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XIV 国連への緊急要請 Urgent Appeal to the United Nations


Japanese nuclear policy has been under control since the beginning. 
Please watch this short video before reading below.

Every Friday 18:00-20:00, citizens gather in front of the US Embassy in Tokyo.

IV) 5 Requests to the United Nations


In Japan under Hiroshima and Nagasaki A-bomb attacks and their radiation effects afterwards, hundreds of thousands of people were killed or have been suffering from various kinds of sickness. Radiation exposed people (Hibakusya) were almost used as human guinea pigs to provide data for nuclear armament strategy and also for Peaceful Use of Atom, while their genetic effects and internal exposure risks were concealed for the prosperity of nuclear industry.


When the Bikini nuclear test attacked Japanese fishermen, under the policy of A poison neutralize another poison, between the US and Japanese governments, nuclear power was hastily introduced by a former Prime Minister Mr. Yasuhiro Nakasone, former president of 2 big media companies Mr. Matsutaro Shoriki, former president of Tokyo University Mr. Seiji Kaya and so on, in spite of the concerned voices of earthquakes and radiation exposure.


And now, after Fukushima accident, again, Japanese citizens, even pregnant women and children, are being used as guinea pigs under radiation exposure. Here, I would like to make an urgent appeal as a journalist and a mother of an infant.


今回福島事故では、2011年末に国連人権理事会の特別報告者Arnand Glover氏が人道的な立場から調査をし、人道的な見地から汚染地帯の実態を発表してくださいました。日本の多くの市民がGlover氏の勇気と正義ある行動に感謝しています。

On November 26, 2011, UN Human Rights Council Special Rapporteur Mr. Anand Grover kindly investigated and reported the facts about the contaminated area from humanitarian aspect. Many Japanese citizens are grateful of Mr. Grovers courageous and righteous action.

We never want to see repeated nuclear accident tragedy such as Chernobyl where less than 20% of children are healthy in contaminated area. It is our urgent task to help children suffering from radiation exposure and to prevent such hazard.


My appeal should not be limited to Fukushima, since our world has more than 400 nuclear reactors and some of them are already aging and nuclear wastes have been piled up in many countries. Health Issues are common to all the people on this planet regardless of pro or anti nuclear.


On February 12, 2013, North Korea conducted nuclear testing, which shocked the world. But as a Japanese national, I want the world know about the truth on radiation exposure and its criminality since the onset of nuclear age in 1945. Countless people and their off springs are still suffering and the level of environmental radiation has been raised no matter where we go on this planet.


Without looking at this truth, we cannot solve the matter at all. It is quite illogical that nuclear states in the Securities Council which conducted nuclear tests or actually used nuclear weapons including depleted weapons in recent years are trying to judge the deeds of North Korea without having being judged.


I, truly believe that instead of Securities Council, non-nuclear states should come up with solution and bring justice. Criminals are not supposed to judge other criminals.  Solutions without any influence of Securities Council or IAEA should bring be achieved.


The United Nations decision after Fukushima accident may alter the destiny of entire human civilization and the environment in the future.

Therefore, in order to prevent further radiation exposure health hazards of not only Fukushima residents but also the citizens of the world, I call upon the United Nations for the followings.

1. (避難・移住の必要性)汚染地帯に居住する人々、特に未成年者のいる世帯から優先的に、即刻非汚染地帯に移住させること。汚染地帯に長くいることで、住民の間の健康被害が重篤化しています。実際、既に甲状腺異常、大人と子供の急性白血病、心疾患などが報告されています。また汚染地帯の住民の被曝問題の他にも、農林水産業その他の生産活動により、汚染食品その他の物質が国内外に流出しています。



1. (Urgent Need for Residents Relocation)To relocate residents, especially households with minors in contaminated areas to non-contaminated areas. By letting the residents continuously living in contaminated areas, their health damages has been aggravated. In fact, already various health hazards such as thyroid anomalies, acute leukemia, heart failures, type I diabetes among both children and adults, have been known. Besides radiation exposure on these residents, through agricultural/fishery/forestry and other production activities, contaminated materials/foods are being distributed nationwide and even overseas.

Currently, large amount of budget is allocated for extension of hospitals in Fukushima to expect some economical return by Ministry of Economy in Japan, which is just insane. Those who are suffering from ailment and handicaps should be able to get medical treatment in uncontaminated areas. 

After Fukushima accident, contaminated area includes even 30 million population Tokyo Metropolitan area, and as I said in the beginning, some people have already shown serious symptoms. Our country does not have enough land to relocate all these people. In addition, there may be further hazards in Japan which has 54 nuclear power plants nationwide on actively seismic land. Accordingly, with the priority of children and reproductive generation, I would like to ask UN to take an initiative of enabling Japanese relocation to overseas.

2. (がれき焼却及び環境中への放射性物質拡散の即時停止)汚染したがれき焼却を即刻停止させてください。汚染がれきの焼却による大気中に放出された放射能により、すでに日本の南に位置する九州でも、汚染がれき焼却後の線量の上昇と鼻血などの子供たちの異変が観察されています。放射性物質に汚染されたものは、人が住めなくなった地域に集積し閉じ込める以外にはありません。


2. (Immediate Suspension of Dispersion of Radioactive Materials into the Environment)The incineration of contaminated debris should be stopped immediately. Raised air dose and various health damages among children have been already observed even in southern Japan, Kyushu by radioactive materials released into the atmosphere by the incineration. Contaminated materials should be gathered and stored in contaminated areas, where habitation is no longer possible.

In this regard, decontamination work is also spreading the radioactive materials in the environment while further exposing residents and workers to radioactive materials.   It is not wise to use the Fukushima restoration budget for decontamination and incineration of debris, causing further radiation exposure to the residents and decontamination workers. Regretfully in Japan the same stakeholders of nuclear construction are working on decontamination obtaining profits. We would like to have the common standard not to spread radioactive materials while evacuating people to prevent further radiation exposure.


3. (さらなる過酷事故の防止)第二の福島を阻止しなければ、日本に限らず、周辺諸国を巻き込んだ核の大惨事が避けられません。稼働中の大飯原発は直ちに停止すること、そして日本政府だけに任せるのではなく、新たな地震が訪れても福島原発、その他全国各地の原発及び六ヶ所村施設における使用済み核燃料が安全に保たれるようにするため、国際専門家チームを早急に設立してください。


3. (Prevention of Further Accident) Unless we prevent a Second Fukushima accident, nuclear catastrophe would devastate not only Japan but surrounding nations. In order to avert this catastrophe, operating Ohi nuclear reactor in Fukui prefecture should be shut down immediately, and an international expert team should be established immediately for controlling Fukushima and other nuclear facilities so that spent fuels shall be safe in upcoming major earthquakes.

While the aging of the reactors is progressing, this kind of accident could occur anywhere in the world. There are even some scientists who claim that the cause of the Chernobyl accident was a local minor earthquake, of which theory has not been seriously considered.

Introduction of nuclear reactor came before the establishment of Plate Tectonics Theory, the foundation of todays seismology. This issue needs to be addressed immediately among all the nuclear power states and for this purpose, the United Nations is required to take the initiative to secure the safety of the world nuclear power plants with the cooperation of international scholars from the field of seismology, geology, nuclear technology, earthquake resistance civil engineering, piping engineering, etc.


4.(原子力関連企業における社会的責務) 原子力産業は明らかに企業としての倫理性や社会的責務に反します。事故の際の大量の放射能の放出ももちろんですが、日常的に環境に放出される放射能も環境や人々の健康を傷つけます。そして未解決な核廃棄物問題、被曝労働者問題など、その存続の正当性を問われる問題が数多く存在します。





4.(Social Responsibilities of Nuclear Corporations) The generation of nuclear energy apparently is in conflict with corporate ethics and social responsibilities. Not only is there a massive release of radiation at the time of accidents, but also the release of radiation under normal operating conditions damages the environment and peoples health.

There are so many issues surrounding this industry for which its legitimacy should be questioned, such as issues of the disposal of nuclear waste, and workers exposed to radiation.

If the manufacturing of asbestos can be banned, then the mining of uranium, the manufacture of nuclear fuel, the operation of nuclear reactors and the reprocessing of spent fuel should be banned all the more strictly.

Needless to say, nuclear weapons and radiological weapons such as depleted uranium weapon should be banned totally along with the fabrication process facilities.

Nuclear corporations should change their central role from that of further promoting nuclear energy to the elimination and control of radioactive contamination and nuclear waste.

In addition, health damages inflicted upon on nuclear workers and residents as results of nuclear accident and environmental contamination, the nuclear corporations should not downplay the damages and provide appropriate compensations as responsible party. In this regard, I would like the United Nations to have the right to conduct surveillance on nuclear corporations to make them abide by the corporate ethics and responsibility.

5. (国際刑事裁判所における責任者の犯罪の追及)すでに生命や地球全体の環境を傷つけた、原爆投下や地球上での数え切れない核実験が、そして原発事故による膨大な被害が、いまだに罪に問われないのは、非常におかしな話です。これはあまりに放射能による環境や人体への被害が軽視されてきたという理由が大きいと思われます。

It is quite illogical that the A-bomb attacks and nuclear tests conducted worldwide and catastrophic nuclear accidents, which harmed tremendous number of lives and the global environment have never been blamed for their criminality. It is also a grave issue that the effects by radiological weapon such as depleted uranium weapons has been ignored. This is attributable to the belittlement of the radiation effects on human beings and environment.


Japan, though it is the world first A-bomb attacked country, the damages caused by internal radiation on A-bomb victims, nuclear testing victims, nuclear workers and now victims after Fukushima accident have been concealed by the Japanese government. Concealment of health damages is a slow paced homicide by the establishment including nuclear corporations, bureaucrats, and academics, politicians and media, and overseeing this means the further generation of radiation exposed victims.


Even after Fukushima accident that has not been resolved, Japanese government has been trying to export nuclear reactors to Asia and Africa, concealing the real effects of nuclear accident. When we look at the massive destruction of human health and environment, this can be equivalent to a wartime crime. It could be even more when it hampers future generations as well.



Accordingly, please refer the following people to the International Criminal Court.

A) 原爆投下、核実験、劣化ウラン弾などの放射性兵器により地球上の環境と生命に危害をもたらすことに寄与した者


A)  Those who contributed to A-bomb attacks, nuclear testing, depleted uranium attacks, etc which caused radiological damages on living matters and the environment.


B) 今日までに重篤な健康障害や放射能汚染を環境中にもたらした電力事業および原子力企業責任者。日本においては、地震国であるにもかかわらず、また地元で憂慮の声と反対運動があったにもかかわらず、原発を導入に寄与した者、及び以降に原子力の危険性や実際の環境汚染や健康被害を隠蔽しながら原発推進に夥しく寄与してきた者(政治家、科学者、マスコミ、官僚など)も含めること。


B)   Electric companies/nuclear corporations that have brought grave consequences to human health and the environment. As for Japan, in spite of the local residents concern and resistance, those who are responsible for the import of the first nuclear power plant to Japan and those who have tremendously contributed to the promotion of nuclear power in Japan, the world most earthquake prone country, through concealment of radiation contamination and health hazards. (ex: politicians, scientists, media people, bureaucrats





C)   Those who were engaged in human experiments using radiation. (including former Unit 731 members) since World War II until today.


Scientists and doctors who have been denying the health hazards of internal radiation and genetic effects for the purpose of developing nuclear weapons or promoting nuclear power industry.



As a Japanese citizen of which state has been inflicting tremendous sufferings to the Asian citizens, I hope the justice should be brought to the Japanese war criminals who were not punished as soon as possible.




Currently, Japanese nuclear power promoters are even using reconstruction budget for exporting nuclear power to African and Asian nation. This is out of question. Japanese nuclear export to Taiwan, which is also the earthquake prone country, could be called the 2nd economical aggression threatening human lives by Japan after the World War II.



As mentioned before, Japanese doctors who have been connected to the war-time criminals are involved in studying radiation effect not only foreign nationals, but also on their own people including pregnant women and children. In order to stop such criminal deeds, those who are involved in any human experiments need to be brought to justice.




In order to prevent further aggravation of the current Fukushima situation and to prevent any further tragedy anywhere in the world, I hope the Fukushima accident would give a chance for all of us. For this purpose, it is my sincere hope that the United Nations along with International Criminal Court will start tackling the above issues at the earliest possible stage.