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IX 除染と被曝労働者についてDecontamination Work and Radiation Exposed Workers

IX 除染と被曝労働者について

Decontamination Work and Radiation Exposure Workers



As for Fukushima where 70% of the land is mountainous area, many say efficient decontamination is practically impossible.   As Mr. Arnand, the UN special rapporteur had stated, it is quite regretful that in some cases, residents without enough knowledge or gadget are conducting decontamination.  Most of all, we need to see the limit of decontamination.  Rather than letting people at risk of further radiation exposure, we should gather contaminated substances in evacuation zones, putting an emphasis on peoples relocation to decontaminated area first.



For debris incineration nationwide and decontamination in East Japan, large amount of budget is allocated for the benefit of general constructor companies and transporting companies, but I the priority should be saving peoples lives and health.  From a humanitarian point of view, I would appreciate it if you could give recommendation to the government of Japan to put priority on peoples evacuation rather than decontamination and reconstruction of the contaminated areas.



As Mr. Arnand had pointed out, Japanese government also needs to continue these workers health monitoring for a long time.  We need to maintain the soundness of the working conditions for decontamination workers and nuclear power plant workers along with incineration plant workers to protect them from radiation exposure.  Needless to say, they are the people who are on the highest risk, and without their work, we cannot live a normal life at all.



However, it is just an extraordinary thing that the health check-up for nuclear power plant workers were even terminated by the Japanese government.  It is against humanity if nuclear workers, the most exposed to radiation are not medically examined and/or treated  under the responsibility of the government.  The accident has not been controlled yet and if this situation continues, due to the lack of workers, the situation could become out of control soon or later.  Acknowledging these, Japanese government is required to provide full support to radiation exposed workers medically and financially.



It is not scientific that the coverage of diseases caused by radiation is limited only to thyroid cancer.  After Chernobyl, all sorts of diseases including myocardial infarction, respiratory diseases, diabetes, kidney failures, leukemia, etc have been increased.  In Japan, too, due to the observation among A-bomb survivors, myocardial infarction is listed for compensation, which is strangely not applied for nuclear workers.  Thus, a former nuclear power plant worker, Mr. Ryusuke Umeda has sued the government for developing myocardial infarction.



In addition, the horrible working conditions such as kickbacks, lack of safety, loss of information of end workers have been long time social issues since the start of nuclear power plant operation.  All the end workers conditions should be supervised by the government and parent company.



Once again, I would like you to give a strong recommendation to the Japanese government regarding the working conditions, fully covered medical examination and treatment, and adequate compensation even after leaving their jobs.