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X) マスコミの大罪:NHKと読売新聞 Sins of Japanese Media


In June 2013, Mr. Hideyuki Ban, the co-director of Citizens Nuclear Information Center said, "if there is residents' consent, I think restart of nuclear power plant should be accepted." Mr. Hayashi interviewed Mr. Ban on another occasion on his video interview.

もんじゅ西村事件http://savekidsjapan.blogspot.jp/2013/04/murder-by-nuke-lobby-during-thatcher.html  http://takenouchimari.blogspot.jp/2013/04/blog-post_1741.htmlで人が殺されているのに「こんな国家の根幹にかかわる問題を俺が番組にできるはずないだろう」と言った元プロデューサー林勝彦。NHK従軍慰安婦問題番組改ざん裁判でも被告。
Mr. Katsuhiko Hayashi, the former NHK producer told me, "I can never make a program which could shake the very foundation of the nation." (Responding to Monju Nishimura Incident where former Donen worker Mr. Shigeo Nishimura was suspected to have killed by nuclear village in Japan) He was also accused for NHK Comfort Women falsification trial.

X マスコミの大罪:NHKその他

Medias Deadly Sins: NHK etc


During the world war II, Japanese imperial headquarter released false news stating that Japanese Army was winning the war until immediately before the war. This falsified news was released by NHK radio, the sole state-owned media in those days. Now in Japan, NHK public TV station is the main source of domestic news. Particularly this is the case in Fukushima where the internet-use population is quite limited.


Nowadays, a lot of citizens in Japan are saying that NHK is repeating the Imperial Armys falsified announcement after Fukushima nuclear accident. For example, NHK is keeping the all-out silence on emerging health abnormality, including Fukushima childrens 42 % thyroid abnormality rate (more than 50% for elementary and junior high school girls) and the first thyroid cancer incident, either. This is extraordinary.


On February 13, 2013, Fukushima prefecture announced that total of three children under 18 developed thyroid cancer and went through operation.  However, NHK is totally ignoring this most important news.  According to National Cancer Institute, thyroid cancer under 18 was one out of 180000.  The rate is already 10 times high!  Moreover, 7 more children are strongly suspected to have thyroid cancer!

この悲しいニュースの2日後の2月15日、視聴者の一人がNHKに電話050-3786-5000 をかけ、「なぜこの重大ニュースがTVで流れないのですか?」とたずねました。するとNHKコールセンターの人は、「そのニュースは確かに放送されました。ただどの時間に度の番組かというのは、記録を全て見ないとわかりません。」と答えたと言います。

On February 15, 2 days after this sad news, one of the viewers called NHK to ask why this important news has never been shown on TV.  Then, the NHK call center 050-3786-5000 person answered, "IT WAS ACTUALLY AIRED.  BUT WE DON'T KNOW WHAT TIME AND WHICH PROGRAM UNLESS WE GO BACK TO OUR ENTIRE RECORDS OF OUR PROGRAM."


As a matter of fact, this thyroid cancer news was shown only in NHK Fukushima, not in the nationwide network.  Why is this obvious top news cannot be aired nationwide and was aired only in fukushima!?  (The same can be said to the major Japanese newspaper, which have never reported this news on their front page!) Lots of viewers have called NHK on this issue, but the NHK call center person deluded the viewer by saying that the news was shown somewhere without saying that it has never been reported nationwide!  This is such an escapist attitude!


On the contrary, NHK has been broadcasting programs in which residents in Fukushima are encouraged to stay living or returees to Fukushima are promoted. Moreover, mushroom dishes, which are said to be highly cesium concentrated foods, are often promoted using famous chefs, and fish dishes, of which strontium 90 has never been measured, are often broadcasted. The other day, there was a cooking special program titled, How to make kids like to eat mushrooms. I am not exassuring when I say NHK is committing a deadly sin.


In the autumn of 2011, I myself was telephone-interviewed by a NHK director who was going to make a program focusing on mothers tackling with radiation contaminated food issues. That female director knew that Japanese food standard of 500Bq/kg (100Bq since April 2012, but still too high.) at that time was way too high compared to that of Germany with 8Bq/kg for adults and 4Bq/kg for children. I sent her materials on risks of radiation including Bandazhevskys paper and compiled document on Sr 90. On the phone, she agreed with what I was saying on the extraordinary loose Japanese food standard. She was even asking me whether it would be OK to put my photo on TV.


However, I was astounded when I saw the program. The contents of the program was the totally opposite. It didn

t mention about the risks of food contamination and it said that Japanese standard of 500 Bq/kg was quite an neutral figure!


NHK viewers fee is more than 24000 yen for a household per year, but it does not function at all to protect lives of the people from radiation exposure. On the contrary, NHK produces various programs to encourage Fukushimas industry and peoples continued efforts to keep living there under the name of peoples bond (Kizuna). NHK Fukushima bureau even broadcasted ETHOS program. http://ethos-fukushima.blogspot.jp/2012/07/nhk-icrp.html


Further, it showed a program to encourage evacuees to go back to their hometown, in which a student going back to almost an empty classroom. In an extreme case, in Minami-soma City, childrens marathon race was held on a road with as high as 0.6 micro SV/h (this is equivalent to radiation controlled area, and the dose before the accident was 0.038 in Fukushima) and most media companies were listed as sponsors! It is a sad truth that media companies often appeals false safety in Fukushima, making children exposed to dangerous level of radiation!


In an extreme case, there was a conscious news fabrication by a local TV broadcast chief. In 2011, two high school students from Fukushima Prefectural High School died. One died from long-time illness and another died from a sudden death. There were a lots of rumors regarding these young students death in relation with radiation. Then, Mr. Omori, the news broadcast chief at TV You Fukushima (TUF: http://www.tuf.co.jp/), tweeted that one died from long time illness and the other one died from traffic accident! I double checked this fact with the vice principal of this high school and also with the TV station personnel in general affairs division. He admitted Mr. Omoris false statement, but said there would be no need to correct Mr. Omoris statement since it was only tweeted and not broadcasted in their TV program! It is simply extraordinary that a TV journalist spread a false news on his tweet!


Looking back, my disilussion against media especially on nuclear issue is long standing. I became anti-nuclear power when I first heard about station black-out scenario by a US scientist. Since then on, I became afraid of earthquake and nuclear issue and disseminated information through telephone and FAX to major media companies, which had been totally ignored.



In 2002, I finally received an offer from NHK Nagoya branch director who said that he wanted to make a program on earthquake and nuclear power plant issue based on the information I provided. I was very pleased and kept sending him information. But one day, he suddenly visited my house using a bullet train and apologized, saying, "I cannot make the program any longer" without telling me why. My dissapointment was big since I wanted to prevent a nuclear accident before a major earthquake hit.


In 2008, I was able to be able to plan one TBS (Tokyo Broadcast Station) documentary program on Kashiwazaki nuclear power plant and active faults with cooperation of Mr. Sunao Ogose, the sole Japanese geologist who has been agaist the nuclear power since early 1970s. The program was well made and Tokyo Electric gave us a phone call saying that there was not a single scientific mistake.


In 2009, a NHK producer Mr. Katsuhiko Hayashi saw my program and offered that he would like to make programs on nuclear issues based on my program plan. I was overjoyed by his offer and came up with several plans and submitted them to Mr. Hayashi. Then, he was earnestly listening to each of my plan, but some weeks after, he bruntally told me that he would not make any program after all in a frivolous manner. I realized that he gave me such empty offer for obtaining information from me for some reason.


In particular, the last plan I gave to the NHK producer, Mr. Hayashi is on a homicide strongly suspected incident of an employee at Donen, with the involvement of the nuclear company, politicians, and even police.




When I showed the Monju Nishimura Incident plan, Mr. Hayashi, the NHK producer showed a tremendous interest in it, so I brought transcript of the interview I had with Mrs. Nishimura when I had the appointment with Mr. Hayashi next time.  Mr. Hayashi seemed to have been very impressed by what I have shown him.  Then unbelievably, he came up the following statement.

Do you think I could ever make a program of an incident which could shake the very foundation of this country?  No way.


I was speechless.  This NHK journalist, admitting the high probability of incident being homicide, clearly stated that he would never report it because the incident is too scary for him owing to the deep involvement of the Japanese government itself. There was a person who was actually killed!  And he admitted that revealing this incident could collapse the very foundation of this country, which he dared not to do it.


Let me introduce the summary of the incident.  In December of 1995, the fast breeder reactor Monju had a sodium leak accident and the in-house investigation team was set up. The investigation team leader Mr. Shigeo Nishimura was reported to have committed a suicide by jumping off from the eighth floor of the hotel.


However, his X-ray showed that he died not because of jumping-off suicide but of battering, since there was no bone fracture either on his skull or neck.  Mrs. Nishimura who became a widow consulted three forensic doctors and all of them told her that his body showed he did not committ such suicide.


  It is strongly suspected that this incident is involved with Japanese nuclear lobby, Liberal Democratic Party (then and the current regime), police and media. Though the medical record tells the high probability of homicide, the truth has not been revealed even after 17 years, due to the cover-up of the government of Japan and nuclear lobby.  I hope the fact finding mission to be carried out by any relevant international organization and overseas media.


Monju FBR can produce weapon level pure plutonium and Japanese pro nuclear weapon politicians are seeking for its technology. Even after the Fukushima accident, Democratic Party of Japan and the current regime, Liberal Democratic Party has been promoting the restart of Monju, though this is the most dangerous type of nuclear power plant which is susceptible to earthquakes and Shiraki fault is in vicinity.



Looking back, the major medias control over nuclear issue has been started since the onset of peaceful use of atom in Japan.  When the Bikini Atoll H-bomb test victimized Japanese fishermen, Mr. Yasuhiro Nakasone, who became a Prime Minister later on, passed the nuclear budget at the Diet.  Though anti-nuclear movement spread nationwide, the CIA adopted the policy, A poison neutralize another poison, and in cooperation with, media giant Mr. Matsutaro Shoriki (the former president of Yomiuri Shinbum and the founder of Nippon TV, also known as CIA agent called Podam), strongly promoted nuclear energy. 



Even today, Yomiuri Newspaper has never apologized of its nuclear promotion policy and even after the Fukushima accident, it has still been promoting nuclear energy.  According to Yomiuris editorial dated on January 24, 2013, it concludes, The restart of nuclear power plant should be dependent on the government decision and the proposal for the residents referendum on this issue is out of question.  Tokyo Electric Kashiwazaki-Kariwa nuclear power plant should be restarted smoothly once the safety is ensured.


In 2007, Kashiwazaki-Kariwa nuclear power plant was hit by M 6.8 earthquake directly below the premise and there have been more than 3000 parts failures, releasing radioactive material of 900million Bq.  Some seismologists predict even M8 class quake would hit in this area in the future.



Japanese media has been controlled since the introduction of nuclear energy and even after the accident, the situation has been so.  Unless this situation is changed, there may be another catastrophic nuclear accident which might affect the entire world.  It is my strong hope that the nuclear and Japanese media issue to be shared by conscious world citizens and world media as early as possible.