato, who became anti-MOX fuel, was indicted for bribery and convicted at the court, though it was proved that he had not received a single penny.


The geologist Mr. Sunao Ogose, the former professor at Wako University, had been criminally accused by a person named Mr. Shozo Inoue who was related to the ruling party LDP, and the Supreme Public Prosecutors' Office accepted the accusation. I recently came to know this fact by postal mail from Mr. Ogose who said that it took as long as three years to deal with the accusation.


(I made a telephone call to the Supreme Public Prosecutors' Office to ask about this criminal accusation, then several days later, I received a telephone call from the person in charge saying, "We cannot see any record of such accusation if it is more than 3 years old."  I thought it was quite unnatural that SPPO cannot answer this simple question just because the accusation was more than 3 years old.  Accordingly, I want to ask the same question once again.)


Lawyer Yoshiro Yabe, who is included in my question 5, is a former prosecutor and an incumbent lawyer.  His extraordinary deeds have been overlooked by Japan Federation of Bar Association and Kyoto Bar Association.
Is there any possibility that lawyer Abe is related to ETHOS or the government itself?


ベラルーシのエートスは仏団体CEPN(CEA, EDF, IRSN, AREVAなど仏原子力ロビーが出資)のジャック・ロシャール氏により、既に1996年から2001年にかけて行われたプログラムであり、ロシャール氏は福島事故前にも2000年に広島でエートスの講演会を行っています。

As you may be aware of, ETHOS was not invented in Japan for the first time. 

ETHOS in Belarus was conducted from 1996 to 2001 by Mr. Jacque Lochard, the director of CEPN funded by CEA, EDF, IRSN, and AREVA. Mr. Lochard had also given a lecture in ETHOS in Hiroshima as early as 2000.


After the Fukushima accident, Mr. Lochard was invited to the Cabinet Office in November 2011 to make a lecture.  Around the same period, Ms. Ryoko Ando (her real name is Ms. Yoko Kamata) had founded Fukushima ETHOS.


Mr. Lochard's statement was quite questionable.  He wrote to Ms. Ryoko Ando, "20mSv/year is a good news," but it is not a good news for Fukushima mothers and children!  He also stated, "Mothers would not understand science. 20Bq/kg is good enough."  The actual figure of Japanese rice before the accident was only 0.02Bq/kg, and his remark is quite dangerous. 


On top of that ICRP 111 has the following chart showing that 10Bq/day can lead to accumulation of 1400Bq/body.  For a 70kg adult, it will be 20Bq/kg, which is the figure that can cause heart abnormality according to Dr. Bandazhevsky.


Mr. Lochard had visited Fukushima a few times after that as an advisor for Fukushima ETHOS led by Ms. Ryoko Ando, and he concluded a memorandum with Fukushima Medical University under the name of ICRP Vice Chairman (not as an ETHOS leader).


However, in her letter to Iwaki City Counselor Mr. Kazuyoshi Sato, Ms. Ryoko Ando said, "She came up with the idea of ETHOS...It was I who named this activity as ETHOS." 


Her above statement sounds quite unnatural and hard to believe.

Isn't there any fact that Fukushima ETHOS has actually been in collaboration with French and Japanese government?


Ms. Ryoko Ando could not answer a question by journalist Mr. Kolin Kobayashi in France, "who paid you to come to Paris?" when she attended a closed ETHOS seminar in Paris on March 11, 2014.




Next, I would like to ask regarding the media coverage.  NHK and other media companies seem to focus more on returning of Fukushima residents or on promoting foods in contaminated areas to erase so-called "groundless rumors"
In fact, vast amout of money has been allocated for the Reconstruction under the name of preventing "groundless rumours."


Meanwhile, NHK has been avoiding news on thyroid cancer children in Fukushima. 


I have been submitting Open questions to NHK, but have been ignored no matter how many times, I made phone calls. I am also quite concerned that NHK owns vast amount of electric companies bonds.


As for Fukushima ETHOS and the ICRP Dialogues, it had been covered in Fukushima several times by NHK.   This is quite an important issue and I would like to know the reason.





The issue is not limited to NHK.  Mr. Makoto Omori, the director of news broadcasting at TV U Fukushima covered ETHOS, Dialogue seminars, and interview on related scholars.

However, amazingly,  Mr. Omori is the person who falsified the death cause of Fukushima high school student.  http://koukaishitsumon.blogspot.jp/2013/09/tvtufa-concerned-fukushima-citizen.html

In 2011, two Fukushima high school students died, one died of disease and the other was "sudden death." Mr. Omori sent out his tweet saying, "One student died of a traffice accident," contrary to the fact!  I checked the fact by calling Fukushima High School and TUF office. 

However, they just ignored my claim saying, "We didn't broadcast such news.  It was just a tweet," and didn't correct his falsified tweet though they admitted the fact I presented.


Isn't it a problem that such a person produces programs on ETHOS interviewing Ms. Ryoko Ando and Professor Ryugo Hayano?


Favorable TV programs have been produced for Fukushima ETHOS and related matters (such as gormet and traveling in contaminated areas), while almost no child thyroid cancer related programs have been prodeced nationwide.   

Isn't this a grave matter as a nation?



In newspaper reporting as well, it is a known fact that Matsutaro Shoriki, the former president of Yomiuri Newspaper and CIA agent named "Podam,"so-called the Father of Japanese Nuclear Power, had introduced nuclear power to Japan in collaboration with CIA. 

However, without any reflection over Fukushima accident, Yomiuri newspaper sends out pronuclear editorials with a lot of contradictions.   What do you think of this issue?  (I myself asked this question to Yomiuri Newspaper, but I haven't received any reply yet.)


Furthermore, Mr. Tsuneo Watanabe, the chairman of Yomiuri Group has been  appointed as the chairman of "Information Maintenance Advisory Meeting." 

I think this could be  a crisis as a nation in view to protect the people not only from the violation of freedom of speech but also the right of living.  What do you think of this biased appointment?  (This question is also related to the ensuing Question 4.)

3. 地震と原発に関してのご質問
Questions regarding Earthquakes and Nuclear Power Plants

I would like to ask this question to the related ministries/agencies for the restart of nuclear power plants.

Quite regretfully, catastrophic Fukushima accident did happen, which made so many people to abondan their homeland, most of which can never be recovered as it used to be. 


This is quite a basic question, but isn't is necessary not to let any more catastrophic accident occur in Japan?  In order to prevent such accident for 100%, isn't it necessary not to restart nuclear power plant?


To begin with, isn't it odd that the government of Japan tries to restart nuclear power though the installed capacity of electricity can cover the maximum demand in 2014 summer with more than 3% surplus in all the electricity companies? 

Isn't it absurd that Japan is preparing for the restart of nuclear power with concrete disaster management in surrounding municipalities? 


The nuclear power was introduced to Japan before the Techtonics Theory, the foundation of today's seismology was established. 

Japan, located on the four different plate boudaries, is too dangerous to have nuclear power plants from the beginning.

Map with Areas with M7 class earthquakes (red) and locations of nuclear power plants (black)


(I once helped translation of Mr. Kiyoo Mogi, the former chairman of Society of Earthquake Prediction Coordination and the professor emeritus of Tokyo University.  He called me some years ago only to tell me to send out the information I have in English to the world.)


Not only that, Fukushima Daiichi No.4 reactor had an accident even it was not under operation.  The countermeasures to prevent radiation leakage should be the top priority.  Spent fuel rods should be retained such as in dry casks so that they will not see any massive radiation leak when the next earthquake come somewhere in Japanese archipelago.


In addition, Rokkasho Reprocessing Plant has high level radioactive waste liquid as much as 60 times of radition released in Fukushima accident, and Tokai Reprocessing Plant nearly 100 times though it is only 100km away.  This issue should be dealt with immediately.


Quite strangely, though not many people talk about this, but Fukushima accident was a fortunate accident in a way, since the cotrol rods were successfully inserted in all the reactors.



In case of Chernobyl accident that may have been caused by an local earthquake, control rods could not be inserted successfully and explosion ocurred only dozens of seconds later.  If such a situaion occurs, filter vent cannot be very helpful.  What do you think of this matter?


Earthquake could deform the base of nuclear reactor with the emergence of faults, which could lead to inperfect insert of control rods or breakage of main piping system, but these serious consequences have not been considered.  It is a false assumption that the base rock would never been broken by earthquakes.


In fact in the 2007 earthquake, Kashiwazaki-Kariwa had a maximum gap of 1.6 m in the premise, and the ensuing IAEA report said that there could be 2~3meter upheaval, but this most important sentence was omitted from the translated version of NISA.  Why was that?


 As for Sendai Nuclear Power Plant, which is said to be the first one to be restarted this summer, had a scandal before the construction of the plant, where a whistle blower said that many people were replacing the boring cores to pretend that the soil was harder than actual ones.

In addition, 2 times of M6 class earthquake in the area in 1997 proved that there are active faults near the site.



 In 2009 Iwate Miyagi Inland earthquake (M7.2), 4022 gal was measured, which became the world record accerelation speed, where there was no visible active faults. 

While it has already proven as a established scientific facts that there can be big quakes without any visible active faults, isn't it an obsolute methodology to check for active faults near the nuclear power plant sites to judge the possibility of restarting?


Ikata nuclear power plant right in front of Median Techtonic Line is said to be hit by a 2000 year interval major earthquake in the near future. 


Japanese nuclear plants were built in the areas where there have not been major earthquakes for many years, which actually means that there could be major earthquakes in such areas in the near future. 

Fukushima nuclear power accident could have been one of such examples.

What do you think?


Let me repeat that there is no other way than suspending all the nuclear power plants and to retain spent fuel and high level radioactive waste in proper manners to avert further nuclear accident 100%. 

Please tell me whether the government has the will to prevent nuclear/radiation related accident for the future.


To add another point, the government of Japan has been promoting nuclear power export.  I was very surprised to read that 500 million yen was allocated for research on nuclear export out of the Reconstruction budget.  Isn't it ethically wrong to sell nuclear technology which cannot be controlled within its own country?  I would like to ask this question particularly to Ministry of Economy and Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Monju Nishimura Incident and Murder of TEPCO Yasuko Watanabe


In the murder case of TEPCO Yasuko Watanabe http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Murder_of_Yasuko_Watanabe, it was proven that the suspect Mr. Govinda Mainali was proven innocent.  However, why does the Japanese police make no investigation to find the true criminal (who could be still hiding somewhere in Tokyo) even though the third party's DNA was found in the victim's nails?  


Prior to this incident, I had a strong suspicion regarding Monju Nishimura Case, which is suspected to be a homicide by nuclear lobby.  As for this case, I visited the victim's wife's house and interviewed her, and made copies of the victim's medical records and so on.


What made me scared even more was that the lawyer who undertook this case, Mr. Yuichi Kaido (former Secretary General of Japan Federation of Bar Association), made this as a civil case instead of a criminal case though the medical records and X-ray photos showed that it was a homicide.  Regarding this, I sent a questionnaire to JFBA, but I received a mail rejecting to answer.


I would like to ask about the issues of Monju Nishimura Case and the murder case of TEPCO Yasuko Watanabe especially to Ministry of Justice, National Police Agency, and Supreme Prosecutors' Office. 

These murder cases could even affect Japan's future nuclear policy, so I would like these cases to be thoroughly investigated.


I don't think my question is something ridiculous.
There have been nuclear lobby related murders overseas.


In 1974, Karen Silkwood Incidence took place in 1974, which lead to a major scandal and the MOX fuel factory Karen used to work for was closed down later on.


私は来日して講演会をしたニュージーランドのKate Dewes女史の通訳をしたことがあり、Dewes女史のパートナーでもある、元英国海軍最高司令官の参謀将校であったRobert Green氏の叔母である反原発活動家のHilda Murrel女史が惨殺され、"A Thorn in Their Side"という本が2013年に出版されました。

In UK as well, a murder of an anti-nuclear activist took place.I  came to know about this case through Ms. Kate Dewes, a New Zealander anti-nuke activist for whom I interpreted for her lecture.  Her partner is Mr. Rober Green, who used to be Staff Officer (Intelligence) to the Commander-in Chief Fleet in British Ministry of Defense, and his aunt and anti-nuclear power activist Ms. Hilda Murrel was brutally killed in UK, which is written in a book called, "A Thorn in Their Side" published in 2013.



Aside from questioning, Ms Dewes worked on the issue of malformation of babies among women living in Marshall Islands and also interviewed second generation of Hiroshima and Nagasaki women independently to show that there have been genetic effects of radiation among human beings.  I truly believe that Japanese scholars who deny genetic effects should learn from her activities.)


Various Harassment and Threats against Mari Takenouchi 

竹野内に関しては、2012年の夏、エートスに反対の意見をツイッター上で拡散し始めた直後、近所で不審者が現れ、当時2歳の息子にまで手を出され, 警察に通報をしました。http://www.asyura2.com/12/genpatu26/msg/301.html 

In the summer of 2012, when Takenouchi started to raise her voice against Fukushima ETHOS on twitter, a suspicious man appeared in her neighborhood and picked up Takenouchi's then 2 year old boy.  I reported this incident to the local police.


Coincidently, there have been countless number of people who sent me threatening tweets, such as, "Takenouchi is only sending out defamation," "Her personality is twisted," and among others, there were some scary ones, too such as"I will kill you old lady," "Die" "Watch out for a fire," etc.


As for this problem, I started consulting the local police but they say it will take time to identify anonymous ones, I would like to ask all the related Ministries/Agencies whether there are anybody like Mr. Mizuno in the Reconstruction Agency, who used to send slandering tweets to anti-nuclear citizens.

刑事告訴を受けている竹野内に対し、「子供と引き離されるぞ」と何度も脅してくる@scg_asami のような人物や、味方のふりをして真夜中に電話をかけてきて「あなたの可愛い盛りの息子さんは私が預かります」と真夜中に電話をかけてきた@irakusaのような女性も現れました。

After the criminal accusation, there were some unbelievable malicious slanders such as @scq_asami who repeatedly told me on twitter, "Your child will be taken away to special institute where he would be better off away from you."  Another twitter @irakusa even called Takenouchi in the middle of night pretending as a friend, repeatedly saying, "I can take care of your cute 4 year old boy at my place."


Furthermore, there are some people who say that they will resort to further legal accusation against Mari Takenouchi who has already been under a criminal accusation from ETHOS leader. As for these people, my mother wrote an open letter to these harasserers.


At present, I have been threatened by Ms. Nanaka Shimotani, the CEO of Rafco. Inc., who tweeted Takenouchi,
"Be prepared with an experienced lawyer in a civil case." "Why don't we call her (Takenouchi) a ball of flames as lawsuit target?" 

These threats are really frightening one for a single mother like me and I think there are possibilities of these people who actually file a lawsuit against me just like Ms. Ryoko Ando. As for Ms. Shimotani, she started harassing me right after I raised my opponent voice against ETHOS in the summer of 2012, and also closely watched my tweets right after the criminal accusation.


Her company webpage is now invisible, but through search, there is a banner saying, "Hang in There North East Japan" and I suspected that she may be related to the reconstruction project considering her persistant harassment against me.


It is quite hard to think of a reason why a company CEO whose capital is 5 million yen (50,000 US dollars) has been repeating creepy tweets against me, and further declaring that she would resort to a civil case against me.


Her tweet toward Ms. Ryoko Ando, the ETHOS leader, to notify my tweet begging Ms. Ando to withdraw her accusation because of my possible incapability of taking care of my infant child.  She forwarded my tweet faster than anybody else. 


https://twitter.com/search?q=RafcoInc%20mariscontact&src=typd In April of 2014, she was calling for spam reporting my twitter account @mariscontact to be shut down on twitter under her account@rafcocc, and I also found that as early as 2012, she was also calling for spam report against my account for no particular reason. 





Likewise, I have a strong suspicion over Lawyer Yoshiro Yabe, who used to be a prosecutor. 

He has been harassing me after ETHOS criminal accusation, including threats, "Why don't we sue each other?" "The compensation amount for your slander against me would be enormous,"etc. 

After the criminal accusation, Mr. Yabe continuously harrassed me on twitter, http://twilog.org/motoken_tw/search?word=mariscontact&ao=a and I reported this to Kyoto Lawyers' Association where Mr. Yabe belongs to.

I also reported Lawyer Yabe's problem to Japan Federation of Bar Association along with other issues, but I was refused to reply.http://savekidsjapan.blogspot.jp/2014/03/japan-bar-association-refused-to-answer.html



Actually, I have asked Mr. Yabe a number of times, "Have you not received any reward from ETHOS or ETHOS related people?" If he hasn't he should have responded immediately saying, "No!  That's a rude question!" or whatever.

However, Lawyer Yabe had not responded for some days, and on one day, after I repeated the same question for 5 or 6 times, I disseminated that in English on my twitter, then Lawyer Yabe swiftly answered, "I haven't received any," and sent me an e-mail right away.  (Mr. Yabe also sent me e-mails in a panicked manner when I listed his photo on my blog, and this was his 2nd time. ) 


Lawyer Yabe seems to have some connections with ETHOS leader Ms. Ryoko Ando.


Lawyer Yabe once defensed Ms. Ryoko Ando's word, "Why don't we stop this extreme logic, Is not life important?" under his twitter account @motoken_tw. He shifted the point of argument saying, "We cannot really protect lives through a limited vision (here a limited vision means consistently being worried with radiation exposure problem)"

Lawyer Yabe was conversing with Ms. Ryoko Ando on twitter in August 2012 regarding potato stew festival in East Japan.


In regard to Lawyer Yabe's deeds, I was truly shocked.  One time, Mr. Koichi Hosomi, a Kyoto resident who owns an ohagi (Japanese sweets) shop, tweeted, "Go to Okinawa to suck Takenouchi's nipples."

すると、匿名の@tsukiko0000 @tmycc @kafka69らが逆に「竹野内こそがセクハラ女」であると驚くべきデマを流しました。

Then amazingly, some anonymous twitter users such as @tsukiko0000, @tmcyy and @kafka69 etc have been attacking Takenouchi as "sexual harrasing woman" though I was under sexually abused on twitter.


In April 2014, I was surprised to see that @tsukiko0000 and @tmcyy have actually been communicating with Ms. Ryoko Ando @ryoko_ando, the accuser of the case.https://twitter.com/search?q=tmcyy%20ando_ryoko&src=typd 


Responding to this, I told them that I would report their deeds to the local police and ask them to identify @tsukiko0000. (I had announced that I would report to the local police for the continuous harassement on the internet)


Then, tsukiko0000 consulted Lawyer Yoshiro Yabe for preparing suing me in stead!  Right after that, lawyer Yabe asked me under sexual harrassement on twitter, "Would you please tell me your detailed address?"


I report the deeds of lawyer Yabe to Japan Federation of Bar Association and Kyoto Bar Association.  JFBA ignored my question and though Kyoto Bar Association sent a letter to lawyer Yabe, he did not mind at all saying, "The letter didn't include any guidance or order.  Bar association would never make any move for a telephone call of a person who calls herself Mari Takenouchi"

これらの人々は、あまりに嫌がらせの度合いが壮絶であったため、海外のNuclear Newsというサイトが、英文記事で掲載しております。


However, since the degree of their harrassement was so fierce, Nuclear News, a foreign internet site carried my story in English.http://nuclear-news.net/2014/04/14/lawyer-yabe-ms-shimoya-and-friends-target-mari-takenouchi-in-a-disgusting-campaign-of-hate-and-sexual-abuse-with-no-comment-from-the-ethos-child-killers/


Once again, is there any possibility that the former prosecutor and the incumbent lawyer Yoshiro Yabe is connected with ETHOS or government related people who supports ETHOS with some involvement with police and/or prosecutors' office.



Even my twitter seemed to be a target of attacks, such as decreasing number of followers in an unatural way and inability to find my own tweets through searching my own account @mariscontact, resulting in much fewer RTs, and frequent automatic log-out.

My English twitter account @SaveKidsJapan had been suspended for use by the attacks by internet obstructers the day before I went to the local police to report the their harrassement. (Several days later, @SaveKidsJapan went back to service.)


I have been harassed by these people beyond description, which has inflicting me tremendous stress.


On April 26th, a teacher at my 4 year old son's nursery school asked me, "It seems that your son has been under some sort of stress especially since this April.  Has there been anything different for him?"


Prior to the unjust criminal accusation, my son and I used to have a quiet happy life.  I think this is a mass mental harassement and abuse against a single mother and an infant.


This open questions directly related to me and my son's lives and also to humanitarian issue of children living in contaminated areas.

I would appreciate your sincere and earnest response.


Below are the twitter accounts which sent out malicious slanders against Mari Takenouchi @mariscontact

ewa4618 (白岩譲という報告あり), Promised_Land12 (本人報告、北村博昭), scg_asami (私の子供が引き離されると何度も脅迫),
sexxor_asset (刑事告訴後も私の侮辱まとめをたくさん作ってしつこい) miyakuro, take_judge (「生きているのも後悔するくらいにしてやる」と脅迫), Arima_Suki, khoryu, tsukiko0000(セクハラを受ける竹野内をセクハラ女であるとデマ流す), tmcyy(同左), lllpuplll (日本語と英語でしつこく嫌がらせ), kafuka69, vfk_ken, unkosoba, shigerikofuku                  SKC38,taka_x_taka,  b_schumannian, sexxor, gloriousbeater, tappatan, jun1sato, erezohya, koduck_psyduck, chico_love, Co_hey, maibaba311(私を裁判にかけたい人募集中と呼びかける自称福島からの避難ママ), honnosense (私の誹謗中傷ブログを長期にわたり掲載), sakanaya701, orca_sea_earth, teammaruyu2gou, cowcowboya (大阪在住の山田健二という報告あり), takemotojunichi, ryomax, lovelysadoka, sis_sis, neologcutter, akuby_Rat, maco2co, suchizoidman, keroa18, jigen_the3,  Photobra7(那覇在住の大木利明という報告。一番最初から陰湿な嫌がらせを続けていた), koitaro, moegikaoru, BBFukushima21, hy_cl, yo_mu, svol50, KAENDAIKO66, kawazu66, bananadaiquiri, higuma_saikyo, magadeth0907, GwanChan, iamdreamers, zungyo, Niji_zero, Friendboy42, akatsuki_no_mori, JosephYoiko, maco2ro, gullebi, terzoterzo, aukiglg, BudgieR, blue_bar, heart_of_tiger3, kakansaku, ama_shigeru, aoi_rakugaki, kylyn3, hoshi_hamburg, akitojk, Chlothilde, kanaria_kanaria, sakiryon, nyakonyako, ryoFC, tana_co,  maroonstar7001, matsukichi_, ritsudon, b_schumannian  george00, nails_intheroad,   uraent,  deisospiri,
piman2233, moetreehaihai, setsuko1234,     abosikunat, shigerikofuku, Dahlia874, soramyu1, nii_motoharu, junnttinne, ayum_kun2005, shigerikofuku, bluerose8714, mcnurunuru, koyuki1114, hourouyarou, bikitan6464, k_reichan, sin2953, hyotto_koko, @Drif85 (everytime I block, he creates new account putting different numbers),
     erotima999       ,    omega_bridge         taka_x_taka                           worldwideweb01           ebizohgul fossilecosystem                  murphy_usa             Qooxorange      sabotenl, turunokameko,   HighColor9629 redsun8812   _rider                      kiri_7771                    michinoku_geq           nails_intheroad    worldwideweb01                     eternal_17teen, irakusa (刑事告訴直後、「子供を預かってあげる」と真夜中に電話してきた女性)       pond_style                 

kiri_7771            (私の動画を「見ずに低評価を入れるように」皆に号令をかけている)            pxp03200                  GENTHALf  JosephYoiko   (私の通った米国の大学と大学院の名前がデマであるという、「デマ」を拡散している。「低線量被曝が体に良いとする」ホルミシス信者でもある。) ryu1so  ·aoi_rakugaki              kaachaaaaan                     F15MJ                   ayumu_kun2005                  JapanAnon                  amagiboushi(この方は昭和40年代生まれの工学博士だそうですが、私が嘘をついていると、私のフォロワーに英語で拡散している)

(These are just part of it.  I have blocked nearly 3000 accounts in these 2 years. これはほんの一部です。この2年間で約3000のアカウントをブロックしてきました。)