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ある福島市民の2年後から悪化した健康の訴え Health damages shown among a family from Fukushima City (60km from NPP)


A mail to UNSCEAR from a mother who used to stay in Fukushima City (60km west of NPP) for more than 2 years


I am from Fukushima City and I was there at the time of Fukushima nuclear accident.


Spring of 2013, 2 years after the accident, members of my family had deteriorated health all at once.  We continued to have stuffed throat with phelm, could not stop dry coughing.  We had medical inspection at a hospital, but the doctor couldn't tell the cause of our symptoms. 


However, the doctor said that there are many patients who show the same symptom with unknown causes.


My child began to complain pain in his foot bones and I heard many people including children and adults have the same syptoms.


Again, doctors told us that they didn't know the reason.


I myself had bone pains all over my arms and legs after I worked in high-dose areas.  The pain was so fierce and I could not open and close a door even.  It was like Itai-Itai (Ouch-Ouch) disease.


Translator's NoteOuch-Ouch disease is caused by cadomium, which is used as neutron-control agent in nuclear reactor.  )


I became scared and stopped walking in high-dose area, then the pain stopped after a week.  However, on my arms and legs, painful and itchy sensation as if being touched by needles continued for a while.


After that, my son and I had continued naucea and headaches.  My son had lowered blood pressure and bloody urine, too.


My family moved out of Fukushima in July.  One month afterwards, we all became better.


However in Fukushima, there is a sharp increase of people who show the same symptoms.


There is a much increase of children who has prolonged nose bleeding.


The number of people who died of acute myocardial infarction is increasing.


Everybody is saying that the government is trying to make up a story where nothing had happened to people's health by just saying, "Radiation did not affect health."


In stead of listening to such government, please do listen to each citizen's voice.


Both children and adults have been suffering tremendously.


Please do conduct a real health survey.

This is my earnest hope.

A mother from Fukushima


The following is a plea from a mother who used to live in Fukushima City 60km from the power plant for 2 years and 4 months after the accident.

She also sent an e-mail to UNSCEAR .

Though she was busy, she translated her mail through google and sent it to UNSCEAR.

以下が国連科学委員会の宛先です。(E-mail of UNSCEAR)
Ms. Jaya Mohan, Communications Specialist UNSCEAR jaya.mohan@unscear.org

詳しく知りたい方は、こちらもどうぞ (For more details)


Everyone, please do raise your voice as this mother did.



UNSCEAR is planning to submit the final report, by which future policy would be decided.  ICRP publications will be also based on UNSCEAR report.  So far, the draft contents say that there have been no health impacts on residents and even Belgian pro-nuke members got angry. 

Let us Japanese citizens put pressure on the UN and prevent such submission of false reports and cruel policies!


So far, almost no organizations have made any move on real health hazards issue. (They talk about future risk but do not talk about on-going health hazards toward the UN.)


Therefore, I strongly believe each concious citizens' voice would alter the society.