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井戸川氏が「殺す」と脅迫されたが、福島県警は動くのだろうかIdogawa (calling for evacuation) under death threat, "I will kill you"


I heard the Oct 26 Fukushima governor ended with landslide victory on Mr. Uchibori, the vice governor of Fukushima who calls for reconstruction and return of Fukushima residents.


We should never forget that not only ruling party, but also Social Democratic Party of Japan has supported Mr. Uchibori who called for early return of Fukushima residents ignoring the health hazards of Fukushima children.


Mizuho Fukushima, the former leader of Social Democratic Party of Japan resigned over Henoko US base issue, but she admitted the export of nuclear power to Vietnam prior to that.  Nuclear power issue is more taboo compared to the US base issue.

I just found unbelievable twitter by a person called Yohei Suzuki. I think this tweet is like a criminal level.

twitter.com/follow_yohei/status/525291164585299969 …


鈴木洋平‏@follow_yohei 11 時間前
(拡散希望)福島県双葉前町長の井戸川勝隆に、福島県民の皆さん今度の知事選で投票しないでください。0票にしましょう。現実を見させるのです。福島県内に来ないで、知事になろうというのは生意気です。奴を殺す #

@follow_yohei "Please share.  Don't vote Mr. Katsutaka Idogawa, the former Futaba town Mayor/  Let's make the count of his vote, "zero" so that he will see the reality.  It is arrogant that he is trying to become a governor though he does not come to Fukushima (Note: Mr. Idogawa does stay in Fukushima for his campaign now.)  I WILL KILL HIM. ## Please follow me."

The other day, a man who made a threatening call, "I will place a bomg in your school," where a former reporter who wrote a controversial article on comfort women, was arrested.


Then, Yohei Suzuki saying, "I will kill you (Mr. Idogawa)" in the above should be arrested, I think.


As a matter of fact, I heard from a person on Facebook that this issue was reported to the Fukushima police and the person in charge was decided.  However, no media is reporting any move.



* As a matter of fact, I myself (who has been calling for evacution of Fukushima children)  have been a target of criminal level of harassement on tweets, "I will kill you.""Die""Watch out for fire""I will sue you""I am disseminating your whereabout of your apartment"
However, strangely police or Human Rights Protection Bureau made no countermeasures so far.

(As for the harassers, I put the list of the accounts at the end of the following page. http://koukaishitsumon.blogspot.jp/2014/04/blog-post.html


I am also calling for evacuation of kids and pregnant women from Fukushima.
Please sign the 6 language petition "Evacuate pregnant women and kids!" below.


English http://www.change.org/en-GB/petitions/to-government-of-japan-and-citizens-of-the-world-please-evacuate-fukushima-kids-and-pregnant-women?lang=en-GB&utm_content=buffer11073