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On the Day of Hiroshima/Nagasaki 広島・長崎の日にて Please Save Kids in Japan from Anywhere on this Planet! 日本の子供たちを救って!

2014: No mention on Fukushima kids this year, too!

Even groups of radiation victims did not touch upon Fukushima kids when they met Prime Minister Abe on this day, same as last year...

Fukushima 2011


Hiroshima, 1945
Nagasaki 1945
The following was written in 2013 by Mari Takenouchi with some addition of late Satomi Oba, the late anti-nuclear power Hiroshima activist on August 6, 2014.

"Hiroshima is really hopeless."



This is a word by a late female Japanese activist who was working alone in Hiroshima, Satomi Oba. 

 What does this mean?  It means that Hiroshima appeals on the cruelty and abolition of nuclear weapons, but never touches upon abolition of nuclear power, and furthermore, Hiroshima movement hinders anti-nuke power movement.

The late Satomi Oba, anti-nuke power activist/translator in Hiroshima


I totally agreed with her.  When I became anti-nuke power for the first time in 1999, I visited Japan Conference of A-bomb and H-bomb Sufferes Organizations thinking that basics of nuclear power issue is radiation exposure issue.  However, I was told, "Our organization cannot oppose to nuclear power since there are A-bomb sufferes who have been working at nuclear power plants." I was speechless.


Soon after that, Japan had the first time nuclear accident which had 2 acute radiation symptom deaths at JCO nuclear fuel conversion plant.  The following year, I visited Hiroshima as an interpreter for a global environmental organization's leader to meet Hiroshima Mayer.  At the end of the meeting, the Hiroshima Mayor Mr. Akiba told us, "Never put our photo on a newspaper like Anti-Nuke Power Paper."  I was totally dissapointed.


I got along with Ms. Satomi Oba who had been fighting by herself with pure mind.  She came to my house to stay over, and I once stayed over her house in Hiroshima and went to a hotspring together.


When we visited Taiwan through No Nukes Asia Forum international conference, we truly got excited through conversing into late at night, because the anti-nuke shady people from Satomi's eyes and mine totally got agreed!  (We are both pure-minded activists without any compromise...maybe scary for double spies in Japan! http://fukushimaworkerslist.blogspot.jp/2013/06/blog-post.html)


Taiwanese anti-nuke activists thought that Satomi and I were sisters, since we were so close and looked alike.


At the end of May 2013, 27 child thyroid cancer cases were found among Fukushima children.  (You can see the data at the bottom of this page) However, there have been almost no A-bomb sufferes' organization or anti-nuke power organization on this most important issue.  Again I am totally discouraged.  Prior to this, high rate of cycts and nodules were found, which became quite big issue among citizens' organizations, but amazingly when this critical news of thyroid cancer emerged, almost every organization has been silent.


On August 6th, 7 representatives of A-bomb sufferes met Prime Minster Abe, and they appealed for suspension of restarting nuclear power plants but they never touched upon 27 thyroid cancer children in Fukushima.


What is really going on?


As in this blog, I have been writing to the UN offices, but I haven't received any concrete solutions.  What regretful was, that the Human Rights Council gave out recommendation at the end of May, but it didn't touch upon Fukushima thyroid cancer cases, which showed increased since January this year.
(Though I wrote mails to the secretary of Mr. Anand Glover several times regarding the health hazards in Japan)


UN Human Rights Council says that residents should be entitled to relocate in areas more than 1mSv/year, however, according to ICRP, this 1 mSv is equivalent to 30000Bq Cesium incorporation in one's body.  A person who weighs 50 kg would be 600Bq/kg cesium concentration.  Considering that low level radioactive waste to be stored in a drum can is 100Bq/kg, a human body would not withstand such radiation load.  In Chernobyl, even now, lots of children are getting sick even after the introduction of this 1mSv/year relocation option. 


In fact, Dr. Bandazhevsky (http://savekidsjapan.blogspot.jp/2013/07/dr-bandazhevsky-seminar-in-tokyo-july.html) who conducted thorough research on internal radiation through pathological autopsy said, abnormality on electro cardio gram (ECG) was observed from 10Bq/kg per body.  However, Tokyo University team ignores this (even some member acknowledges this fact) and supports ETHOS program where residents continue living in contaminated areas and they will start baby whold body counter research from September.


Besides Tokyo University, currently doctors from Hiroshima and Nagasaki downplayed the effects of radiation in these places and now are saying radiation in Fukushima is harmless even for children, while writing high-level paper on the damages of genes.  They had done the same thing with Chernobyl while victimizing kids!  (Dr. Yamashita knows FOXE 1 was damaged due to Cherunobyl and Dr. Asanaga knows RUNX1 was damaged by A-bomb)If we look at the history, their evil acts can be traced in the Unit 731 that had conducted horrendous human experiences on Chinese people.  Please refer to this page. http://savekidsjapan.blogspot.jp/2013/01/japan-victim-and-perpetrator.html


It is very difficult to eliminate radioactive materials once they are incorporated into bodies.  Especially, when radioactive materials are inhaled from resparatory system, some will deposit in resparatory organs and some will circulate all around the body through blood circulation.


In Fukushima, there are many areas beyond Enforced and Obligatory Resettlement Zones in Chernoby, but lots of events such as children's marathon race, mud-spreading festival, local food sales are going on under the name of "People's bonds, Reconstruction of Fukushima, Promoting Reconstruction through Eating Fukushima Foods."  To my eyes, there are all homicide with poison.


There are a lot of contaminated areas in East Japan not only Fukushima.  I myself was exposed to radioactive plume along with my then 1 year old son in Tokyo and had become sick for three months.  I really want children still living in contaminated areas to live in uncontaminated areas.


However, the government of Japan has been promoting the return of all the Fukushima residents to their hometown by year 2020.  Probably the government is aiming at holding Olympic Game in Japan, and the Government thought the existance of evacuees would look inconvenient. In addition, the government of Japan is using a part of reconstruction budget to promote exporting nuclear power to overseas. (Shame on our government!)


(In the past, Japan has brought tremendous suffering to people in Asian nations.  And now through exporting dangerous nuclear power, it may bring another disaster to other nations.  Please do not import nuclear power.)


Today the August 6 is the Memorial Day of Hiroshima.  However, neither Prime Minister Abe nor Mayor of Hiroshima touched upon 27 thyroid cancer kids in Fukushima.  This has never become any news in Japanese media.  With this going on, I truly think children in contaminated areas will have true health disaster! 

松井広島市長の平和宣言は福島でも現在健康被害を隠して常にニュースで使われている、「いわれのない風評」という文言が非常に違和感があります。被ばくで遺伝的な影響がないという、御用学者の言い分を主張している。これぞ未来世代への犯罪です。 こちら後半読んでsavekidsjapan.blogspot.jp/2013/04/murder

It was welcomed that the Mayor of Nagasaki mentioned Prime Minister Abe's not supporting NPT participation and intention to conclude a nuclear agreement with India.  However, he too had not mentioned about the most crucial on-going issue of Fukushima-children's increased thyroid cancer.

In fact, Prime Minster Abe said in his lecture at Waseda University in 2002, "It is not unconstitutional to possess a nuclear weapon, if it is a small sized."
 There are many parliament members in Liberal Democratic Party who want to possess nuclear weapons in Japan.  LDP is now trying to alter Japan's Peace Constitution by enabling to execute Collective Defense Rights.


As if showing off some efforts, Prime Minister Abe said that he would tackle more on the issue of certifying A-bomb disease victims.  But how many years have been passed since the drop of A-bombs?  Many of the sufferes have passed away and now the government has started to work on it more while ignoring the health issues of children after Fukushima accident. 

In October 2002, the former ambssador to Switzerland, Mr. Mitsuhei Murata asked Mr. Abe in person, "please relocate children in contaminated areas," Mr. Abe just ignored his plea.  In other words, the government of Japan is not really serious about helping out radiation exposed people, Hibakusha. 


It is undeniable fact that even the UN is slow on this issue under the influence of UN Securities Council consisted of nuclear power states and IAEA. 


This is a word stated by Mr. Katsutaka Idogawa, the former Mayor of Futaba, Fukushima.
"Please, if any state, anybody, any group in the world has intention to help Fukushima kids, please accept them.  Please help kids in Japan."


If there is any concrete proposals, please let me know.

竹野内真理 フリーランスジャーナリスト
Mari Takenouchi, Freelance journalist



According to Dr. Bandazhevsky, the emergence of health damages in Fukushima is faster than the case of Chernobyl, which is an issue of concern.