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2 Thyroid Cancer Fukushima Kids had metastasis in their lungs! 福島の甲状腺がんの子供2人に肺転移!

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I heard a very sad news today through Kyodo News Agency.  There have been 2 Fukushima thyroid cancer kids who got metastasis in their lungs.


I have been calling for evacuation of kids and pregnant women since right after Fukushima accident.


No matter how careful you are on what you would eat, nobody can stop breathing.  I myself had persistant coughing after March 15 radiation exposure in Tokyo and what I was afraid most was lung cancer.


I visited Fukushima just one day in autumn 2011.  That day, my spine got frozen by seeing  advertising posters of Women's Marathon Race in Fukushima.




After that, I got to know that even children's marathon races were being held in areas with doses equivalent to radiation control areas. 

NHK, Japanese public TV station, never touches upon the thyroid cancer incidence in Fukushima (though they did in NHK international, they never did in domestic programs), and instead, keeps covering children's outside sport festivals and fruit-picking in Fukushima.


NHK shows programs which encourage residents in contaminated areas to go back their home town, and they never show this kind of serious issues.


Meanwhile, I was even criminally accused by a leader of ETHOS, a Fukushima NGO which encourages residents to keep living in their homeland, and have been threatened by countless internet obstructors.


I truly believe any government or media which ignores their own people's children's health/lives is insane.



In addition, recently, Prime Minister Abe was criminally accused for covering up the political donation from NHK Chief Producer, but NHK has been ignoring this important scandal.



I want these facts to be known among all the conscious citizens in the world.

From Kyodo News 2014, Aug 28
共同通信 2014年 8月28日


On August 28 at the Japan Cancer Treatment Society, Professor Shinichi Suzuki from Fukushima Medical University reported concrete examples of children who have or suspected to have thyroid cancer throught the Fukushima prefectural thyroid examination after Fukushima Daiichi accident. 


After explaining his perspective showing that the possibility of the nuclear accident influence is little, he stressed, "his treatment was in accordance with the standard." 


The subjects of the thyroid examination is 370,000 children under 18 at the time of the accident in Fukushima prefecure.  The confirmed cases are 57 and suspected case are 46.  Compared to the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear accident, Professor Suzuki said, "Both the symptoms and age distributions are different."

As for the 54 thyroid cancer patients who went through the surgery at Fukushima Medical University out of the 57 (translators; which means only 3 had surgery outside of Fukushima Medical University), more than 80% had cancer size larger than 10mm or metastsis to lymph nodes or other organs, which needed surgery.  2 had metastasis in their lungs.


The remaining 9 had cancer size less than 10 mm without any metastasis.  But according to Prof. Suzuki,  "7 had cancer adjacent to the resparatory tract and conducting surgery on them was right decisions."  The remainig 2 could wait for surgery by follow up observation, but they received the surgery based on the will of the patient and his/her families.  


90% of the patients had their thyroid extracted only half.


As for the Fukushima thyroid cancer, some experts asked, "Weren't there any cases where no surgery was needed?" and the call for disclosing the patients' data was mounting.



Please "Evacuate pregnant women and kids!"
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