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Open Questions to IAEA Director General Mr. Yukiya Amano IAEA事務局長天野 之弥氏への公開質問とIAEAからの返答






Open questions to IAEA Director General Yukiya Amano



My name is Mari Takenouchi and I am a freelance journalist who is a mother of three year old boy.  My late grandparents are from Fukushima and my parents house is in Matsudo, so called a hot spot.


Though the government has been hiding, but the total of 14 measured radioactive particles in Tokyo was 1000 Bq/m3 from 10-11 am on March 15. My son and I, who was outside during this hour had been sick for as long as three months with prolonged high fever, etc.  I ‘ve had corneitis nearly 2 months and even now, I have inflammation in the nasopharynx and phlegm stays around my throat.  I do not know the causal relationship, but I have currently Hashomoto's Disease and my thyroid is double the size compared to normal. http://savekidsjapan.blogspot.jp/2013/01/i-2011315tokyo-march-15-2011.html
However, what I really cannot believe is that children and pregnant women have been living in Fukushima and other hot spots. My son and I are now living in Okinawa, but the government and scholars on their side have been conducting an experiment, almost so called a human experiment, taking advantage of those who cannot evacuate.  Fukushima local products are being consumed at school lunches and children’s marathon races are conducted in contaminated areas, which is the same level as radiation controlled area.  I cannot hold back my tears when I think of these kids.
「9・11以降の核政策」というスイスで行われた国際会議では、IAEAからDavid Waller氏が講演にいらしていました。
In 2002, I visited the IAEA headquarter in Vienna to call for avoiding possible nuclear catastrophe to be triggered by earthquake in Japan.  Prior to this visit, there was an international conference called, “Nuclear Policy after 9.11”in Switzerland, and there was one speaker from IAEA, Deputy Director General Mr. David Waller.

During the coffee break time, I went to talk to him, along with former ambassador to Switzerland, Mr. Mitsuhei Murata regarding our concern on possible catastrophic nuclear accident to be triggered by earthquake, particularly focusing on Hamaoka nuclear power plant. Then, Mr. Waller replied, “I understand your concern. When I visited Japan some years ago, I experienced relatively large earthquake. If you visit IAEA, I can connect you with people in appropriate division.”

2002年、IAEAの副事務局長の米国人、David Waller氏に、

Mr. Mitsuhei Murata (former Japanese ambasador to Switzerland) and Mari Takenouchi earnestly raising the issue of nuke and earthquake in Japan to Mr. David Waller, Deputy Director General of IAEA on the issue of nuclear and earthquake. (2002)

紹介されたDepartment of Nuclear Safety原子力安全部に行き、安全部トップの谷口富裕氏に、地震と原発問題について「日本の原発、特に浜岡原発はプレート境界の真上に立っていて危険です。事故が実際に起こる前に止めてほしい。日本の原発で大事故が起こったら、原発推進のIAEAの方々も困るのではないのですか?」と懸命に訴えました。浜岡原発差し止めのための分厚い裁判資料や東海地震説の提唱者の茂木清夫氏による暴露スキャンダル記事などとともに、持っていきました。谷口氏は、私の話を黙って聞きながら、分厚い書類のページをめくっていました。
First I visited Department of Nuclear Safety and I talked with the Deputy Director General, Mr. Tomihiro Taniguchi.  I said to him earnestly, “Japanese nuclear power plants, especially Hamaoka right over the plates’ boundary is too dangerous.  Please stop them before a huge earthquake comes.  I believe IAEA will be in trouble if a catastrophic accident took place in Japan.”I brought vast amount of court trial document on Hamaoka nuclear power and earthquake issue, warning articles by the founder of Great Tokai Earthquake Theory, professor emeritus of Tokyo University and former chairman of the Earthquake Prediction Society, Mr. Kiyoo Mogi etc.  Mr. Taniguchi was turning the pages of thick documents I brought while I was talking to him.
When my talk was over, Mr. Taniguchi abruptly asked me the following question, without commenting on my documents.  “Can you make living doing these kind of things?” I was working for Citizens' Nuclear Information Center, Japan's biggest anti-nuclear organization, in those days (later I was dismissed though they insisted that they hadn’t dismissed me, see the Note below) and answered, “Yes, I can though my salary is low.”He then asked me, “Is there any excelled staff in CNIC now?””No, I don’t think so, though I don’t know Mr. Jinzaburo Takagi since I joined CNIC after he passed away.”(I answered this way since I was greatly disappointed at CNIC which was not trying to do anything on nuclear and earthquake issue after Hamaoka had 2 major accidents; one with reactor water leakage and another with pipe rupture by hydrogen explosion from 2001~2002.)
 (Note: In 2002, Rokkasho Village (the Japan's sole reprocessing plant is located) former mayor Mr. Hashimoto (54) committed a suicide by hanging in a forest.  Strangely, this news was not reported much!) I visited Rokkasho to support a new candidate, Mr. Takada who was a shrimp fisher in Rokkasho on the weekend, then I was called by the three co-directors of CNIC and they took me to a coffee shop far away from the CNIC office and I was told that I got dismissed.  Later amazingly, Mr. Yukio Yamaguchi, one of the directors CNIC yelled at me saying, "We didn't dismiss you, Ms. Takenouchi! You are a lier!"  I yelled him back since I could not withstand being called as a "lier", more than being dismissed by CNIC, which is a "truth"!)
谷口氏はこのように、別の話題ばかりして、肝心の地震と原発についての具体的な言及を完全に避け、具体的に危険であるとも安全であるともおっしゃいませんでした。最近、谷口氏がウィキリークスで2009年の極秘文書で、自国の原子力安全にまったく努力していないと米外交官から批判されていることを知りました。これは『世界が見た福島原発災害』を書いた大沼氏がブログで取り上げています。http://onuma.cocolog-nifty.com/blog1/2011/12/post-c8f4.html (ちなみに大沼氏は何者かに電磁波攻撃にあっていると苦情を言っています。真相はわかりませんが、これを書いている私も、命がけでやっているつもりです)

In this way, Mr. Taniguchi kept having small talks, avoiding the nuclear and earthquake issue. He never stated whether Japanese nuclear power was safe or not in regard to earthquake resistance.  Recently, I came to be aware that Mr. Taniguchi was criticized by US diplomat in secret document 2009 in Wikileaks, illustrated as weak leader on nuclear safety issue.  This episode is described in Mr. Yasuchi Ohnuma's blog. http://onuma.cocolog-nifty.com/blog1/2011/12/post-c8f4.html
(Mr. Ohnuma recently complains that somebody is attacking his apartment with electro magnetic forces.  I don't know the truth but I myself am writing this with my life at stake!)

次に、同じ原子力安全部、Engineering Safety Section技術安全部の手塚浩子氏と話すことになりました。ずいぶん美しい女性で、「まあ、こんな美しい女性が原発の安全管理をしてくれているのだなあと」と心の中で思っていましたあ。ところが彼女は開口一番、私にこう言いました。「いくら原発の中がぐちゃぐちゃになっても、外に放射能が漏れなければよいのではないですか?」
Next, I was introduced to meet Ms. Hiroko Tezuka, a member of Engineering Safety Section in the Department of Nuclear Safety.  She was very beautiful and I was thinking, “Wow, a woman as beautiful as she has been doing nuclear safety work!”However, the first thing she said to me was, “Even though pipes get messed up and smashed, it will be OK if no radiation gets leaked, right?”
Being truly astounded, I said to her, “Well, I am not a real expert, but I have been doing translation work for nuclear issues and I have voluntarily visited former nuclear workers who got involved in construction works.  According to them, there are many dangers around piping systems.  Though pipes get inspected such as using X ray for internal cracks, in the reactor building with many pipes and little space, there are parts where such device cannot be installed.  In boiling water reactor, I heard recirculation pumps are very vulnerable to quakes, and chemical anchor installed later stage would not withstand strong vertical motions.”
In this way, I brought up technical issues hoping that she would respond properly since she was in the Engineering Safety Section, but she kept the same line. “Even though pipes get messed up and smashed, it will be OK if no radiation gets leaked, right?”The fruitless discussion ended this way and I left the office in great disappointment.
After that, I went to a superior worker of my ex-colleague interpreter who used to work as an intern at IAEA.  I went to see this Mr. A, unofficially.  He was from Department of Safeguards and I waited for him after business hour in a bar drinking a glass of beer.  He showed up and we were able to have a very frank and open conversation.  Amazingly, he said as in the follows.
“Ms. Takenouchi, this issue is too big for anyone to tackle with.  Think about it.  Anybody knows that Japan is an earthquake prone country.  However, more than 50 nuclear reactors have been built.  If a catastrophic accident took place in Japan and 5 million people get killed, I would not be surprised.”
I was truly shocked by his words and said, “Wait a moment!  The catastrophic accident has NOT been taken place yet.  Is there anyway at all to prevent such disaster??? 5 million people…that is horrible.  Oh, how about your family? ”
Then Mr. A’s answer was, “All my family members are here in Vienna.  I wonder why Japanese people are not afraid of living in Japan.”
Still I kept on asking, “But as I know the danger, I would like to do whatever I could. Otherwise, I couldn’t say sorry enough for the future generations!  Isn’t there any way to stop the power plants?”Mr. A: “There is only one way.  If all the citizens in Japan raise their voice to stop nuclear power plants, that could be realized.  That would be the only way.”
In this way, my desperate lone visit to IAEA ended without any fruit, only confirming that the danger of nuke and quake I had in mind became more real.
After I came back to Japan, though I made some efforts, which hadn’t put a dent in the flood of false information from major media companies, the truth never came out to be seen in majority of Japanese public.  The last warning came in 2007, when Kashiwazaki nuclear power plant (Tokyo Electric Company) had an accident by Nigata-oki Earthquake, but this was also overlooked and Fukushima accident took place in 2011.
I am just a concerned citizen, but I feel tremendously sad and regretful that I could not be of any help to prevent Fukushima accident which has and will be causing tremendous damages to the environment and future generations.  I assume that there should be some IAEA officers who repent of this accident.  I believe anybody with heart should feel that way. (I truly hope so…)
However, unbelievably, even after the Fukushima accident, the Japanese government in collusion with nuclear lobby and also nuclear/radiation related agencies have been trying to downplay the consequences of the disaster, not relocating Japanese children, and in stead, applying loose standard for food contamination and for incineration of contaminated debris all over Japan, and even try to send Fukushima residents back to their hometown!
Most importantly, though major media companies have not reported at all, already child health disasters has been observed nationwide.

(As for this, please refer to my blog Save Kids Japan in January 2013 or entire English letter to the UN at http://savekidsjapan.blogspot.jp/2013/01/open-letter-to-un-on-health-hazards.html
Moreover, Japanese government has been promoting nuclear power in still continuously earthquake hit nation and exporting nuclear power even to another earthquake prone countries such as Turkey and Taiwan.
I hope you will take these issue very seriously and answer to the following questions divided into 3 categories; radiation health, nuclear policy, organizational matters, etc. 
Thank you very much in advance.


質問は概要は以下の通りとなります。 (質問の詳細記述がその後に続く)

Below are the titles of my questions followed by the contens.


第一部     被曝による健康問題についての質問

Part I    Radiation Exposure and Health Issues

1.      福島の子供は避難させないのか

Why doesn’t IAEA evacuate children?

2.      福島の子供の甲状腺がんの多発について

High increase of Fukushima child thyroid cancer

3.      秘密会の存在と山下俊一氏の適正について

Secret meetings by Dr. Shunichi Yamashita

4.      放射線による障害を甲状腺がんに限ることの不可思議

Why only thyroid cancer is focused?

5.      東日本での遺伝子検査をしない不可思議

Why hasn’t there been any gene tests?

6.      山下氏、100μSv/h→10μSv/hに言い換えた!

Dr. Yamashita corrected his mistake from 100μSv/h to 10μSv/h later!

7.      なぜ重松逸造氏がチェルノブイリIAC団長に?

Why Dr. Shigematsu chosen as IAC chief?

8.      IAEAのミスによる対応の遅れに謝罪や補償は?

No apologies for additional victims for wrong IAEA statement?

9.      IAEAや世銀の関係で学者が批判できない?

No scholars cannot criticize IAEA and World Bank?

10.  300万人の子供が要治療」と言ったアナン事務総長

UN Kofi Annan: 3 Million kids need treatment

11.  アナン氏を否定した人物がIAEA, WHO, ICRP, UNSCEARを兼任!

Annan denied by Holm from IAEA, WHO, ICRP and UNSCEAR

12.  なぜバンダジェフスキーを無視・否定するのか

Why Bandazhevsky denied and ignored

13.  IAEAと仏原子力団体支援のエートス

Deadly Ethos backed by IAEA and French nuke lobby


第二部     原発推進問題 P

art II Issues of Nuclear Power Promotion

14.  天野氏発言「重要な案件では常にアメリカに従う」の真意

Solidly in the US court on every key strategic decision”?

15.  復興予算使い、地震国トルコにも原発輸出する日本

Japan using recovery budget to export nuke power

16.  なぜか無視される地震による原発配管破損

Why pipe breakage by quake ignored?

17.  電力足りてるのに、なぜフィルターベントもない大飯を再稼働?

Why restared Ohi without filtered vent though electricity was sufficient?

18.  活断層なしで4022ガル!日本に安全な原発なし!

4022 gal without fault! No place for NPP in Japan!

19.  制御棒不完全挿入の場合、大飯は瞬時に放射能大放出!

Massive radioactive emission in case control rods failure

20.  83年に14mの津波、8mの防波堤で十分?

8m Seawall for 14m Tsunami?


第三部 組織や人事、その他

Part III: Issues of organizations, personnel, etc


Japanese NRC head Shunichi Tanaka


Insufficient measures for 2nd Fukushima accident


Does IAEA Nuclear Safety Division work?


Why DU Weapons are not banned?


WHO under control of IAEA!?


UNSC-IAEA cannot be neutral


Nuclear Plant should not exist on earth 


The followings are the detailed description of each question.


第一部 被曝による健康問題
Part I  Radiation Exposure and Health Issues




In Fukushima before the accident, the average air dose was only 0.038mSv/h according to MEXT, but now the figures are dozens or hundreds more due to radioactive particles emitted from the reactors.  The Japanese government upper limit of 20mSv/yr is equivalent to 400 times of X ray, and not only this gamma ray increase, children have no choice other than breathe in radioactive particles including alpha and beta particles which cannot be measured on the spot. I hear children living in these environment say, “Until what age can I live?” “I don’t think I can marry someone in the future,””I know I will become sick and die, don’t I?”What do you think of this abnormal and cruel situation?  Don’t you think IAEA should at least relocate Fukushima kids?



In February 2013, three children in Fukushima have already gone through thyroid cancer operation and seven others are also high suspected out of 38000 examined.  According to National Cancer Institute, the thyroid cancer rate among children under 18 were 0.6 out of 100,000, so this number is 13 times higher at minimum and 44 times higher at maximum.  Don’t you think IAEA should make a recommendation to evacuate children from contaminated areas facing this grave situation?  Or are you going to keep ignoring this fact as in the case of Chernobyl where a vast number of children got thyroid cancer eventually?


3.これに先立つ、201211月、関係者間で会の存在自体も口止めされていた秘密会というものが存在し、甲状腺ガン第一号の発表の前には、「被曝による甲状腺異常ではない」とする模擬の質疑応答の練習までなされ、このことが公になってから、委員会長の山下俊一氏が謝罪するという事態にまで及びました。これは謝罪で済む問題ではないのではないですか?山下俊一氏などは、この後、元日本医師会長で世界医師会長でもあった武見太郎氏の名前にちなんだ「武見記念賞」を2012年12月に受賞し、米国からは全米放射線防護委員会NCRPの名誉会長Warren K. Sinclair氏の名前にちなんだ基調講演「福島原発事故と総合的健康リスク管理」を、事故から2年目の2013年3月11日に行いました。おかしいのではないですか?今後福島の子供たちの健康検査については、独立性を保った科学者にお願いすべきと思いますが、いかがですか?

In November 2012, the secret committee case was revealed, in which members were told not to reveal the existence of the meeting and Q&A practices were conducted to deny the causal relationship of radiation effects before the announcement of the first child thyroid cancer patient was announced in Fukushima in September 2012 (http://enenews.com/govt-held-inappropriate-secret-meetings-about-human-health-impacts-from-fukushima-crisis), and eventually, Dr. Shunichi Yamashita, the committee leader apologized on this incident (http://mainichi.jp/english/english/newsselect/news/20121119p2a00m0na017000c.html).  Don’t you think this is such a grave matter so all the related persons should be dismissed from the Fukushima health examination team? On the contrary, Dr. Shunichi Yamashita, who has been gathering the most criticisms from the citizens by nuclear accident affected areas, was honored with “Dr. Takemi Memorial Award” (Dr. Takemi is the name of former president of Japan Medical Association and also World Medical Association) in December 2012. This simple fact shows how medical associations are corrupt with interested groups. Dr. Yamashita was also chosen as the speaker for Warren K. Sinclair Keynote Address (Dr. Sinclair is the NCRP President Emeritus) on this coming March 11, 2013, 2 years after the nuclear accident.

 Isn’t it very strange that Dr. Yamashita even got awards such as after this incident?


In Dr. Shunichi Yamashita's March 11 speech (See page 64 of http://www.ncrponline.org/Annual_Mtgs/203_Ann_Mtg/Yamashita.pdf) Liverdysfunction and hyperuricemia were increased among young male and hypertension, glucose dysmetabolism, renal dysfunciton were increased among adulthood especially aged people. However, Dr. Yamashita attributes these symptoms to solely change of life styles and mental stress groundlessly, never mentioning the possibility of radiation effects. These symptoms along with many other diseases were commonly observed in contaminated Chernobyl areas.  Even in the registration for A-bomb diseases with much less exposure to radioactive materials, not only thyroid cancer, but also all kinds of malignant tumors, leukemia, hyperparathyroidism, cataract, myocardial infarction, hypothyroidism, chronic hepatitis, cirrhosis are included.  IAEA is highly suspected to have limited the scope of health hazards to give advantages to nuclear industries.  Does IAEA have any intention to review this most important issue in a fair and comprehensive manner and to come up with recommendation to cope with the already emerging health problems and to prevent further health disaster?


5.94年に甲状腺がんと放射線の関係をIAEAが認める原因となったのが、放射線の影響を裏付けるRETがん遺伝子の活性化が確認されたためといいます。Lancet 344:259, 1994、今回もがん遺伝子による原因特定を行う予定はないのですか?また、山下俊一がチェルノブイリでFOXE1という遺伝子に変異があったことを2010年の論文に執筆していますが、なぜか日本ではこの重大な事実の発言はまったくありません。http://www.ncrponline.org/Annual_Mtgs/2013_Ann_Mtg/Yamashita.pdf の24ページ)、これらの遺伝子検査を早急に福島でやる予定はないのですか?(私は山下教授その他の科学者が遺伝子研究について口を閉ざしているのは、その結果により、福島の住民への放射線影響が明白になるのを恐れてのことだと思います。その間、福島の子供たちは、日々放射線に晒され、彼らの遺伝子に変化が起きている可能性があります。これは医療関係者・科学者らによる犯罪ではないのですか?)


It is said that IAEA recognized the causal relationship between Chernobyl children’s thyroid cancer and radiation due to the high rearrangements of RET gene (Lancet 344:259, 1994), and do you not recommend to conduct genetic examination for Fukushima accident consequence?  In particular, Dr. Shunichi Yamashita's March 11 speech, he said that FOXE 1 has been observed as a genetic deteriminant for thyroid cancer and he confirmed it as one of the authors for the 2010 Chernobyl study. (http://www.ncrponline.org/Annual_Mtgs/203_Ann_Mtg/Yamashita.pdf page 24) However, he never mentioned about it in Japan and never conducted any genetic tests of Fukushima residents and still insists that there is no health damage inflicted by Fukushima accident apart from mental stress.  (I believe that Dr. Yamashita keeps his silence regarding this genetic study in fear that the apparent adiation effects on Fukushima residents could be revealed through genetic test results. Meanwhile, children in Fukushima are being exposed to radiation day to day, with their genes being affected by radiation. I simply believe this is a crime by doctors/scientists who take the side of nuclear power promotion side.  Don’t you agree?)




It is a very scary fact that a doctor like Shunichi Yamashita is the President of the Japan Thyroid Association and Director of the WHO Collaborating Center for Research on Radiation Emergency Medical Preparedness and Response Network. He was the one who told Fukushima residents, “It is no problem to be outside until the air dose will reach 100 micro Sv/h,” and corrected himself 10 days later on March 22, saying, “It was 10 micro Sv/h, not 100 micro Sv/h. I apologizes.”Most of all, Dr. Yamashita still denies the causal relationship between radiation and dozens of times increased children’s thyroid cancer in Fukushima.  There are many people who feel strong resentment on Dr. Yamashita and likewise scholars/doctors who are in responsible for Fukushima health examination system.  What is IAEA’s opinion on this?




Why did IAEA appoint Dr. Itsuzo Shigematsu as the chairman of the International Advisory Committee for the Chernobyl Project though he had already been quite notorious as an unscientific scholar who always took the side of the government for various cases, including Hiroshima/Nagasaki radiation exposure, Minamata, Itai-itai disease, etc.  Did IAEA purposely hire him to protect the government and industry side? In addition, in 1991, Shigematsu stated that there was no health damages caused by radiation apart from radiophobia and that the relocation standard should be loosened.  Why hasn’t IAEA made any formal apology on this mistake made in 1991 by Dr. Shigematsu?  Moreover, why did IAEA hire Dr. Yamashita, who was Dr. Shigematsu’s surbordinate’s disciple (please see the connection between Dr. Shigematsu and Dr. Yamashita here http://savekidsjapan.blogspot.jp/2013/01/japan-victim-and-perpetrator.html)?


8.ウクライナ保健省のアレクサンドラ氏によれば、保健省が子供たちの甲状腺がんが事故3年後の89年には急増したのを知り、報告していたにもかかわらず、IAEA91年に否定、94年になるまで、甲状腺がんの多発と放射線の因果関係について認めませんでした(Days Japan20133月号)。ウクライナの科学者の発表報告から5年も経過しており、この間不必要な被曝を強いられた住民も数多くいたと思うのですが、IAEAは自らの過小評価による健康被害を住民に助長させたことで謝罪をし、人道的立場より、住民への補償を可能な限りするつもりはないのですか?


Though Ukraine Health Department acknowledged the steep increase of children’s thyroid cancer in 1989, three years after Chernobyl, IAEA denied any health damage increase until 1994.  This means that as long as five years have passed since the report from the Ukrainean schientists and during this time, there should be numerous residents who were unnecessarily exposed to radiation.  Regarding this, does IAEA have any intention to make formal apology and compensate the residents for their adverse health consequences due to the underestimation of the radiation effects?


9.同DAYS JAPAN誌によれば、IAEAがウクライナ・ベラルーシの研究者への資金提供しているため、さらには、IAEAの発表が世界銀行の決定に影響を当てえているため、IAEAを批判できないと書いてあります。お金のために、人命にかかわる学問の真実が捻じ曲げられることはあってはならないことです。(日本では悲しいことに子供たちの健康を犠牲にしながら、このようなことが福島原発事故後に横行しています)これは事実ですか?

According to Day’s Japan, it is said that researchers in Ukraine and Belarus cannot criticize IAEA since research funds are provided by IAEA, of which decision influences World Bank.  I strongly believe that people’s lives and health issues should not be garbled due to money.  (Sadly enough, in Japan, such practices have been underway victimizing children’s health!)  Is this true?


10.2000年、元国連事務総長、Kofi Annan氏は「事故の影響を受けた人口は700万人、300万人の子供が治療を必要としている」と国連人道問題調整事務所(OCHAOffice for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs)の報告書の冒頭に記しています。http://ochanet.unocha.org/p/Documents/Chernobyl_2000.pdf 

これに対し、元UNSCEAR議長でチェルノブイリ事故後に、「死者は30数名しかいない」と発表をしたLars-Erik Holmが発言を否定し、非難します(にもかかわらず、いまだに謝罪・訂正をしていません。)http://mailman.mcmaster.ca/mailman/private/cdn-nucl-l/0506/msg00011.html これはいったいどういうことですか?原子力推進機関というのは、国連人道問題調整事務局や、らさらには国連事務総長よりも権限が上なのですか?


In year 2000, the then Secretary General of UN, Mr. Kofi Annan stated that seven million people were affected by the accident and three million children require physical treatment in the foreward of UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA)2000 http://ochanet.unocha.org/p/Documents/Chernobyl_2000.pdf However, against this tremendously important statement, the then UNSCEAR chair, Mr. Lars-Erik Holm bruntly denied Mr. Annans concern. http://mailman.mcmaster.ca/mailman/private/cdn-nucl-l/0506/msg00011.html How could this happen? Does this case show that international nuclear related organization has more power than OCHA or even the Secretary General of the United Nations?


11.上記のLars-Erik Holm氏は現在もスウェーデンで保健省医局部長であり、WHOの地域代表、スウェーデン放射能防護局、ICRP議長、UNSCEARスウェーデン代表、IAEA原子力安全基準委員、スウェーデン原子力査察委員と様々な職務を歴任してきました。また、原子力を推進する職務と放射線から人の命や健康を守る職務を兼任するというのは、そもそも相容れないものではないのでしょうか。


Mr. Holm is currently a Medical Officer of Health for Sweden and also have worked as Director General of the Swedish Radiation Protection Authority, Chairman of the ICRP, Swedish Representative of UNSCEAR, a member of the Commission on Safety Standards of then IAEA and a member of the Board of the Swedish Nuclear Power Inspectorate.   Mr.Lars-Erik Holm announced that there were only 30 death toll after Chernobyl accident, but he has never apologized about his mistake, and on the contrary, he criticized Mr. Kofi Annan as in the above. Isn’t this an act of wrong-doing?  Also, isn’t it contradictory that a single person could obtain such multiple posts as nuclear promotion agencies and health protection agencies?


12.チェルノブイリの汚染地帯で長年、病理解剖までしてこられた、バンダジェフスキー教授は、10Bq/kgのセシウム体内濃度で、心筋に異常が生じることがあることを発見しました。バンダジェフスキー教授は、子供の場合は、心筋に蓄積するセシウム濃度は、体全体の10倍にも達することがあるため、日本の子供たちでセシウムレベルが20-30Bq/kg に達している子供がいることに憂慮しています。なぜIAEAは、教授の研究を否定もしくは無視する科学的具体的な理由はなんですか?原子力産業にとって非常に打撃となるので、チェルノブイリ汚染地帯における子供たちの健康被害に目をつぶりながら、バンダジェフスキー博士の貴重な研究を無視してきたのではないですか?


Dr. Yuri Bandazhevsky, renowned pathologist who conducted even autopsies on Chernobyl victims in contaminated areas found out that cesium incorporation in bodies at even 10Bq/kg could lead to abnormality of heart.  He stated that it was a concerned matter that Japanese children’s cesium concentration reached 20-30 Bq/kg, since myocardial cells tend to accumulate more radiocesium more than bodily average and it could be as much as 10 times high as in the case of children.  What is the reason that IAEA has been ignoring his most important study for years?  Isn’ t it the case that his studies were so damaging to the promotion of nuclear power that IAEA denied him while ignoring the ongoing children’s health hazards in contaminated areas after Chernobyl accident?




In Belarus ETHOS project in which residents in contaminated areas voluntarily participated in measuring radiation in their land, food and their bodies, consequently, children’s health in those areas was tremendously deteriorated, which was the most devastating damage.  ETHOS was conducted by a French NGO, CEPN funded by French nuclear promoting organizations, EDF,IRSN, CE, AREVA.  The leader of this ETHOS project was Mr. Jack Lochard, an economist who was involved in writing the 4.5 Relocation section of 1991 IAEA International Chernobyl Project, in which he asserted the need to raise the standard of relocation through cold cost-benefit calculation.  As a consequence, a large percentage of children in contaminated areas lost their health, and in spite of this grave situation, IAEA has been promoting ETHOS project.  Don’t you think this is solely inhumane way of tackling radiation issue?




Before you took the office of Director General of IAEA, the cable to the US government was leaked and you were descrived as “he was solidly in the US court on every key strategic decision.”  Is this true? If this was the case, isn’t this quite problematic considering that the US is the country which dropped two A-bombs on Japan as Mr. Obama described as the US has the moral responsibility, and that the US introduced nuclear power to Japan through CIA strategy using CIA agent Matsutaro Shoriki (former Yomiuri Shinbun president and the founder of Nihon TV)?




Unbelievably, Japanese government is trying to export nuclear power plant using a part of quake reconstruction budget.  Is IAEA supporting this move?  Don’t you think export of nuclear power, which is hard to manage even among developed countries, could leave a devastating damage once an accident took place especially in earthquake prone country such as Turkey?


16.2012312日の1年後のスピーチの終りのほうで、「Now we have found out the reasons of the accident」とおっしゃられていますが、いまだに全原因が解明されたわけではないと思います。分かったと断定されていますが、明白にすべてが解明されたわけではありません。特に今回の福島事故は、単なる原発事故ではなく、地震と津波が重なった複合的災害ですが、なぜか日本政府は、津波を防ぐべく防波堤を高くし、電源喪失時用に電源さえ確保すれば、今後の事故への備えとなると、考えているようですが、これはおかしくないですか?1号炉では、地震発生の夕方より放射能漏れがあったことが海外からも指摘されており、配管の破損の可能性が高く(報道ステーションの番組参照:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CkQ993Yse9o)、3号炉でも、圧力容器と格納容器の圧力の激減からECCS系のの配管が破損したことが考えられています。地震による重要配管の破損は、全国の原発すべての耐震安全性にかかわる緊急課題ではないですか?


In your speech dated on March 12, 2012, you stated, “Now we have found out the reasons of the accident,” but in reality, the many of the reasons of the accident does not seem to have been identified.  After the Fukushima accident, a complex disaster of earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear disaster, the Japanese government has solely been focusing on tsunami and station blackout, for which only electric generators and higher seawalls are prepared.  Isn’t this insufficient?  In the reactor 1, there was a high dose leakage of radiation from the night of the earthquake, which should have been caused by some breakage of piping system.  In reactor 3, there was a drastic decrease of pressure, which again, a breakage of piping system is highly suspected.  There were both before the hydrogen explosions in both the reactors.  Considering this, don’t you think earthquake resistance issue is an urgent issue to be tackled, do you?




Regarding the Ohi nuclear reactor No 3 and No 4 currently under operation, the government plans to install hydrogen removal equipment in 2013, and filtered vent and base-isolated building is to be installed in 2015, and the residents’ evacuation plan has not been fully planned.  In addition, according to Nikkei Newspaper dated on July 7, 2012, Kansai Electric Company suspended the 6 thermal power plant, 3000MW in total, equivalent to 3 nuclear power plants. Though there was no electric shortage, the government decided the restart of the power plant. Not only this case, if you look at the annual data of Central Electric Power Council, Japanese installed capacity of thermal and hydro plants has been sufficient without nuclear, but still the government forcefully constructed nuclear power plants one after another even though there were strong residents’ opposition (sometimes with court trials) concerning earthquake.  Why has it been like this?




On June 4th 2012, in the press conference, reportedly you stated that the Japan as implemented various kinds of safety measures including the stress test in Ohi after Fukushima accident and showed some understanding on the reopening of No. 3 and 4 reactors.  However, acceleration resistance limit of the Ohi NPP is 1260 gal, and the observed maximum acceleration in Great East Japan Earthquake (2011) was 2933, and the one in Miyagi Iwate Inland Earthquake (2008) was 4022 even though there was no active fault found before the earthquake.  Don’t you think the predicted maximum acceleration is way too low?  Moreover, don’t you think there is no NPP which can be restarted safely considering the actually measured 4022 gal in a region where there was no active fault found?




As in the above, it is the basic preposition that there should not be any NPP in Japan which can be restarted.  In addition, in case of Ohi NPP, the research team of Japanese Nuclear Regulatory Comission could not deny the possibility of F-6 active fault in the site which may have moved 130,000 to 120,000 years ago and above this F-6 fault, emergency water intake pipe is built.  It is stipulated that no safety related facilities should be built above active faults and considering this, don’t you think Ohi NPP’s operation should be immediately halted?  Some experts even say that there are 3 active faults in vicinity and there could be the joint movement in case of the earthquake, and NRC demanded Kansai Electoric Power Company (KEPCO) to investigate, but according to April 30, 2013 report, amazingly, KEPCO turned it down.   Moreover, there is a fracture zone (fault in soft foundation) is located directly below the reactor core, and there could be the situation where the control rod cannot be inserted fully in the event of an earthquake.  In case of failure of control rod insert, there could be the immediate release of massive amount of radioactive materials, which would expose tens of millions of people in the area with some big cities.  What do you think of this possibility?


20.2013年度に大飯原発では、津波の防波堤を5mから3mかさ上げして8mにするといいますが、津波対策が十分でないと危惧されます。大飯原発のある若狭湾には、701年の大宝年間に40メートル超の大津波が押し寄せたとの記録があり、また若狭湾で唯一40m級の津波があった事を証明する物証としては、京都府綾部市の「青野西遺跡発掘調査」で、8世紀年代の地震痕と推定される砂脈が発見されており、当該遺跡の標高は37mです。また、こちらの1977年の論文の67ページの701年から1976年の津波地図では、若狭湾にも津波が起きていて、68ページに「日本海側は、この200300年間に再発していない津波が多数あり、津波の空白域と言える地域が各所に見られる」と書いてあります。http://repository.dl.itc.u-tokyo.ac.jp/dspace/bitstream/2261/12622/1/ji0521004.pdf また、1983年の日本海中部地震では、14m以上の津波があったことを鑑みれば、大飯原発の防波堤がたった8mであることは、危険なのではないでしょうか?


KEPCO says that they will make the seawall from the current 5meter to 8 meter high, but this Tsunami countermeasure does not seem to be sufficient.  There are some records that more than 40 meter tsunami hit Wakasa Bay in 701 and in the excavation research on Aononishi Remain in Ayabe City, Kyoto, sea sand mine was found as a remain of earthquake and tsunami of 8th century, which is located 37 meter above the sea level.  In addition, in the 1977 paper, historical tsunamis are marked between 701 to 1976 in Wakasa Bay on page 67, and on page 68, it says, “There are a number of tsunamis which have not recurred, and there are many spots which can be so-called Tsunami awaiting areas here and there.” http://repository.dl.itc.u-tokyo.ac.jp/dspace/bitstream/2261/12622/1/ji0521004.pdf

Also, considering that there was a tsunami more than 14 meters high in 1983 Central Japan Sea Earthquake, don’t you think 8 meter sea wall is totally insufficient in Ohi NPP?
第三部 組織や人事について

21.原子力の独立性を保つという名目で日本で新たにできた原子力規制員会ですが、田中俊一委員長の人事について多くの疑念の声が上がっています。田中氏は、原子力学会会長、内閣府原子力委員長代理なども歴任した、生粋の原子力村出身の方で、前述の山下俊一と並び、二人の俊一と呼ばれ、一般市民から疑義を呈されている人物です。生涯の集積被ばく量100mSVということになりますと、ほとんど福島県では子供を育てることができなくなるということもありますので、こういった基準の決定は十分に注意深くやって頂きたいということであります」と発言、まるで100mSv以上を子供にさえ強要するような言い方をしています。福島エートスのダイアログセミナーに参加し、「安心して生活できる環境を短期間で取り戻すことは不可能です。除染をしても、相当の長期間にわたって通常と比べて高い放射線・放射能環境下で生活することを余儀なくされます。」と自ら危険を知らせる発言をしながら、「それでも福島県民は、福島県で生活しなければならない! 自らの力で自らの故郷を取り戻す覚悟をもち、行動すること(怒りを復興のためのエネルギーに変えることが必要)。」「被害者意識を乗り越えること。

他人(国、国民)は、いつまでも助けてくれると思いますか?誰かが環境を回復してくれるまで待てますか?頑張ろう福島! 負けるな福島!へこたれません伊達!!」と危険なのにもかかわらず、非科学的に、政治的に福島に住民を居続けさせる発言をしています。ちなみに、食品の安全基準を500Bq/kgから100Bq/kgに下げるとき、一番反対した人でもありますが、このような放射線リスクの認識程度しか持たない人物を規制委員会のトップに据えることは不適切ではないでしょうか?

Regarding newly founded Nuclear Regulatory Commission, many people raise their concern regarding the selection of the Chief, Mr. Shunichi Tanaka along with Dr. Shunichi Yamashita (Many call them, “2 problematic Shunichi-s”).  Mr. Tanaka is from the very pro-nuclear society who used to be the director of Atomic Energy Society, the acting director of Cabinet Office Atomic Energy Commission.  He once stated, “If we set life-long accumulated figure upto 100mSv per life, most people in Fukushima cannot raise their kids in Fukushima, so please be cautious when you try to decide life-long figure.”He seemed as if he would force even children to tolerate more than 100mSv in Fukushima.

Also, Mr. Tanaka made a speech in Fukushima ETHOS Date Dialogue seminar, stating the following unscientific controversial remarks which would endanger Fukushima residents. “Neverthless, people in Fukushima have to live in Fukushima!”“Decontamination is inadequate for recovering immediately such an environment as people live comfortably, and are enforced to live under somewhat higher radiation level for a long time.”” To have the robust resolution and action for taking back our home town by changing the anger(impatient) to energy for recovery.”  “To overcome the feeling of casualty.  Only blaming of the responsibility is insufficient and useless for recovering the environment of Fukushima.”http://ethos-fukushima.blogspot.jp/2012/03/syun-ichi-tanaka-radiation-safety-forum.html Mr. Tanaka was also an strong opponent when the food radiation standard was reviewed from 500Bq/kg to 100Bq/kg.  Don’t you think an unscientific person like him should not be the NRC chief?



I am afraid the countermeasures in case of another nuclear accident is not sufficient.  (As a matter of fact, if there is another major nuke accident, that could be the end of Japan!, so this countermeasure itself should not exist..)  According to NRC, it stipulates in case that air dose reaches 500 micro Sv/h, people would be evacuated, but this figure is more than 10000 times higher than average level and reaches 1mSv in only 2 hours.  Don’t you think this is too high? Also, NRC is planning to distribute iodine tablets only in 5km radius of nuclear power plants.  Again, isn’t this too insufficient?



As in below, a US diplomat criticized Mr. Tomihiro Taniguchi ex worker at Ministry of Economy, as “Taniguchi has been a weak manager and advocate, particularly with respect to confronting Japan's own safety practices, and he is a particular disappointment to the United States for his unloved-step-child treatment of the Office of Nuclear Security.”

http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/us-embassy-cables-documents/215499?INTCMP=SRCH”As I wrote in my letter in the end, Mr. Taniguchi was not responding me well when I visited all the way to IAEA Headquarter in Vienna in 2002, raising the issue of Japanese nuclear power and earthquake particularly focusing on Hamaoka NPP and Tokai Earthquake.  He just asked me, “By doing these things, can you make living yourself?”and it didn’t seem to me that the nuclear safety in Japan with regard to earthquake resistance had not been improved.  I am afraid that the IAEA Office of Nuclear Security has not been functioning sufficiently even today considering Ohi NPP issue and others, am I not correct?





This year marked the 10th anniversary after the 2003 Iraq War, and lots of child leukemia and congenital malfunctions have been reported not only Iraqi children but also US veterans.  Don’t you think DU belongs to nuclear material and DU weapon belongs to nuclear weapons?  Then, isn’t it necessary for IAEA to appropriately manage DU and make investigation on health hazards?  Also, don’t you have any plan to ban DU weapon as radiological (nuclear) weapon?



25.元WT0で、NGO団体の「Independent WTO」の代表でもある、Michel Fernex医学博士によれば、1956年、WHOは遺伝学者たちを集め、「被曝は人体にどんな遺伝的な影響を与えうるか」という設問をしたところ、「原子力産業は放射能を増大させ、結果として一般の人々の間に変異を引き起こす。個々の人にとって有害なだけでなく、子孫にも害は及んでいく」という報告書の結論が出たが、わずか1年後の1957年、IAEAが設立。憲章によると「全世界の平和と健康と繁栄への、原子力の貢献を加速し、増大する」1959年に国連内の下部組織であるWHOと合意協定を交わし、放射線による疾病については、IAEAのコントロール下に置かれていると、同博士が訴えています。この点についてはどう考えますか?

According to a former WHO official, Dr. Michel Fernex, in 1956, when WHO convened geneticists and asked a question, “How could radiation affect human body?” their answer was, “nuclear industry will increase the environmental radiation, which will result in alternation among general public.  It is not only harmful for each individual, but also the harm will be transferred to their offsprings.”However, only one year after this report, IAEA was established with its Statute, “The Agency shall seek to accelerate and enlarge the contribution of atomic energy to peace, health and prosperity throughout the world.”In 1959, the Agency concluded an agreement with WHO (Agreement WHA 12–40), by which WHO is under control of IAEA and cannot independently work on radiation health issues.  What do you think of this situation?




To begin with, isn’t it the case that IAEA cannot hold neutrality on nuclear policy and on radiation protection measures since it is placed directly below UN Security’s Council, consisted of 5 nuclear states, all of which conducted nuclear testing in the past which altered the radiation level of the entire planet and have been strongly promoting nuclear power worldwide?



The very existence of nuclear power plants which contains thousands of Hiroshima A-bombs could be a threat to human beings and the environment.  Without nuclear weapons, if a nuclear power plant is targeted from the air, or even without such attack, if a plant is damaged by natural disaster such as Tsunami and earthquake, that could be the devastation to the entire nation such as Japan and Taiwan, small earthquake prone countries.  Through seriously thinking on these issues, don’t you think nuclear power plants should not be existing on this planet?


Mari Takenouchi




Here is my letter to IAEA and their reply is at the bottom of this page.
福島原発事故後に出ている甲状腺がんを含めた健康被害と、福島や稼働中の大飯におけるさらなる原発事故の可能性を訴えるため、3歳の息子と欧州に行ってまいりました。IAEAからの独立運動をやっているMichel Fernex博士の素敵なおうちに泊まらせてもらった後(庭に動物がいろいろいて、息子は大喜び!)、オーストリアのIAEA(結局面会は拒否)、UNSCEARと行ってまいりました。
In June, I went to Europe with my 3 year old son to appeal for the already emerging health hazards after Fukushima (including increased thyroid cancer) and possible severe accident at Fukushima and Ohi NPPs.  My boy was excited when we stayed at Dr. Fernex house with lots of animals.  In Austria, I visited IAEA (after all, I was rejected to meet anybody from IAEA) and UNSCEAR commnications officer.
My boy dancing to street music.  He is 3 year old but already very happy to meet foreigners!

帰ってきましたら、なぜか、私のPCが攻撃にあい、今までのブログhttp://savekidsjapan.blogspot.jpが更新できなくなりました。。。 と言い、インターネットカフェに通い、別のサイトhttp://savekidsjapan.wordpress.com/を立ち上げた矢先、いきなり更新可能になりました!

By the way, my PC was attacked by somebody and I could not update my blogs anymore so I established another site, and then I could update this page now.(But my PC is not functioning...)

I sent the open question to IAEA Director General via e-mail and requested to have a meeting with IAEA and I am attaching the Director of Public Information Mr. Gas’s reply below.

At least, Mr. Gas was selecting words in his courtesy and moreover, he actually read what I wanted to say.  In addition,thanks to his information on the update of UNSCEAR, I was able to make an appointment with UNSCEAR person and was able to convey the situation in Japan particulaly focusing on already emerging health hazards. Thank you, Mr. Gas!

It seems like almost everybody’s attention went to UN Human Rights Council Mr. Anand Glover and nobody worked on UNSCEAR, which has more impact on future political decision.

Please do make appeal to UNSCEAR from you as well particularly on health hazards on radiation.  Unless Japanese people make a move, nobody would help.  As I visited the US and Europe this year visiting major conference or meeting major organizations, I strongly feel this way.  As for health hazards, even Mr. Glover’s report does not mention at all including dozens times increased thyroid cancer…

The following are the contacts of UNSCEAR communications officer.  I met Ms. Johan, a very nice Indian woman.  She calmly picked up my scattered materials while I was holding my son, and listened attentively to my talk.  She said that she understood my feeling since she herself had a small child and thanked my coming to report to her.  (I really wish if all the mothers in the world stood up against nuclear power…)

UNSCEARへのメールはこちら (英文でお願いします)
Ms. Jaya Mohan jaya.mohan@unscear.org 
Ms. Anne Thomas anne.thomas@unvienna.org  Ms Regina Rohrbach  regina.rohrbach@univienna.org

Below is the mail from IAEA

Dear Ms.Takenouchi,

Thank you very much for your correspondence, the background introduction and your comments and questions that I have carefully read. I am sorry to hear that you and your son have been unwell.

This are indeed very complex issues that you raise and many of the questions that you pose are of a domestic nature. The Agency, as an intergovernmental organisation would not be appropriate to address them, sometimes simply because they are not in its mandate, which derives from its Member States decisions.

I want nevertheless to inform you that the IAEA is engaged in a broad undertaking to help ensure that the world learns from the nuclear accident at Fukushima Daiichi to so that we can make nuclear energy as safe as humanly possible. We are also giving priority to supporting Japan’s efforts to recover from it.

On our website you will find extensive factual information about the accident and up to date details about the extensive IAEA Action Plan for Nuclear Safety, which was unanimously endorsed by our Member States in September 2011 and has since provided a road map for the IAEA and its Member States to follow. We also continue to work with Member States of the IAEA in preparing a comprehensive report of the accident. This report is planned to be released by the end of 2014.

I would also like to mention that the United Nations Scientific Committee on the Effects of Atomic Radiation (UNSCEAR) is currently holding its 60th annual meeting in Vienna, where its secretariat is based, and on 31 June will release to the public two reports: the effects of radiation exposure on children, and the radiological impact of events at the Fukushima-Daiichi nuclear power plant in Japan on humans and the environment. It seems to me that this information will be particularly pertinent to your concerns. These reports will be presented to the United Nations General Assembly later in the year, see their press release: http://www.unis.unvienna.org/unis/en/pressrels/2013/unisinf475.html

As for your request of meetings, with other pressing commitments, and the limitation of the Agency’s capacity to answer most of your questions, Director General Amano and Deputy Director General Flory will unfortunately not be in the position to offer you an interview.

I still hope that you will find the information I have provided useful and I wish you good luck in your undertakings.

Best regards,
Mr Serge GAS | Director |Division of Public Information | Department of Management | Vienna International Centre, PO Box 100, 1400 Vienna, Austria |Follow us on http://www.iaea.org