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2 US sailors dead after Fukushima radiation exposure 福島被曝後に2人の米兵士が死亡!(CBSニュース)

12月5日更新 Updated on Dec 5,

"Health Damage Lawsuit by US Navy sailors in Ronald Regan"

弁護士の呉東正彦さんとOur Planet TVの白石草さん
Lawyer Masahiko Goto interviewed by Ms. Hajime Shiraisi from Out Planet TV http://ourplanet-tv.org/?q=node/1863



Q:  On October 2014, Southern California Federal Court dismissed the plea by TEPCO in regard to the lawsuit filed by 239 US navy sailors who served for Operation Tomodachi, and a full fledged deliberation is to be started.

Would you please give explanation as a lawyer who has supported the Yokosuka Port issue?


In December 2012, 8 US navy sailors filed a lawsuit against TEPCO at Southern California Federal Local Court.


At that time, the plaintiff insisted that TEPCO hid the accident in collaboration with Japanese government.


Against this, TEPCO refuted that their plea should be dismissed due to the alleged involvement of govenment of Japan, which needs some political decision beyond the judgement of a court.


In November 2013, the first order was handed down through oral proceedings.  The court admitted the dismissal proposal by TEPCO, but suggested the plaintiffs that they can file the suit again with renewed complaint.  So, it was a conditional dismissal.


Since the plaintiff came up with the renewed complaint, the lawsuit was revived.


The second complaint was filed by 80 plaintiffs on February 5, 2014.


They focused on the negligence of TEPCO.


It was in the form of Class Action with 80 plaintiffs representing the lawsuit with the prediction of increasing number of plaintiffs in the future.


They insisted that TEPCO should prepare  a fund of 1 billion dollars first.

Then the plaintiffs whoes damages were admitted shall be paid for the appropriate amount from the fund.  Therefore, there are 2 steps for the plaintiffs.

Q:  That system seems like drug-induced damages lawsuit.


A: That is correct.  They asked for the fund of 1 billion dollars first and then the victims can get the damage fee.  Japan does not have this kind of lawsuit.


Q: In Japan, usually, political decision comes first, but in this case, the lawsuit is underway.


A:  1 billion dollars seem to be a lot, but it is not the case.  Since this fund is demanded in order to all the radiation victims in the future.

Q:  I heard that the number of plaintiffs is increasing..

The second oral proceeding took place on August 25th, 2014 with the third complaint.  At that time, the number of plaintiffs boosted to 223.

The accused this time is including TEPCO, GE, EBASCO (a GE's subsidiary company), Hitachi, and Toshiba.  They included these nuclear manufacturers since negligence on the design is included not only the negligence of the operation.


On October 28, there was another oral proceeding where the plea by TEPCO for dismissal of the lawsuit was not accepted by the court this time.


There are 2 reasons for this.


Since there is no involvement of the Japanese government, the court can come up with their own decision.


Another reason is that TEPCO insisted that the lawsuit should be carried out in Japanese courts, but the plaintiffs insisted that they cannot go to Japan and the issue is related to the state benefit.  The claim by the plaintiffs was accepted by the court.

The full fledged deliberation is to be started in the US.


On November 18, the final version of the third complaint was filed with 239 plaintiffs.  Of those, 2 soldiers already died.

Q:  How were they exposed to radiation and what kind of health hazards did they get?

They all seem to be young.


A: The earthquake took place on March 11.  The unit 1 exploded on 12th.  At that time, Air Craft Career Regan was on the way to Korea, but it was ordered to go for the rescue operation off the coast of Sanriku.


So they went to off the coast of Sanriku on the 13th, when they were directly hit by the radiation plume.  Alarm went off in the ship.


However, under such situation, sailors were forced to work on the deck for 5 hours in rain, wind and snow.  The soldiers also felt something was wrong.


Not only that, a nuclear aircraft career use sea water by desalination.  Only on March 15, they stopped drinking the desalinated water.  So the sailors may have drunk the contaminated water which caused the internal exposure.


Q: So they were exposed to the high initial dose.  How about the protection suit and iodine tablet? Were they provided?

A: Here is a photo where the sailors were decontaminating the deck at the end of March.  They were not wearing protective suits and wore regular uniforms.  They kept being exposed to low dose radiation.


They continued being onboard also.

In the written statement, there were some beds near the outlet of the ventilation system which was quite a hotspot, and one sailor was contained in the hotspot like a canned food.  Later he developed a cancer.


Q: The vast majority of sailors were in their 20s and you said that there were some who even died...

A: 2 soldiers died. 

One died of synovial sarcoma, a kind of cancer.  He was in his 30s and died in April 2014.

The second one died of leukemia in September 2014.


Other than these 2 people, many soldiers in their 20s or 30s have developed unbelievable diseases, such as thyroid cancer, breast cancer, testis cancer, brain tumor, etc.

ガンの人もたくさんいるし、胃腸の不調、全身が動かなくなったり、生殖関係。There are many who are suffering from cancer and also malfunction of gastrointestinal tracts, sudden inmobility of the body, and malfunction of reproduction system...


Q: I also heard that there was a pregnant woman who delivered a baby with multiple gene tumultus.

A: There were many young women sailors and one woman was pregnant.  She delivered her baby in October and her baby had gene tumultus.


Q:  Seems like many people do not have only one symptom but they do have multiple symptoms.


A: Not only their thyroid, but also they develop symptoms in their gastrointestinal system, musles, fever, and etc.  It seems that these are typical radiation exposure symptoms.

Q: Can they keep working for the military anymore?

A: One third of the plaintiffs are still working.  However, after developing such symptoms, many soldiers left their services.  If they leave the military in their 20s, there will be no allowance and their living is quite hard.


Q: Usually these soldiers join the military for earning to go to school and other reasons..

A: Right.  Some complain that they planned to go to school after the service, but they gave up.  Also they have diseases and have worries for the future.


Q: What is the perspective of the future court proceedings?

A:  The deliberation will start from now on.

One focus is on the causal relationship between the accident/Operation Tomodachi and the massive development of diseases.

They have to check the radiation level in those days and the condition.


Another focus is to proove the symptoms caused by radiation.


The good point of US court is jury system.  General public can stand on the side of the victims and think what should be done. 

Q:  At this point, the estimation of individual dose has not been calculated, right?

A: Right.  They are now compiling the medical data from each person's hospital.

Also, they were not wearing dosemeters.


There were some dosimeters, but only the officers had them.  There were iodine tablets but only officers took them and rank& file soldiers did not take them.

Q: That is awful.  The young could not take the iodine tablets...


A: Coming up evidence will be a hard way. They have to pile up facts one by one.

Q: As for Regan Case, there have been communications between Japan and US, and what kind of impact do you expect?


A: There are two aspects.  I myself did not know the reality of the victims.

The soldiers exposure may have been greater than any other part of Japan, because the wind was blowing from land to sea. 


Although they tried to help Japanese people through Operation Tomodachi, they have exposed to radiation massively due to the wind direction.


I think we Japanese need to humbly accept this fact.

However, the US Navy ignored, and Japanese government ignored and so did TEPCO.

Not only TEPCO, both the government of Japan and the US pretend that they have nothing to do with the Case.


We are also victims, but by knowing their damages, we could be united and act together.


Q: In Japan also, there have been various diseases, and many children got thyroid cancer..

However, in case of Japan, it is hard to raise voice.

In this Case, the health damage itself is on focus, and there may be many people in Japan who can cooperate with the US victims through similar symptoms.


A: At first, one woman soldier went to consult a lawyer.  The lawyer visited the base and interviewed many soldiers and then he found such soldier one after another.

After the media's broadcasting, more names were listed.


In this way, lots of consulation were made to the lawyers.


Serious damages seem to be exising widely.


There is a high possibility that there are more victims other than the plaintiffs.


CBS: Now 2 US sailors dead after Fukushima radiation exposure — Doctor: Officials have to re-look at this entire situation — Reporter who served on USS Reagan: “We were done so wrong… Critical health risk to all of us onboard… People are not realizing how serious the issue is” (VIDEO)



Published: November 25th, 2014 at 12:11 pm ET

California State University, Northridge, Nov 12, 2014: Little did [U.S. Navy veteran Kelli Serio, 25] know her service would change the way she viewed the system she vowed her loyalty to… Serio may have been affected by radiation during what she calls her “final and most personally sacrificing deployment” in Japan…

元海軍兵、Kelli Serioさん(25)は、かつて忠誠を誓った軍のシステムに対し、自分の任務遂行によって見方が変わることになろうとは思わなかった。Serioさんは「最後となった最も個人的な犠牲を伴った派遣」となった日本での任務遂行により、放射能に侵されてしまった可能性があると言うのである。

at 18, she enlisted in the U.S. Navy [and] was deployed off Japan’s coast… to assist with the cleanup of the Fukushima nuclear plant. While there, her carrier acted as a floating fuel station… Serio said she’ll never forget the day her captain said their water filtration system had been compromised… “I feel like we were done so wrong,” Serio said. “We were drinking the water.”


Serio said she and the other 70,000 first responders have been dismissed by the government as if nothing happened out there. She wants justice… Serio’s team-like mentality has also led to her modeling with organizations like Pin-Ups for Vets… to help bring up the morale of veterans and current soldiers [and] bring awareness to the men and women who’ve served their country through speaking engagements and visiting patients at veteran hospitals…


[E]arlier this year… she met her friend and mentor, Fox News reporter Hollie McKay [who recommended] Serio for a reporter position at [breitbart.com]… Her first piece for the website was a first-hand account of and a look back at Operation Tomodachi.

今年前半、Serioさんは友人であり彼女のめんたーでもあるFox Newsの記者であるHollie McKayに会った。彼女はSerioさんにBreitbart.comでの記者のポジションを勧めた。彼女がウェブサイトで初めて手掛けたページは、「トモダチ作戦」の実体験と反省であった。

Tahlequah Daily Press, Aug 7, 2014: USS Ronald Reagan… passed through radiation plumes and clouds… the ship and most of those onboard, tested positive for radiation exposure… Serio, now a broadcast journalism major at [CSUN], has recently written a column… on breitbart.com. “I feel as if people are not realizing how serious the issue is, and I would like to shed as much light on it as possible,” said Serio.

Tahlequah Daily Press, 2014年8月7日:USSロナルドレーガン号は放射能プルームと放射能雲の中を通り抜けた。船体もほとんどの乗組員も放射能被曝の検査で陽性が出た。Serioさんは今、カリフォルニア州立大学でTVジャーナリズムを専攻しているが、最近

Breitbart, by Kelli Serio, Jul 23, 2014: I was onboard the USS Ronald Reagan [and went] directly through a radiation cloud. The commanding officer warned us that our water and ventilation systems had been contaminated, posing a critical health risk to all of us onboard. We were advised to refrain from showering or drinking water… Sailors worked tirelessly… while being left vulnerable to dangerous levels of radiation… most of us onboard the ship were tested for radiation exposure and many came back positive, resulting in full-body scrubdowns… [W]e were issued gas masks… myself and other junior sailors were asked to don protective garments in an effort to decontaminate the ship…

Breitbart Kelly Serio、2014年7月23日:私はUSSロナルドレーガン号に乗っていて直接放射能雲の中を通りました。司令官は私たちに、水も空調システムも汚染され、乗船していた私たち皆が深刻な健康リスクにあると警告しました。私たちはシャワーを浴びたり水を飲むのを控えるように言われました。兵士たちは休むことなく働き、その間危険なレベルの放射能に晒されました。乗船していた私たちのほとんどからは放射能が検出され、全身をたわしで洗わなければなりませんでした。 ガスマスクも配布されました。私と若い兵士たちは船を除染するために防護服も着るように言われました。

Proper medical care for the victims of radiation exposure [is needed, it's a] dire situation for many… Many of us are enduring the unfortunate consequences [and] hoping for care from the VA that appears to never arrive… we are reassured of our good health, despite the presence of mysterious and unexplained symptoms… A lack of coverage by the mainstream media has left victims without a voice… We do not want to be forgotten.




CBS San Francisco, Nov 21, 2014: Rare cancers, blindness, birth defects and now, two deaths. Hundreds of U.S. sailors… say they were exposed to dangerous levels of radiation… [Steve] Simmons… began feeling weak and sick with uncontrolled fevers… Soon he was in a wheelchair, unable to walk.

CBS San Francisco, 2014年11月21日:まれにみるガン、失明、先天性異常、そして今は二人の兵士が死亡している。米兵士数百人が危険なレベルの放射能に被曝したと言っている。Steve Simmonsは体力がなくなり、熱ばかり出て体調がすぐれなくなった。しばらくして彼は車いすの状態となり、歩けなくなった。

He says military doctors would never tell him what was wrong. “Every one of them wanted to discredit radiation as a possible cause,” Simmons said… “[There's] evidence that the doses that were assumed to be on board the USS Reagan may have been under-reported,” said Dr. Robert Gould, a former Kaiser pathologist… “Given that there is more information that has come out, I think you would have to re-look at the entire situation,” said Dr. Gould. >> Watch the CBS broadcast here

彼によれば、軍医はなにが悪いのか、決して話してくれないと言う。「すべての医師が、放射能が可能性のある原因だと言う考えを否定したがっているのです。USS re-ganngouniokeru 線量が過小評価されて報告されていると言う証拠はあります」と病理医のRobert Gould医師は言う。




Thyroid Cancer Patient Won Against Nuclear Plant in Korea! 韓国では原発が原因で甲状腺がんという判決が!集団訴訟も開始!一方日本では104人出てても無視!


In Korea, a plaintiff won a victory for his thyroid cancer caused by Kori Nuclear Power Plant!


Meanwhile in Japan, while there are as many as 103 thyroid cancer Fukushima kids and some with even lung metastasis, THERE IS NOT A SINGLE LAWSUIT ON HEALTH HAZARDS IN JAPAN.

以下韓国のニュース (日英)
Below are the story of this important Korean news!
 (Japanese and English)


Nuclear Lawsuit(KBS) 原発訴訟ーKBSニュースhttp://m.hankyung.com/apps/english.view…

A family that lives in the vicinity of the Kori nuclear plant has filed a suit against Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power. The family claims that its members have contracted various diseases including cancer because of the plant.


20-year-old Lee Gyun-do has autism and suffers from developmental problems. His father, Lee Jin-seop, was diagnosed with rectal cancer last year, while his mother underwent a thyroid cancer surgery in February this year.

20歳のLee Gyun-doさんは自閉症と発達障害を患っている。

父親のLee Jin-seopは昨年、直腸がんと診断され、母親は今年の2月甲状腺がんの手術を受けている。

The family has lived in Gijang County in Busan over the past two decades. That’s within a five-kilometer radius from the Kori nuclear power plant.


The family claims that their cancers and autism are a result of the nuclear power plant. They have sued Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power, demanding compensation.


Lee Jin-seop (Father): “The CEO of KHNP says it can’t be built in the northern part of Gyeonggi Province because it’s densely populated and could be dangerous. Then what happened to our region?”

Lee Jin-seop (父親)「電力会社KHNPのCEOは、Gyeonggi州は人口密度が高くて危険なので建設できない、と話している。では我々の住む地域はどうだと言うのだ。」

It’s the first legal action in Korea to be taken against the government by residents living in the vicinity of a nuclear power plant.


****Press Release for further actions***************

Collective Lawsuit of thyroid cancer victims surrounding nuclear power plant started


On October 17th 2014, a ruling for a positive causal relationship between thyroid cancer and Kori nuclear power plant was handed down to a resident who has been living within 10km radius of the plant for 20 years.


This was the first domestic case where cancer was admitted to have been caused by a nuclear power plant which emits harmful radioactive materials even without any accident.


Nuclear power plant emits gaseous and liquid radioactive materials on daily basis. 

The gaseous one goes through a filter, but those which cannot be trapped, such as tritium (H3), Argon (Ar), Kripton (Kr), Xenon (Xe), are emitted as they generate into the environment. 

As for liquid one, it is diluted with sea water to below 50Bq/l to be emitted as warm water emission into the sea.


Emission standards of radioactive materials are specified separately, but as for the limited zone, the surrounding areas of nuclear power plants, annual dose is used for controling the emission.

The limited zone is 700 meter radius for light water reactor and 914 meter radius for heavy water reactor.  As for this zone, emission of radioactive material equivalent to 0.75mSv/year of equivalent dose or 0.25mSv/year of effective dose is released.


However, even within the legal standard radiation level, it was confirmed that released radioactive materials from nuclear power plant has increased the incidence of cancer among the residents of the surrounding areas.


According to the report titled, "Epidemiological Studies on Nuclear Power Workers and Residents in Surrounding Areas" by Seol University Medical Research Institute Radiation Effect/Epidemiology Center based on the request of Department of Education, Science and Technology, the cancer incidence is increased as a total within the 5km radius compared to the cohort.  Especially, the women thyroid cancer is significantly increased 2.5 times higher than the cohort.


During the 20 year follow up study, this report gathered the data of 60~70 % of the subjects during the past 10 years, and patients who have had cancer for more than 10 years are excluded, which may have decreased the actual incident rate.  If this number was suplemented, the causal relationship between cancer and the nuclear power plant would be more prominent.


The court judged that the electric company had the legal liability even though the emission of radioactive material is below the legal standard by citing the ruling of a case at the Supreme Court as it comforms to the social justice concept; "If a damage was made on the victim by the release of harmful causal substance released by the perpetrating corporation, the corporation cannot avoid its responsibility unless the corporation can prove that the substance is harmless"


The ruling this time opened the way for residents who have been suffering cancer in the surrounding areas of nuclear power plants.


Here, we are planning to ask for the liability of nuclear plant caused cancer incidences through the collective lawsuit of victims.

Korea, nuclear thyroid cancer residents class action suit in damages
11/27/2014, in Korea, Yonhap News Agency said, near the nuclear power plant of Korea residents out, 223 people in thyroid cancer incidence (geom) to have and said.
Patients who are power companies seeking compensation and filed a complaint.


27, near the nuclear power plant of Korea residents out, 223 people in thyroid cancer are involved; Patients who are power companies seeking compensation and filed a complaint. Article photos
(Record China)
[More photos]
The lawsuit followed suit by the residents of Busan city machine kijang -gun Kori nuclear power plant near; Residents within 10 km 10/23, Busan city eight civic groups exposed to radioactivity Kori, Moon Castle, Han, Korean Ulsan plant was resident for three years, filed a class-action lawsuit.

Court ordered compensation for 15 million won (1600000 yen) in the first instance Korea hydro nuclear power generation co., Ltd., the plaintiff patient spouses and children per capita also each 2 million won (210000 yen), 1 million won (100000 yen) payment seeking. Have appealed this this defendant side.

Choi Su young director of Busan city environmental movement Association "did not happen by residents of many class-action lawsuit. Impact on residents near the nuclear power plant's size exceeds imagination "and said.
 釜山環境運動協会の代表であるChoi Su Young氏は、「今まで大勢の住民を含んだ集団訴訟は起きたことがなかった。原子力発電所の周囲の住民への影響は、想像を超えるものとなっている」と述べた。


Please "Evacuate pregnant women and kids!"
Please share this 6 language petition!






No lawsuit focusing on health in Japan! なぜ日本では健康被害の訴訟が皆無?& 竹野内への仏語の中傷(11月16日訳文修正)


Since long time ago, it has been my wonder why there have never been any lawsuits focusing on health hazards in Japan though many Ronald Reagan US soldiers filed lawsuits against TEPCO regarding health hazards and medical expenses.




On October 14th and 15th, I had attended a symposium called, "International Symposium on Legal-Medical Aspects of Nuclear Disaster and Human Rights" at Waseda University.

 (Partially supported by French Embassy and the admission was free though there were simultaneous French-Japanese translation)

To aid the radiation health hazards victims, it is a must to have some cooperation of medical experts and legal experts, and I believed that from this title, the symposium is of great importance.

However, this time's Waseda Symposium and also among other anti-nuke/radiation exposure organization both in Japan and overseas, there has been a certain tendency-avoiding the issue of on-going (Fukushima) health hazards and necesity of evacuation of children.


The situation was the same with  "The Medical and Ecological Consequences of the Fukushima Nuclear Accident" in NYC on 2013 March 11&12 by Dr. Helen Caldicott Foundation.  (You can see the archive videos for this in the following.  http://www.totalwebcasting.com/view/?id=hcf# If you click on the speaker's name, you can see that person's speech immediately on the video.)

Though there were already 40% thyroid abnormality among Fukushima children and 10 thyroid cancer kids (out of 38000, so one out of only 3800 children since this time!), there had never any mentioning on the ongoing health hazards among Fukushima kids though there were mentioning on Cheronobyl victims in spite of the title of the symposium.


This tendency was also observed the recent Fukushima governor's election on Oct 26, 2014, where the candidate Mr. Katsutaka Idogawa who calls for evacuation of Fukushima kids had not been supported by any organizations.  The incident of threat against him was even ignored...


Moreover, quite sadly, there have been some unbelievable act of slandering against others within anti-nuke/radiation exposure organizations...



Such a regretful thing was observed in 2013 NY Symposium where I was asked to make a speech on health hazards during the lunch session.  A person who even played the role of interpreter of Dr. Helen Caldicott kept spreading malicious rumors against me, saying that I was making my speech though nobody asked me, which was contrary to the fact. http://savekidsjapan.blogspot.jp/2013/04/ny-symposium-on-fukushimany.html#uds-search-results

Also after 2014 October symposium in Waseda University in Tokyo, there were some people who were circulating my malicious rumors against me in e-mail and I will explain about this later.


Only 2 weeks prior to this Waseda Symposium, I attended No Nuke Asia Forum in Taipei in September 2014, and the malicious slanders were circulated against a person who initiated a lawsuit against nuclear power manufacuteres.  Through these experiences, I came to believe there are always some kind of obstructions in this kind of international conferenes, to my sadness.


There have been many things I have learned in many aspects and I was glad that I was able to attend these international conferences.


However, there have been some points I thought were lacking in order to actually help nuclear disaster victims...
There are 5 points.

In the US, many Ronald Reagan soldiers filed lawsuits against TEPCO on the issue of heatlh hazards.  On the otherhand, there have never a single case in Japan while there are more than 100 thyroid cancer Fukushima children, many of whom had lymph nodes metastasis or some even lung metastasis.  I even heard that a Fukushima mother was rejected for consultation with a lawyer though her young son became leukemia.


The biggest issue of nuclear accident should be the health hazards.  I really wish there will be a cooperation of conscious legal and medical experts for nuclear health hazard victims to file lawsuits in Japan.


In Fukushima, unbelievably, a mother whose son became leukemia could not even get an appointment with a lawyer when she was trying to consult...http://savekidsjapan.blogspot.jp/2014/01/blog-post.html


For some unknown reason, there have never been any discussion regarding the on-going Fukushima children's health hazards though there were mentioning on Chernobyl health hazards.  To my regret, this was also the case in this time's Waseda Symposium (Oct 2014) and NY Symposium in 2013 held by Dr. Caldicott Foundation. http://savekidsjapan.blogspot.jp/2013/04/ny-symposium-on-fukushimany.html

さらには、会議で話し合うだけでは足りないと思います。健康被害を焦点とした訴訟の他に、国連やIAEA、UNSCEAR, ICRPなど、被曝による健康被害を矮小化している機関に対し訴えるなど、有志の人々でアクションを早急にあちこちで起こす必要があるのではないかと思います。

Now it is not enough to talk even.  Along with lawsuits focusing on health hazards, there should be some immediate ACTIONS such as appealing to the UN, IAEA, UNSCEAR, ICRP that are downplaying the radiation effects by those who have wills.

(私もまったく微力ながら、2013年にオーストリアのIAEAとUNSCEARに子連れで訴えに行きました。http://savekidsjapan.blogspot.jp/2013/08/even-belgian-delegates-got-mad-at.html http://savekidsjapan.blogspot.jp/2013/05/open-questions-to-iaea-director-general.html海外旅行に行く余裕のある日本人で、汚染地帯の子供たちを助けたいと思う人はどんどん行くべきだし、欧州に住んでいる人には個人でも団体でもいいから、チェルノブイリと福島のことをどんどん訴えてほしいです。)

(I myself have visited IAEA and UNSCEAR in Austria in 2013 by myself and my son.  There are many Japanese who go overseas for sightseeing...those who have will to save children should visit them and I hope those living in Europe who are aware of Chernobyl and Fukushima issue would visit them either individually or in groups...http://savekidsjapan.blogspot.jp/2013/08/even-belgian-delegates-got-mad-at.html http://savekidsjapan.blogspot.jp/2013/05/open-questions-to-iaea-director-general.html)

This symposium was not advertized much (As a matter of fact, I was not invited by anybody by the end of application deadline and I happened to find it myself.)  Though it was held in Waseda University, there was not a single student.  There was nobody who was videotaping the symposium either.


Anti-nuclear/radiation exposure movement should be timely and also widely spread domestically and internationally.  Otherwise, the number of nuclear victims would increase without much attention being paied.


However, regarding the radiological health hazards, the most important issue, has been under information control both by the media and even anti-nuclear NGO organizations.


Therefore, conscious citizens in the world should disseminate this issue through their blogs, twitter, newsletter and literature in the replacement of mass media and organizations.





Radiation exposure issue is more grave on young generations and coming generations. 

Instead of only the experienced ones controlling the anti-nuclear movement, all the NGOs should be more open to the new participation of young people, which would be the key for successful continuation of the movement.  Even children or minors should be encouraged to participate since they can use computers and SNSs.

In addition, the participation of those who are actually suffering health hazards and their families should be the MUST.


Not only nuclear promotors, but also some of those in anti-nuclear/radiation exposure groups have been disseminating bad rumors such as "unscientific" or "problematic personality" against those who are earnestly acting for anti-nuclear/radiation exposure.  This is quite a shameful and regretful pheonomena which are observed both in social networks under anonymous stance and in actual anti-nuke/radiation organizations with names.


In the symposium I attended, regretfully, I observed that there were groundless rumors such as, "Dr. Bandazhevsky's studies are nonsense" or "Dr. Bandazhevsky does not look after his families"against Dr. Bandazhevsky who conducted pathological autopsy for Chernobyl victims. 

Even against a person without any particular title like me, there an e-mail was circulated in French saying, "Mari is a young breastfeeding journalist, who is unscientific and impulsive, etc "


From now onward, such personal slanders should be watched among the participatnts, and if there is argument on some other people, disucussion should be held in open and fair manner.

Otherwise, the symposium or the participating NGOs shall loose their trust and/or reputation.


Background information of Japan/France Inernational Symposium at Waseda University

以下のブログにもあるように、私は2012年からMichel Fernex博士の通訳をしたり、博士の

As you can see in my blog, since 2012, I played the role of interpreting Dr. Michel Fernex after reading his paper and book, visited his house in France, and paid a great respect to his and his comrades' information. http://takenouchimari.blogspot.jp/2013/02/blog-post.html


My respect to their information and their past activities are not changed even today.


However, there were some regretful things I experienced through attending "International Symposium on Legal-Medical Aspects of Nuclear Disaster and Human Rights" at Waseda University. (partially supported by French Embassy and the admission was free though there were simultaneous French-Japanese translation)

Since there were some esteemed legal and medical experts were invited on this important issue, I thought this symposium is of great importance.


As a matter of fact, I am glad that I had attended to have learned many things in various aspects.


However, in Fukushima, there have been many thyroid cancer kids even including some with lung metastasis.  I believe it is time for us to do something beyond just talking.


Yet, in this symposium, the health hazards of Fukushima children were not even discussed at all.


On the 2nd day, medical working group session was held, but without reaching the discussion of Fukushima children's health problem, the symposium came to an end.



I also asked questions, but none of which were properly answered. 

All the more, I was being spoken ill of in French language as "impulsive and unscientific."

When I found the following mail, I was in a shock.

I immediately sent out an email asking who made the following comment on me, but all the people ignored for some unknown reason.


The following are the people who were exchanging a mail including a defamation against me.

Dr. Michel Fernex, Prof. Prieur Michel, Knüsli Claudio,  Mr. Walter Martin, Mr. Andreas Nidecker, Dr. Eisuke Matsui, Mr. Yves Lenoir, Mr. Kolin Kobayashi

****Description of Mari Takenouchi written by somebody*****

pour Waseda, je voulais informer la trop jeune et trop impulsive journaliste qui allaite son bébé de 4 ans qu'elle ne quitte jamais, mais nombreux sont ceux qui trouvent Mari impulsive et non scientifique et ne lui parlent pas. Elle aurait pu fournir à sa "petite" TV un message fort. (Si fort qu'elle a été attaquée en justice par un ministre à propos d'Ethos et que je l'ai défendue sur ce sujet délicat.)

At Waseda International Symposium, I wanted to let the very young and spontaneous journalist, breastfeeding her baby of four years old who never left his mother.  However, many people find Mari too spontaneous and unscientific and nobody told her about the symposium. 
She must have tried to send out a strong message through her small video camera.  

Her message was so strong that she was sued by Minister about Ethos. I have defended her on this delicate subject.








Among the above description, the only comment I was happy was, "too young" (lol).  Since I am a petite Asian, for Westerners I may have looked young though I am nearly 50. 

Other part of the comments were just "Unbelievable."

I am totally dissapointed to see such a mail was circulated among medical and legal experts who are supposed to work on "Human Rights Issue".

まず「衝動的」という部分ですが、「福島の子供たちの健康被害」を心配し、具体的に発言する一母親を、Impulsive (フランス語では英語とは違い、無防備なほど率直であるというSpontaneousの方が近いと教えてもらいました)で非科学的で済ませるとはいったいどういうことなのか。


First,  the usage of the word "impulsive" for a mother who is concerned about Fukushima children's health was so inconsiderate for medical and legal experts who are supposedly working on human rights issue after Fukushima accident. I am totally dissapointed at the usge of this word itself and also the attitude of everybody ignoring my question,which totally lacks sense of fairness.


2ndly, as for the word of "unscientific," I really want to know which part of my statement was "unscientific."  But again, there is no answer for that either.

My statement is covered after Mr. Mistuhei Murata in this video. (Japanese only)

My first question was toward the first speaker of the Symposium, Professor Yayoi Isono from Tokyo Keizai University who said, "We never know when health hazards may emerge." during her speech.

So I asked her, "Already in Fukushima, there are more than 100 thyroid cancer kids and many have metastasis in their lymph nodes and some even have in their lungs.  There are many people that these are the results of the nuclear accident.  What do you think of their opinion?"

For this, even Professor Isono answered, "I am afraid that that might be the case (radiation from Fukushima nuclear power did affect Fukushima children's health), but the government finding is different.  So this issue should be discussed on the Day 2, Medical Working Group Session."




In the afternoon session, I asked the following 2 questions.

"I heard some experts' opinion saying that the treatment of lung cancer kid metastasized from thyroid is not difficult since the origin of cancer is thyroid.  What do you think?"

"I believe ICRP's internal exposure standard of 1mSv=30,000 Bq is way too high and can never protect the residents in contaminated area.  What do you think?"


But due to the lack of time, no questions were answered in the afternoon session.


(During the break time, I asked the metastasized lung cancer question, and he answered that the opinion of "easy treatment" was wrong due to the possibility of altered cancer tissues when the cancer got metastasized.)


On the 2nd Day of Medical Working Group Session, Dr. Masaharu Tsubokura from Tokyo University Whole Body Counter Team made a lecture. 



(That morning, I asked questions to Dr. Tsubokura whom I met at the lobby. He has actually read Dr. Bandazhevsky's paper and knows that 10Bq/kg could lead to heart abnormality but in the US thesis, he was confirming the safety of Fukushima people's internal dose as below 1mSv=30000 Bq.  I have been asking questions to him but haven't heard any satisfactory answers.  Besides, that morning, Dr. Tsubokura said, "No risk on life itself for children who got lung cancer from thyroid cancer though lung cancer is not curable."  I didn't understand what he was saying..)



On the Day 2 Medical Working Group session, Dr. Tsubokura was making a lecture saying that European people have more external radiation dose compared to Fukushima people.


Quite sadly, there was not a single question regarding the health hazards of Fukushima children!



I was pointed at the very end and had only 2 minutes.  So I just said, "Unless everybody appeals to the UN about the wrong ICRP standard of 1mSv=30000Bq in body, we cannot protect chidren in contaminated areas"

(Though I talked about more than 100 thyroid cancer kids and metastasis in some children's lungs, there was no atomosphere to help out Fukushima kids at all in this symposium.  While commenting, I was almost with tears.)

I thought it was decent and polite of Dr. Tsubokura to have greeted me after this session.

I really want to know which part of my statement was "unscientific."

1mSv=30000~40000Bq per body is the figure which I confirmed with Dr. Tsubokura.


Thirdly, I felt quite uncomfortable on the comment of "breastfeeding the 4 year old baby." 

There was not a single time when I was breastfeeding my son since my son stopped it at the beginning of June this year.  Then whose idea was it? 

Then I came to remember...in May 2012, I was asked to do interpreting of Dr. Fernex lecture in Tokyo and I was complimented for that by many people.  Dr. Matsui even said, "Ms. Takenouchi is not a doctor but she knows more than a doctor."



In May 2013, Dr. Matsui asked me to visit Germany together with some dentists who are studying Sr 90.  At first, I thought I am being asked to do interpreting again, then Dr. Matsui said, "I respect you, Ms. Takenouchi, and that 's why I want you to come with us." 


I need to pay the airfair of two people, one for myself and one for my then 3 year old son.  (Airfair is free for up to 2 year old and 3 year old is almost the normal airfair.)

Only 2 months prior to the visit to Europe, I went to NY Symposium with my son in March 2013 and I spent thousands of dollars.

 I am not rich and to be honest, I didn't want to spend extra money for traveling. 

And I have rather rational way of thinking and I believe if we would like to communicate with someone who are on the same side, we can use telephone and emails.



But at the same time, I wanted to appeal to the IAEA which may ignore the ongoing and coming health hazards and I thought this could be a good opportunity to do that. 

I asked other people, "Is there anybody who would like to visit IAEA, too?"  But there was nobody.


I also asked lawyer Yanagihara who has been working on Fukushima Kids' Collective Evacuation Trial in Japan but he declined my offer too.  (Also I called for sending e-mail to the UN, but my proposal was again declined in the mailing list of Collective Evacuation Trial people...)

Of course, I had a lot of anxiety to visit IAEA only by myself and my son, and I remember one night, I could not sleep at all concerning a possible attack to me and my son...




However, if one really wants to helpFukushima kids, we need to appeal to the IAEA and UNSCEAR on which each nuclear power nation depend.  They are the root cause of nuclear power and radiation issue and they are the ones who control this issue.  

Not only talking with people on the same side, but by appealing to the other side (the United Nations=promoter of nuclear energy), we should disseminate this important issue.

The former Swiss Ambassador, Mr. Mistuhei Murata also talked about the importance of appealing to the IAEA.



I do not know how many people have actually appealed to the IAEA.  (The following are the questions to IAEA and their reply from IAEA http://savekidsjapan.blogspot.jp/2013/05/open-questions-to-iaea-director-general.html


I didn't know the schedule of Dr. Matsui's visit to Europe in details.  After visiting a laboratory in Berlin regarding Sr.90 measurement, we went to France.  I didn't know it in advance, but in France, we stayed at Dr. Fernex house (Dr. Matsui has been in communication with Dr. Fernex and had stayed there before.  The house was really big and the yard had various animals, which pleased my son very much.)

I really appreciated the stay at Dr. Fernex's house and his hospitality.

After that, we went to a laboratory in Switzerland and I was asked to do some interpretation.


To be honest, the conversation was quite technical, and without my interpretation, I thought the conversation could not be understood each other.  In the Waseda Symposium, a scientist who was there attended the conference.



After the conversation, a scientist asked me, "How come can you do such a perfect interpretation with so many technical words?"  So I answered, "I translated 3 radiation related books and I have done technical interetation at different companies for more than 10 years."

During the whole time, I was with my 3 year old son.  3 year old boy could never be quiet listening to uncomprehensible talks.


In the beginning half of the lecture, I even did the interpretation breastfeeding my boy while trying to cover up with my breastfeeding shirt.  I had no choice since I could not make my boy quiet during the lecture.  (In the latter half, while we had conversation touring the laboratory, Mrs. Matsui was taking care of my boy.) 

In this way, Dr. Fernex, Mr.&Mrs. Matsui, 3 Laboratory staff in Switzerland, and 2 Japanese dentists were watching me actually breastfeeding.


From my side, I was asked to come to Europe with my own expense, and I made tremendous effort to go to Europe being a single mother with 3 year old, and it was completely volunteer interpreting not knowing what I was supposed to do in Switzerland. 

However, I was spoken ill of myself behind the back in French such as, "young journalist breastfeeding a baby," and "unscientific," contrary to the fact.

To be honest, I feel very uncomfortable to know this unbelievable fact.


To begin with, a French person I know pointed out, "It may be an infringement of privacy to talk about a woman breastfeeding her baby to other people."

(I do not know about this matter since I am not a French legal expert.  However, I think spreading such rumor lacks decency and consideration.  Moreover, the person who said and spread such a rumor are legal and medical experts!)


Regretfully, looking back my ETHOS criminal accusation incident in January 2014, nobody in this French group or Japanese groups disseminated my petition calling for non-indictment, and all the French people who helped me were individuals.




So the following word of my slanderer is not a fact;

"Her message was so strong that she was sued by Minister about Ethos. I have defended her on this delicate subject."




For some unknown reason, this French group of people never responded though I asked for the dissemination of the petition to ask for non-indictment and after I got non-indictment, I had never received any word of congratulations. 

So I do not think this person ever defended me.

 (Or maybe the slanderer who has connection with the nuclear lobby did defend me from nuclear lobby while I did not know!? If that was the case, I may have to be appreciative of this person...but anyway, I have no idea what was really happening....)


It is also funny that this person said that I was sued by "Minister".  As a matter of fact, the accuser was Ms. Ryoko Ando, the director of Fukushima ETHOS.

エートス関係は、2011年11月にフランスのエートス創設者で代表であるJack Lochard氏(フランスの原子力ロビーから資金提供を受け、オフィスも仏原子力庁にあるCEPN代表)が内閣府に来て来日公演をしています。http://savekidsjapan.blogspot.jp/2014/02/ethos-leader-accused-takenouchi-of.html

However, the French ETHOS leader, Mr. Jack Lochard (director of CEPN funded by French nuclear lobby) was invited to give lecture at Japanese Cabinet Office in November 2011. 



So maybe it was the case that some Ministries of Japan and France was actually involved in this unprecedented criminal accusation against me for a tweet.

When I think of this, I felt very scared...since this means that citizen-sided anti-nuclear/radiation exposure organizations actually do have close ties with Ministries of governments which possess nuclear power...





In addition, the way they descrive ETHOS as delicate issue is also a wonder. 

Originally, I obtained information from this French organization and their Japanese supporters.

 As a matter of fact, there was almost no English information on ETHOS besides a German activist’s blog. 

French and Japanese are not enough to let the world know about this grave issue, so I disseminated ETHOS information in English, too and then got criminal accusation.



Going back to Waseda Symposium topic, while I visited and did some volunteer interpreting in Europe in the spring of 2013 with my son through my own expense, I was asked to attend and cooperate for an international symposium to be held in 2014 by Dr. Fernex.  

But there have been no notification about the Waseda Symposium to me since then for some unknown reason.

I happened to catch the symposium information through a mailing list a month earlier though nobody informed me of the symposium before the deadline of the application.

(Only after the deadline, I was invited by one French legal expert through an e-mail.)



Furthermore, what is more serious than the defamation against myself is "Defamation against Dr. Bandazhevsky".  

I respect Dr. Bandazhevsky and his studies which has been unprecidented. 

He conducted pathological studies of Chernobyl victims through autopsies and found that 10Bq/kg cesium in body could lead to heart abnormality.


However, I heard a rumor that Dr. Bandazhevsky's studies are nonsense.

I also heard another kind of rumor by other people that Dr. Bandazhevsky has a bad personality and he even does not take care of his own wife and children.


I was so sad listening to these groundless rumors.  If his studies are denied, there should be concrete grounds for it and open and fair discussion should be necesary.


犯罪行為が行われているのでもない限り、他人の家族関係を話すことは、None of your businessだと私は思うし、家族との問題は当人しかわからないことも多いので、部外者が噂話を広めることは正しい事ではありません。

Also, I believe it is not fair to speak ill of other scientists bringing up his/her family matters. 

As long as there is no criminal situation going on, it is non of other people's business to talk about one's family and nobody outside of the family can see the reality.  It is just not right to spread bad rumors of any other people's family.


Along with the defamation against me, I asked these groundless defamation against Dr. Bandazhevsky through e-mail circulation, but again, there was no answer to it.




There was one good thing, though.

 I sent a mail asking how he is doing to Dr. Bandazhevsky, and I received the following mail.  He is doing his joint research with his wife under International European Project and his children are all grown-ups and they have their own family.  Also, he got a new grandson recently. 

I felt relieved to receive Dr. Bandazhevsky's mail and had increased skepticism on the groundless rumors.



Dr.Bandazhevsky said in the following mail that renewed attack starting against the Dr. due to the new research. 

I really hope that nobody would obstruct Dr. Bandazhevsky's precious works in the future.


Dr. Bandazhevsky's mail

Дорогая Мари!
Большое спасибо за Ваше письмо. Прекрасно понимаю ситуацию, которая сложилась сейчас  вокруг  ядерных проблем.  Большое спасибо  Вам за Вашу принципиальную позицию.
К сожалению, в последнее время   начались новые атаки на меня и мою   научную деятельность.  Я совершенно с  Вами  согласен, что мои взаимоотношения с моей семьей -  это мое личное дело и нельзя комментировать это в открытой печати.  Хочу отметить то, что у меня  в семье все хорошо, мы продолжаем нашу совместную научную деятельность с  Галиной.  Мои дети уже взрослые, у них есть свои семьи. У меня родился внук.
 Считаю, что  одной из основных причин атак на меня в настоящее время  является моя деятельность в Украине по организации международного европейского проекта .  Однако, я продолжаю свою работу в этой стране по организации защиты здоровья населения, пострадавшего от аварии на Чернобыльской атомной электростанции.

С наилучшими пожеланиями,
Юрий Бандажевский

Dear Mari! 親愛なる真理へ!
Thank you very much for your letter. Fully understand the situation that has developed around the now nuclear problems. Thank you very much for your principled stand.

Unfortunately, recently began a new attack on me and my scientific work. I completely agree with you that my relationship with my family - it's my own business and can not comment on it in the press. I want to note that in my family are all well, we are continuing our joint research activities with Galina. My children are adults, they have their own family.  I was born grandson.


I think that one of the main reasons for attacks on me at the moment is my work in Ukraine on the organization of the international European project . However, I continue my work in this country for the organization to protect the health of people affected by the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant.


With best wishes,

Yuri Bandazhevsky


 追記 Postscript:


"Are all the anti-nuclear/radiation expousre organizations trying to avoid the topic of on-going Fukushima children's health hazards, or to delay the exposure of this most important topic? And aren't they disseminating defamation of those who really try to work on health hazard issues in a timely manner?"


To be honest, I do not have any anti-nuke/radiation organization which I can trust 100% both in Japan and overseas...
If I was in the government side, I would dispatch people to every citizen groups for sure.


Therefore, I strongly believe that anti-nuke or anti-radiation exposure actions should be initiated by small number of people or even each individuals. 


Because it is always the case that some obstructions would come before the movement gets unified.



However we are not babies who cannot talk.  We adults are capable of talking and writing.


In another word, our potential is not zero no matter how powerful the governments or UN organizations are.


I think it is time for us to take actions especially after Fukushima accident, for the speechless babies and coming generations.


Though my power is very limited, I have been continuing the dissemination of the following 6 language petition to evacuate kids from Fukushima.


For those who really want to help Fukushima children, please help sharing it.


English http://www.change.org/en-GB/petitions/to-government-of-japan-and-citizens-of-the-world-please-evacuate-fukushima-kids-and-pregnant-women?lang=en-GB&utm_content=buffer11073


Even I, a single mother with then 3 year old boy did it.  I also assume that there may be a lot of capable people who could directly appeal to the IAEA and UN on radiation hazard issues in Chernobyl and Fukushima.


Also, it is my sincere hope that there will be some medical experts and lawyers who actually fight for Fukushima radiation victims in the form of lawsuit on health hazards in the near future.