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外国人記者クラブ福島の母の会見Speech by a Fukushima Mother

 Press Conference at Foreign Correspondents' Club in Japan, Nov 15, 2011

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子どもたちを放射能から守る福島ネットワーク世話人  佐藤幸子

Sachiko Sato, Representative, Fukushima Network for Saving Children from Radiation


For the past 30 years, I have been practicing natural style of farming while rearing my 5 children.  After Chernobyl accident, I changed my life style using old day practices and wisdom handed down from generation to generation so that we could survive without oil, nuclear power, and imported foods.  People who wanted to learn such kind of living gathered around me from all over Japan, so we were living in a sort of small community.


Then, the Fukushima accident took away everything from us.  This year, we cannot grow safe organic vegetables from our agricultural land which was taken great care of without any chemical.  As a farmer, there is nothing that can make me more sad.


After March 11, lives of all the people in Fukushima was changed.  We had to manage to survive in the midst of the triple disasters-earthquake, Tsunami, and nuclear accident.


Particularly, we suffered from nuclear disaster.  Since the radiation is invisible, it is very difficult for us to accept the fact.  The radiation that exists for sure in the beautiful scenery that has not changed a bit from last year put a tremendous gap between people who decided not to continue living that area and people who decided to continue living that area.


The families and neighbors who are supposed to share their sufferings cannot share their feelings.  Fukushima peoples mental damage caused by this disintegration of peoples minds can be called as immediate health effects.  (After the accident, the government of Japan repeatedly said, There will be no immediate health damage.)


The government does not take any action for the upcoming health damage caused by low level radiation saying that the probability of health damage is low enough.  On the contrary, the government is trying to use 2 million Fukushima people as guinea pigs to collect data, saying that there is not enough data for radiation exposure below 100 milisieverts.


To my eyes, the scenery of radiation contaminated Fukushima is just like a battle field, even though I cannot see the radiation itself.  It is a battlefield between people who foolishly behaved as if they could conquer the nature and people who have cherished the nature.  Since Fukushima is beautiful in nature, it does not look different at all.  In sight, it is a beautiful battle field.


But it is a battlefield to take away the future of children by the state power.  There should not be any children in the battlefield.  We should not leave any child in a battlefield with fire.


We cannot save our children with the economy first ideology.  We immediately need to take every measure to rescue children now.


People in Japan and in the world should have felt the horror of nuclear accident.  What kind of nerve does this country have not only continuing nuclear power generation domestically but also trying to export more nuclear power to overseas?


I wonder what the government is thinking in regard to the health effects that can continue for generations to come.  In any case, we cannot expect much from the government who left children in the fires of battlefields as long as 8 months.


Now we know that it is not our government who can protect our children. With this trend continuing, we the adults in the 21st century will have to be told that we made the judgment with our priority on the short-sighted economy rather than childrens lives in the future.  We will be told like this until human race would eventually be extinguished.


It is people who can save childrens lives.  Each single person needs to open his or her eyes of mind and make a judgment to see what is correct and what should be done to save lives.


Mothers and fathers in Fukushima stood up to make a single wish come true.  That is to save lives of children. People from all over the nation got connected to protect lives of children in Fukushima.  Now the time has come for everybody to get connected and make actions and to alter their life styles, the moment for all of us to make a very important decision.

もし、これで原発が止まらなかったら、人類は滅亡への道を進むことになるでしょう。 福島から発信された原発事故の恐ろしさが、世界中の人々に伝わり、全ての原発を止めることができるまで、活動を続けなければなりません。福島の子どもたちのような悲しみを、もう二度と起こしてはいけません。ご静聴ありがとうございました。

If the nuclear power does not stop even after this Fukushima accident, humankind would surely tread the path to destruction.  The horror of nuclear accident coming from Fukushima should be disseminated to the people all over the world.  We need to continue our actions until all the nuclear power plants in the world are stopped.  We should never cause any more sorrow Fukushima children had to any other children on our planet. Thank you very much.