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Most thyroid cancer kids had metastasis in their lymph nodes or lungs! リンパ節転移や肺転移などがほとんど


"(As for the 51 thyroid cancer kids' operation,) I am not conducting any unecessary surgeries, but in most cases, the cancer has been metastasized to lymph nodes or lungs."
(In June, 2014, Dr. in the center in a white robe.  The photo was taken in May 2014, when Prime Minister Abe visited Fukushima Medical University.  He denied any health hazards caused by nuclear accident even nose bleeding, though at this stage, Dr. Suzuki must have told Prime Minister Abe regarding metastasized thyroid cancer kids.)
 On 2014 May 17, Prime Minister Abe visited Fukuhima Medical University where Fukushima kids thyroid cancer surgeries are operated.  Abe should be aware that most thyroid cancer kids have already have metastasis by conversing with Dr. Shinichi Suzuki.

From the left
Ms. Masako Mori (Minister of Countermeasures for Less Children)
Mr. Takumi Nemoto (Minister of Reconstruction Agency)
Mr. Yoshitami Kameoka (Cabinet Minister Aid)
Prime Minister Shinzo Abe
Mr. Shunichi Yamashita (Vice Rector of Fukushima Medical University)
Dr. Shinichi Suzuki (Fukushima Medical University)
Mr. Shinichi Kikuchi (Director of Board, Fukushima Medical University)
Mr. Kenji Kamiya (Vice Rector of Fukuhima Medical University)
Mr. Masahumi Abe (Director Radiological Medicine Fukushima Prefecture Health Management Center) 
安倍晋三 鈴木真一 山下俊一(福島医大副学長) 根本匠 (復興大臣) 亀岡偉民(内閣府大臣政務官) 森まさこ(少子化担当大臣) 菊地臣一(福島医大理事長) 神谷研二(福島医大副学長) 阿部正文(放射線医学県民健康管理センター長)

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福島、がんの転移数公表求める 子どもの甲状腺検査で

Fukushima prefecture asks the number of cancer matastasis on thyorid examination on children

47News 2014/06/10 21:44


On June 2014, Fukushima prefecture held a evacuation committee on child thyroid examination for checking Fukushima Daiichi nuclear accident. 

Regarding the 50 thyroid cancer kids, some experts said that they conducted operation too hastily, and asked for the data of cancer matastasis numbers to Fukushima Medical University which has been conducting the medical examination.


370,000 children under 18 at the time of the nuclear accident are subject to thyroid examination and so far, 50 have been confirmed to have cancer and 39 are suspected.


Professor Kenji Shibutani from Tokyo University asked for the disclosure of metastasis on lymph nodes or those who have difficulty speaking.


Ourplanet TV  06/10/2014 - 07:14


Many with lymph nodes metastasis among Fukushima Thyroid Cancer Kids


An experts' subcomittee was held on June 10 for thyroid cancer screening examination to conduct health effect survey after TEPCO Fukushima Daiichi nuclear accident. 

In regard to the fact that many children have gone through thyroid surgeries, there was a heated discussion whether the surgeries were over medical practices or not. 

During the course of discussion, it was revelaed that there are many serious cases including lymph nodes metastasis among those who went through surgery.


Professor Shinichi Suzuki, the surgeon from Fukushima Medical University, asserted, "Some talk about excess medical practices, but I do not conduct surgery if not necessary.  Not a single case is an excess practice."


Professor Suzuki further explained, "Most cases are those who have difficulty speaking, and those who have metastasis on their lymph nodes and lungs and we could not help conducting surgeries on them"


Professor Shibutani further asked, "but if you say that the number of thyroid cancer was increased due to mere examination, doesn't that mean you are conducting excess medical practices?  How many cases of lymph nodes metastasis were there?" 

Professor Suzuki answered, "I am not disclosing the number of lymph nodes metastasis here," while he repeatedly said, "I am not doing any unecessary surgery."


Responding to these arguments, vice chairperson of Japan Science Council, Ms. Fumiko Kasuga asserted that data on the 2nd examination and thereafter should be disclosed while considering the patients' privacy issues.  She also stated the retaining the first hand data is mandatory. Dr. Miwa Nishi from Hiroshima Red Cross Hospital agreed Ms. Kasuga saying, "I express my agreement as a sub committee." Professor Shibutani also asserted the necessity to share the database.  Since the committee chairman Professor Shimizu admitted the necessity, the data regarding the surgery will likely to be announced to the subcomittee from the next time onwards.

注:Ourplanet TVの元記事から肺転移を抜かすという話がありますが、私は残すつもりです。菅谷松本市長が小児甲状腺がん手術の6人に1人が肺転移していたと著書『子供たちを放射能から守るために』(亜紀書房、2011、952円)に書いているし、私は以前にお電話でも確かめました。
Note: I heard that lung metastasis is deleted from the original blog of Outplanet TV, but I decided to keep it as it was.  As for lung cancer metastasis, the Matsumoto City Mayor Dr. Sugenoya wrote in his book, "One out of every 6 children had metastasis in their lungs in case of Chernobyl children's thyroid cancer."  I confirmed this through telephone conversation with Dr. Sugenoya some time before.
Compared to 40% metastasis to lymph nodes among Chernobyl thyroid cancer kids, which was written by Dr. Yamashita in his 2009 thesis, it is smaller, but still one out of 6 is big enough.  On top of that, lung cancer metastasis is being observed now among Fukushima kids...
On June 13, I met Ms. Mika Noro who has been providing homestay for Cheronobyl children for more than 20 years, and she also told me that there have been lots of children who got metastasis in their lymph nodes and also lungs.
As for the treatment of transferred lung cancer, she said massive amount of iodine 131 should be administered to children. (Mayor Matsumoto talked the same...)  I am not knowlegeable about this treatment and have questions such as, "Could iodine 131 cure lung cancer?" "Isn't there any possibility for secondary cancer for this treatment?"  If anybody knows about this treatment issue, please provide information to mariscontact@gmail.com