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VI) 東大WBC研究の矛盾点Controversies on WBC Study by Tokyo University


Controversies on WBC Study by Tokyo University



In ETHOS Belarus, residents internal radiation had been measured with whole body counter and the report said that the figures were successfully decreased, though the most important health improvement was not reflected by it. Please see http://savekidsjapan.blogspot.jp/2013/01/blog-post_8310.html



 WBC can measure only gamma rays and cannot detect alpha and beta rays, which are much more harmful on human bodies as internal exposure sources.  To detect these, we need to conduct urine test.



As you probably know, in Minimisoma city, which is outside of evacuation zone, Dr. Masaharu Tsubokura from Tokyo University Medical Science Institute, measured the residents internal exposure using WBC and submitted the thesis to JAMA in August 2012 (http://jama.jamanetwork.com/article.aspx?articleid=1346169). 



I met Dr. Tsubokura in person at a radiation seminar held in Okinawa and directly asked him whether he had read paper by Dr. Bandazhevsky.  His answer was, Yes, I have.  As a matter of fact, I feel troubled.  Every food should be measured before the local residents would eat, but we do not have enough equipment.



In Febrary 2012, Dr. Masaharu Tsubokura mentioned about Dr. Bandazhevskys study in his own blog, http://medg.jp/mt/2012/02/vol410wbc.html.  In here, he stated that long-time follow-up will be needed including electrocardiogram test for residents since there is a report by Bandazhevsky that says 10Bq/kg20Bq/kg cesium concentration in body causes heart malfunction. 



According to the JAMA report by Dr. Tsubokura in August 2012, there were even people with more than 50Bq/kg and many with 10Bq/kg20Bq/kg among adults and children.  This figure is of grave concern itself in the light of Dr. Bandazhevskys study.  However, strangely, the conclusion of Dr. Tsubokuras study was the residents exposure level was low, with all the subjects exposure less than 1mSV with only one exception of 1.07mSV effective committed dose.



However, quite strangely, an internet site was made in May 2012, saying that Bandazhevsky was denied by Dr. Tsubokura quite harshly (http://togetter.com/li/303308).  This was stated by Mr. Makoto Omori(See http://savekidsjapan.blogspot.jp/2013/01/medias-sins.html), the chief of broadcast section at TV You Fukushima.  What Mr. Omori was saying was quite contrary to the saying I heard from Dr. Tsubokura directly. 



Nobody knows whether this cesium concentration in body came from initial exposure or food intake afterwards, but in any case, it would be a act of murder not to relocate residents making them breath contaminated air and consume contaminated foods. 



As for the WBC study, Professor Masahiro Kami, Tokyo University Medical Science Institute, is in charge.  Amazingly, the purpose of the study says;


The purpose of this study is to conduct medical checkup and medical consultations to resolve anxiety of the residents in costal line area in Fukushima  greatly damaged by the nuclear disaster and to study the effects of nuclear disaster on human bodies including low-level radiation effects.



It clearly stipulates the purpose as studying low-level radiation effects on human body!  This is nothing but a human experiment using radiation!






 Moreover, one of my friends acquaintances and my own acquaintance heard Professor Kamis personal statement as follows;


It would be impossible to evacuate residents in Fukushima City and Kohriyama City.  I guess in the future, they would file a class action lawsuit.

Minamisoma City is at risk. (Minamisoma is one of the cities along the costal area of Fukushima where the WBC study is being conducted by Professor Kami himself.)



 In this area at risk, Professor Kami himself is conducting WBC study including local children and pregnant women with his subordinate doctor Masahiro Tsubokura.  This is nothing but a recurrence of Unit 731 evil human experiment with prolonged time span. 




As a matter of fact, Tokyo University Medical Science Institute used to be a hub for Unit 731 human experiment studies.  http://savekidsjapan.blogspot.jp/2013/01/japan-victim-and-perpetrator.html



 I sincerely ask for international organizations to stop these Tokyo University doctorsmedical experiments and please relocate the residents in high risk area, especially pregnant women, children.