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XIII 国連と原子力の問題 UN and Nuclear Power Issues

XIII 国連と原子力の問題について

UN and Nuclear Power Issues

2000年にアナン事務総長が「チェルノブイリで医療措置を必要としている子供が300万人」といった発言を真っ向から否定したLars Eric Holm氏は、IAEA, ICRP, UNSCEARに所属

Mr. Lars Eric Holm from IAEA, ICRP, UNSCEAR denied UN Secretary General Mr. Annan's statement in 2000 "3 million children require physical treatment from Chernobyl."


According to Hiroshima A-bomb survivor Dr. Shuntaro Hida who has been treating A-bomb victims as a medical doctor, he was shocked when he saw 1968 UN U. Thanto Report saying, All the A-bomb survivors have no health problems.  He went to the UN explaining the fact that there have been countless ill health survivors.  Then upon the UN request, he conducted more than 11000 survivors survey, and an international conference by UN and NGOs was realized in 1977 focusing on the reality of A-bomb late effects on survivors. 

In order to downplay the inhumane cruelty of nuclear weapons, scientifically groundless theory had been prevailed for many years until the A-bomb survivors raised their voices.  As this episode shows, the truth could be hidden unless the victims voices are heard. 



As a matter of fact, a person like Dr. Hida was quite exceptional , and most doctors took the side of the US and Japanese governments to obtain research money on A-bomb survivors to downplay the late effects.  There is a sad history among A-bomb survivors who were forced to be silent about A-bombs for years after the attack, and survivors at distant areas were not recognized as victims.  As late as 2008, A-bomb survivors outside of 2km radius of the epicenter were recognized as the victims by the court.



Moreover, genetic effects of radiation has been denied even as of today though it had been proven by animal experiments almost a century ago.  In Nagasaki, there was a doctor who conducted autopsy on thousands of babies and fetus to see genetic effects of radiation.  However, such inconvenient fact has been ignored by nuclear promoting lobbies and only biased data have been used by the nuclear power states and their affiliated scholars to deny any genetic effects by A-bombs.  I think it is a shame of Japans history that our scholars have been siding on the government to conceal the facts about radiation effects domestically and internationally.



In 1991, the leader of International Chernobyl Project lead by IAEA, Dr. Itsuzo Shigematsu, who was the director of Radiation Effects Research Foundation stated that no health disorder has been caused directly by radiation exposure and that negative impacts were caused only by stress.  I heard the disappointment felt by local doctors and residents who at first had some expectation from Dr. Shigematsu who had researched on A-bomb victims were really great.  They had observed and reported various radiation caused health damages before the 1991 IAEA report.



However, in 1996, IAEA admitted that they had made a mistake on the additional thousands of cases of thyroid cancer.  This means that a proper warning was not given at a timely manner and that residents in the contaminated area may have been exposed to further risks without any advice.  Considering a preventive measure for protecting health, the then members of IAEA Project Team should extend apologies to the residents in the contaminated area, but such apologies have never been heard, which is ethically quite wrong.



The reason why I put particular stress on this point is that scholars of this kind tend to repeat the same kind of mistakes intentionally.  Dr. Shigenobu Nagataki, the direct disciple of Dr. Itsuzo Shigematsu said, As of today, no health hazards caused by cesium has been recognized yet. Dr. Shunichi Yamashita, the direct disciple of Dr. Shigenobu Nagataki used to be the leader of study group on hemophilia HIV victims caused by tainted blood products. 

IAEAはその後、2005年に「最終的な事故による死者数は4000人」としましたが、これとて事故の影響をひどく過小評価していると言われています。といいますのも、これに先立つこと5年、当時の国連事務総長、Kofi Annan氏は「事故の影響を受けた人口は700万人、300万人の子供が治療を必要としている」と国連人道問題調整事務所Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA)の2000年の報告書の冒頭に記しています。http://ochanet.unocha.org/p/Documents/Chernobyl_2000.pdf 事務総長のアナン氏がこのような発言をしていたことは衝撃です。

In 2005, IAEA reported that the final death toll by Chernobyl would be 4000, but this number is considered to be an extreme underestimation.  Prior to this in year 2000, the then Secretary General of UN, Mr. Kofi Annan stated that seven million people were affected by the accident and three million children require physical treatment in the foreward of UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA)2000 http://ochanet.unocha.org/p/Documents/Chernobyl_2000.pdf 

そして、アナン事務総長の発言に対し、当時UNSCEAR議長であったLars-Erik Holmが発言を否定し、非難しますhttp://mailman.mcmaster.ca/mailman/private/cdn-nucl-l/0506/msg00011.html
However, against this tremendously important statement, the then UNSCEAR chair, Mr. Lars-Erik Holm bruntly denied Mr. Annans concern. http://mailman.mcmaster.ca/mailman/private/cdn-nucl-l/0506/msg00011.html

しかしLars-Erik Holm氏は、チェルノブイリ事故後に、死者が30数名しかいないと発表をしたにもかかわらず、いまだに謝罪・訂正をしていません。しかも、Lars-Erik Holm氏は現在もスウェーデンで保健省医局部長であり、WHOの地域代表、スウェーデン放射能防護局、ICRP議長、UNSCEARスウェーデン代表、IAEA原子力安全基準委員、スウェーデン原子力査察委員と様々な職務を歴任してきました。しかし、原子力に関する職務と人の命や健康にかかわる職務を兼任するというのは、そもそも相容れないものではないのでしょうか。(日本でも、この構造は似ていて、東大など日本の医療界のトップが原子力政策を推進している構造と同じものが見受けられます。)
But prior to this, Mr.Lars-Erik Holm announced that there were only 30 death toll after Chernobyl accident, on which he has never apologized.  Mr. Holm is currently a Medical Officer of Health for Sweden and also have worked as Director General of the Swedish Radiation Protection Authority, Chairman of the ICRP, Swedish Representative of UNSCEAR, a member of the Commission on Safety Standards of then IAEA and a member of the Board of the Swedish Nuclear Power Inspectorate.  Isnt it contradictory to have a single person to have multiple posts as nuclear promotion agencies and health agencies?  (This situation is  similar in Japan, such as medical doctors from Tokyo University have been playing important roles to promote nuclear policy as well)


When UNSCEAR was founded in 1955, genetics scholars such as the Nobel laureate Dr. Muller was excluded.  In stead, some US  energy commissioners were invited and most problematic matter was that Navy Captain Sields Warren who was known as his involvement in human experiments in the US and in Japan was a founding member of UNSCEAR.  Sields Warren is known to have conducted radiation related human experiment in the US as well.  In 1949, he made a false announcement that there has been no increase of diseases by A-bomb radiation.



In another word, those who were involved in human experiments both in the US and in Japan had never been blamed and in stead, they took the position of internationally esteemed organizations for the interests of nuclear weapon and nuclear power industries,. They took the control of human radiation effects data to keep promoting nuclear industries, while ignoring the human-beings most precious heritage-human genes.

 Particularly, babies and fetus cannot talk.  In radiation experts books, it says that fetus is less likely to develop child cancer under the same dose, but the reason is that an embryo or fetus sometimes gets lost due to a miscarriage.  Isnt this a murder to a voiceless life?  In fact, since the onset of nuclear age, the rate of Japanese infertile couples are on the drastic increase.


The US dropped two A-bombs on Japanese civilians killing 200, 000 people on the spot and still hundreds of thousands people have been suffering for late radiation effects.  And all the five Securities Council states conducted nuclear testing conducted nuclear tests, giving tremendous suffers to local residents and even raised the radiation of entire globe, leaving irreversible damages to all the living beings and the environment. 


In the first place, it is not logical that pro-nuclear IAEA directly under UN Securities Council consisted of five nuclear states has tremendous rights over the control of nuclear accident and its consecutive health hazards.  Moreover, IAEA, which brought tremendous damages to Chernobyl victims, is now working in Fukushima, underestimating the damages and keeping the local residents including pregnant women and children under contaminated areas 4 times worse than Chernobyl to collect human experiments data.  This is solely an unforgivable situation and immediate justice needs to be brought through an international organization.  Radiation effects go beyond generations-we know from our experiences not from government sided scholars.  Those who committed crimes need to be punished as of today and as of in the past.   There should not be statues of limitation. 

 Accordingly, I call upon the United Nations to pursue the truth based upon humanitarian spirits not upon interests of nuclear states and to bring justice to those who committed crimes.  In order to do that, the power of UN departments that tackles with humanitarian affairs should be reinforced and as for radiation exposure issue, there should be an independent surveys conducted by the 3rd party scientific organizations free from the control of UNSCEAR, IAEA, etc.  Regretfully, we cannot expect much from scientists who are affiliated with national governments and international organizations that have been promoting nuclear including Japan. 

The situation is pressing.  I would like to make the 5 proposals in the following chapter XIV.