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弁護団が白血病を取り上げるのを拒否!/郡山高校の生徒が白血病! Lawyer Not Tackle leukemia issue! /Leukemia student in Kooriyama High School!

悲報!2014年9月、レーガン号の米海軍の20代の水兵が白血病でお亡くなりになったと言う情報が入りました。http://savekidsjapan.blogspot.jp/2014/11/2-us-sailors-dead-after-fukushima.html ご冥福をお祈りすると同時に、このような事態を少しでも回避してほしい。

Very sad news...a US Navy sailor in his 20s died of leukemia in September 2014.  The court proceeding will start in Southern California soon http://savekidsjapan.blogspot.jp/2014/11/2-us-sailors-dead-after-fukushima.html ...I really don't want to hear such kind of tradgedy..

I started writing this blog very seriously right after I heard a tradgedy of young brothers in Fukushima were diagnosed with leukemia simultaneously in 2012...


In July 2014, I heard a story from a mail friend that a son of a Fukushima mother develped leukemia and she tried to make an appointment to a lawyer from Fukushima Nuclear Power Victims' Lawyers Group.  But she was refused to get an appointment by the lawyer who said, "Too busy."


This is quite shocking.  I think there is nobody among anti-nuclear lawyers who take up the issue of on-going health hazards.  Why is this? Isn't life and health the most important issue after nuclear accident?


As for the leukemia case, I also consulted the local police and the Human Rights Protection Bureau, but both of them obviously avoided taking up this topic.

Nov 27, 2014




This morning, I found the following tweet by Ms. Ryoko Ando who said that she filed the criminal accusation against me mainly because I telephoned and questioned Tokyo Health Medical University where Prof. Nobuhiko Ban (@buvery, I acquired this information through whistle blower inside ETHOS through a third party) belongs to.

While Ms. Ando was communicating with another person, she suggested that she would attack someone again.

If you (another person, not Takenouchi) annoy Prof Ban furthermore, I need to take another countermeasure against the person who is the source of this information.



Prior to this, Ms. Ando made another threat against Takenouchi right after the non-indictment in collaboration with Mr. Noma (Tokyo No Nukes Coalition, organizer of Prime Minister's Residence Ralley). 

I cannot tolerate Ms. Ando's harassement and threat using police power any further.


My parents also say, "We really do NOT understand why our innocent Mari got criminal accusation.  We really want to talk to Ms. Ando from Iwaki City.  What kind of person is she?"



A sad news came recently.


A track and field club student was found to have leukemia early this year.


A friend of him also collapsed during  a sport game and became
cardiopulmonary arrest and diagnosed as "sudden ventricular fibrillation."


Some anonymous parents put up the following notices around the school.


The notice says, "Take responsibility of occurence of leukemia!  The Education Board and the school principle play down the radiation issue." 

"Do not make another student suffer from leukemia.  Stop all the outside activities at school. From fathers and mothers who want to protect children from radiation."


"There was no outside fence around the school.  Is there any fact the school needs to hide?  Since youtube video where students were made decontaminate the swimming pool, did you hurriedly build up such a fence?"


The following is the video in which Kooriyama High School students are made to clean up the swimming pool without any protective gears.


What saddens me most is that actually a young leukemia patient emerged from a careless school as in the above, and this hasn't made through a major media.

Moreover, only a handful of parents are anonymously protesting only through such notice sheets. 

This is a chilling fact in Fukushima.


Let's raise our voice regarding the Fukushima children's health issue!  I don't think there is nothing more important than this right now!


After Fukushima accident, Ministry of Labor, Health and Welfare suspended collecting data of various diseases including leukemia in Fukushima and southern Miyagi, though the data had been collected before the accident.


Meanwhile, leukemia experts, such as Professor Nobuhiko Ban from Tokyo Health Medical University has been vigorously promoting Fukushima ETHOS.


The ETHOS program, which increased diseases among children after Chernobyl though demagogue of safer living ways in the contaminated areas, is now being repeated in Fukushima.




To my surprise, Professor Ban had actually written on the mechanism of developing leukemia by radiation some years ago. 

According to his papers, he had already found that radiation damages the gene Sfpi1 on chromosome No. 2 and promotes the aging process of hematopoietic stem cells, thus mouse could develop leukemia only after 1 or 2 years after irradiation!!

Thesis written by Prof. Nobuhiko Ban


While, Professor Ban wrote a number of excelled thesis on radiation effects, he assistes ETHOS progam that allows even pregnant women and children to live in contaminated areas.  I truly believe what he is doing is ethically wrong and this issue is a one of the most grave character which could affect the health and lives of many residents.




buvery@buvery 2011年3月28日

今回の事故は短期で解決できません。『屋内退避』は『棄民』を体よく言っただけです。早く組織的な疎開を。:「汚染地扱い」されて「陸の孤島」 http://news.livedoor.com/article/detail/5446539/


Post Script


I also saw a report of a 4 year old boy who developed acute leukemia.  The boy was evacuated from Tokyo to Kyushu on March 15, 2011 when a thick radioactive plume passed through Tokyo.


Since my boy has gone through exactly the same path, I am so scared when I saw this report.  Please see the initial exposure in Tokyo.  The radiation level on March 15 was so high!


In addition, report of leukemia high school kids are heard both from Fukushima and Niigata.


In Niigata, the world biggest nuclear power station is located and TEPCO intends to restart the reactors.

However, the premise of Kashiwazaki nuclear station is known to have a number of small sized faults even before the construction of the plant.

Unlike Fukushima, there could be a case that the control rods cannot be inserted if the soil itself is massively deformed.


The latitude of Kashiwazaki and Fukushima nuclear power station is almost the same, and if another accident takes place in Kashiwazaki, the impact would be truly catastrophic.


Grown-ups who have realized the facts that children are being harmed by radiation related health hazards and that some people try to restart perilious nuclear reactors should stand up and act.


I believe there is nothing more important than this to do in this year in Japan.


German IPPNW wrote the following article saying that leukemia was increased only after 1 or 2 years in Belarus.

In 2014, when I was spreading the information of nationwide hospitals' data showing the increased trend of various diseases, it was closed...whey?

→ショック!DPC導入病院の甲状腺悪性腫瘍、肺の悪性腫瘍、白血病などの年次変化抜書き togetter.com/li/631559 が見えなくなっている!

Also, a frequent twitter user @japanwings who had lost his ex-wife through leukemia was suspended December 2013.   I trusted him most among all the twitter users with important information and his followers were more than 10000.


Most of all, I got criminally accused by ETHOS leader only 2 weeks after I posted this page.