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More Support Needed for Takenouchi! 海外の人が竹野内へのさらなる支援を呼びかける(感謝!)

 The Nuclear Attacks on Mari Takenouchi: Free Information, Health and Safety in today Japan

From http://fukushimaemergencywhatcanwedo.blogspot.fr/2014/07/the-nuclear-attacks-on-mari-takenouchi.html より

I am appealing to all of you, students, activists, bloggers, podcasters, journalists, lawyers, doctors, stand up to help denounce and expose those pro-nuclear agents'  illegal permanent harassment of Mari Takenouchi.



A Fukushima evacuee, single mother,  Mari Takenouchi became an full-time independent journalist after 311, a beacon in the night calling attention to the plight of the Fukushima children, of the Fukushima evacuees and non-evacuees, calling for the protection and evacuation of the Fukushima Children.


She needs OUR HELP. She is now under observation by some nuclear offices and agents, virtual and in real life. Those pro-nuclear agents are constantly harassing her, pressuring her, intimidating her, in their will to silence her.


We can make them stop, if we all denounce those illegal acts, on our blogs, podcasts, websites articles, bringing maximum exposure to their harassment, those pro-nukers will realize that their actions are counter-productive, that more they pressure her to silence her, more they will be bring attention to her cause worldwide and more international support for Mari Takenouchi, then they will have to reconsider and stop.


Due to the present Japanese Government politics and their recent State Secrecy Law, somehow most the Japanese people are presently scared to support her, to become involved and implicated.
It belong to us, the foreign No Nukes activists to bring her our full and loud support, that is the least we can do for a lady who  has been courageously opposing and denouncing the activities of Nuclear lobby Ethos Project in Fukushima.

Mari needs our help, let's not abandon this lady to fight those crooks alone.
Thank you in advance for you future given support to Mari.






Mari Takenouchi, a Japanese journalist is under criminal accusation by Fukushima ETHOS leaders – who work FOR the nuclear holocaust industry, AGAINST people, but fake it as humanitarian aid.


“ETHOS and CORE, who must take their share of the responsibility. (Translator’s note: CEPN is the Centre d’étude sur l’Evaluation de la Protection dans le domaine Nucléaire ; Mutadis, ETHOS and CORE are all offshoots of the French nuclear industry, financed either through Electricité de France or the Autorité de Sureté Nucléaire.)


The same fate awaits the Japanese people and their children living in areas contaminated by the Fukushima disaster because the same strategy is being put in place in Japan with the same players, the same pseudo-scientific justifications and under the aegis of the same authorities.”:



竹野内氏からの最新資料 Latest (quote):

To Asahi Newspaper朝日新聞殿:貴社の写真から冷泉明彦@Joseph Yoikoと@Nii_Motoharuが竹野内の住所を特定し仲間内で拡散しています!


@Nii_Motoharu and @JosephYoiko attacks Mari Takenochi

@Nii_Motoharu and @JosephYoikoが私の自宅まで拡散すると言う嫌がらせ!


After the German blogger wrote the following, @JosephYoiko sent him a threatening mail to him!
Now we are looking for a German lawyer!

@JosephYoiko attacks Mari Takenouchi by disseminating her apartment! (how dirty!)

@Nii_Motoharu who attacks Mari Takenouchi and even her parents

To Asahi Newspaper朝日新聞殿:貴社の写真から冷泉明彦@Joseph Yoikoが竹野内の住所を特定し仲間内で拡散しています!

不起訴ですが、私を犯罪者とみなす起訴猶予! 拡散続けて下さい。英文記事と和訳「ツイートで刑事告訴?」Please keep sharing though I got unindicted. “How could a single tweet land Takenouchi in Jail?” http://savekidsjapan.blogspot.jp/2014/05/please-disseminate-this-article-along.html

More on her website: 
竹野内真理氏の「Save Kids Japan」のブログに更なる情報があります。


I do really appreciate kindness of overseas supporters.
On the contrary, Asahi newspaper, which triggered this time's stalker incident, had not earnestly addressed the issue... The following is the story..
July 31, Asahi PR section person called me and said that they cannot accept my proposal to address the following issue.

Stalker issue triggered by Asahi photo


I told Asahi that their way of coping the stalker issue was extremely regretful.


First of all, though I was panickly told Asahi regarding the photo which identify the apartment of me and my son for net harassers on 28th, they did not take it down until on 30th, when I realized and hastly called the City News Section to take it down.

(The PR section person did not make an apology but in stead told me not to call City News Section.)



Furthermore, through the conversation, I realized that Asahi has never checked @Nii_Motoharu and @JosephYoiko's tweets at all...


Moreover, the reporter who took the photo and carried the photo in her article has been ignoring this case though I contacted her through telephone and mail.  She was using her tweets just as regularly...


However, what is most important is, though Asahi carried my article with a colored photo in nationwide version when I just evacuated to Okinawa after Fukushima, they have been ignoring me when I pleaded directly to the UN regarding Fukushima kids and when I got criminally accused by ETHOS (this news was carried by Reporters without Boarders and other foreign media) and then been under harrasment by many including those who disclose my apartment due to Asahi's photo!


I once again asked Asahi Newspaper to convey my opinion above to the appropriate section of the company.