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Health Hazards of Ronald Regan Soldiersロナルドレーガン号の海軍兵士の健康被害

2013 March 11, NY Academy of Medicine
2013年3月11日 NY医学アカデミー

Medical and Ecological Consequences of Fukushima Accident

To watch the video of US soldiers who got exposed to radiation
Press "Press Conference" in organge letter on program to listen to the soldiers.

米海軍兵士の健康被害について聞くには、http://www.totalwebcasting.com/view/?id=hcf#の左のページにあるプログラムにあるオレンジ色で書いているPress Conferenceを押してください。

The following is the summary of their speech.

Their ship was going near the coastal area to give relief supplies, and closest was only 1~2 miles away from the coast.



US Navy Quartermaster 米国海軍操舵員 

Ms. Jamie Plim  ジェイミー・プリムさん

5 days after Tsunami and Earthquake happened, we went to the desaster-hit coastal area in Japan to give food and water.  We never knew anything about nuclear power plant, let alone the leak. 


Our job was not only navigating but also communicating with other ships by hoisting flags.  So while we were outside, we were breathing in radioactive materials and handling flags.  We never heard about leaks until a couple of weeks after. 


We were not allowed to go outside probably one month and half after March 11 but we were breathing in radiation.  Our mission lasted until October 2011.


As for the medical consequences, my menstral period stopped completely and came back and stopped. Then when it came back in 2012 summer, the bleeding was so massive, so I had to be in a hospital emergency room for blood transfusion because I lost so much. 


I got out of Navy in January 2013, so during that time, my medical expense was covered by the Navy.  I was already taking birthcontrol pills, which are supposed to control mentral cycle.  So the only thing they could do that I also had IUD and hormone along with it.  But the bleeding actually didn't stop and I still have this issue (March 2013), and now I have to pay the medical cost for that.


In addition to that, in Febrary  2012, I developed bronchitis then summer of 2012, I had it 6 times until the summer of 2012 and the respatory doctor told me I had asthma. 


Unless I got retired after 20 years of service or got injured for service related actions, I cannot be compensated for the medical expenditure by the Navy, and we are now suing TEPCO.  We are going to have to pay for it out of our pocket.


US Navy Quartermaster 米国海軍操舵員 

Mr. Maurice Ines  モーリス・イネス さん

Part of our job is to communicate with other ships through maulice signals and flags.  We stored all our flags outside in leather bags and hoisted US flag as the sign of friendship and I was told to retrieve the American flag from the highest point of the ship and brought it down which was all over me and I folded up. 


After work, I got something to eat with my close friend and we were joking around since there was some rumor on radiation leak.  My friend was joking around that I would get extra finger and toes and then, he said, "Let's stop. Let's get checked for radiation because they set the checking point in the ship. Just precaution."

仕事の後、   私は親友とご飯を食べていました。我々は、放射能漏れのうわさもあったので、冗談を言い合いました。僕の手や足から新たに指が生えてくるんじゃないかと。それから、「もうやめようぜ。船の中にチェックポイントができたみたいだから、測定してみよう。用心のために。」と友人が言いました。

We got some free time, so we went to the radiation check point just for precaution.  We were laughing and joking.  Nothing happened to my friend, and he said, "I told you, waste of time."


When my turn came, I checked my boots and pants and as soon as I put my hands on the machine, the machine went crazy and instantly we went from smiling to being nervous and scared.  


Every one was  told to back away from me.  They marched me to go to the decontamination station and everybody was told to get back and they were looking and freaken out. 


I had to go through scrubbing again and again until finally the beeping stopped. 


I got the highest level of radiation exposure on the ship and later our work area in the ship also had the highest reading of radiation.


2 months after, I had lump appeared on my jaw. There was nothing I could do.  Then a lump between my eyes and then on my right eye. 

As soon as got out, I went to back to University, I started track and field sports again.  But soon after, my body just fell apart and I had difficulty to breathe and it continues even now.  Feel like my lungs are too big for my body. 


I lost a lot of weight.  I got stomach ulcers.


I started to loose hair and stopped washing and combing, only every 3 days.  After Navy it is custom to grow hair, but I didn't want to speed up the hair loose.


Before pulled into the next port since the disaster, we had to sign a paper which said military is not responsible for anything. We were OK and ...You had to sign it.  It was not Yes or No we just had to sign it.

次の寄港地にくるまでに、我々は海軍にいかなることにも責任はないという書類にサインをしなければなりませんでした。私たちは健康上問題ないとも。サインをしなければならなかったのです。Yes かNoの問題ではなく、サインをしなければならなかったのです。

We never knew about iodine tables, but later we got to know that people in higher ranks got iodine tablets. 


Since I was a hard worker, I had developed a friendship with a person in high rank, and he asked me, "Did you get your radiation medicine? I got mine."  I thought he was just joking, but later I found out all the high ranking people had taken the tablets, but not generals and sailors.


We were told and brainwashed that the level was not much radiation exposure such as smoking cigarette or getting sun-tan on a beach for a day.


There was no medical record left around that time with any exposure dose figures.  There were only records of flu shot and something like that before the disaster.